The Pickering Post
Sunday, 24th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Canberra Cup today starting at 12 noon. A disappointing field of four will present punters with a real headache. There could be one scratching in Turnbull. He is expected to refuse to go into the barriers as he has been poorly broken in. One mare with a light weight could surprise, but the favourite looks a good bet.

Dutton 5/4 

Jockey T Abbott 

Trainer T Abbott

Untried on the track and at the distance. Weight won’t worry him but prefers the right hand tracks and has no form south of Eagle Farm and Doomben. Looks a nice type that should develop with more racing. Trainer Abbott says a safe bet and definitely a place chance.

Turnbull 66/1 

Jockey L Turnbull

Trainer K Marx

An over-raced gelding that refuses to perform on the right hand way of going. Stablemate of the unraced Shorten and will be retired after a poor performance here. Miserable track record and even the local glue factory has knocked him back. Although Lucy will claim 3 kilo keep your money in your pocket.

Morrison 5/2

Jockey M Payne

Trainer C Pyne

Has ability and can handle both ways of going. Bred on a double cross to the stallion Abbott and broodmare Hillsong. Should handle the distance as he has been tried over hurdles lately, but the weight could prove a problem. An emergency carrying top weight and trainer Mal says he can beat the favourite, Dutton. Keep safe!

Bishop 13/2

Jockey D Panton

Trainer D Panton

Has been running over distances but has not been eating up and hard to keep the weight on her. Keen to keep her racing as her broodmare days are over. Still wayward, hard to train and unreliable. An extremely expensive conveyance. Has cost the average punter a fortune. Need much better odds and if she gets up stewards will go apeshit.


Bonzai is a deluded old prick

climate change rubbish ,stop subdising green energy(Malcolms son is a great investor in green energy!)

here are some of the problems Morrison has to address.

What do we get with Morrison ? turnbull light?.

Thoroughly endorse above sentiments. We would not have got rid of Malcolm without your action. You are the only one amongst all the politicians who had the guts to initiate and take the action. You will be remembered and rewarded in High Places, before the one true God. - and that counts most. Thankyou.

We have some lefty socialist fxxktards from getup or the Liebor Greens having a protest march down Adelaide St in Brisbane against the new prime monster .. What a frigging joke

Tigertwat will know as well

True Aussie? When you say True Aussie, you mean ignorant, ill educated racists like yourselves. It's no coincidence that you both are Queenslanders, the home of mean ignorant, ill educated racists.

You may as well, because you don't speak English. Watch ABC NEWS 24 at 6.10 the analysis of the day's events is great, though they speak in English, not in the drongo dialect you use.

Onya troop, the dumb drongo is so out of touch with true blue Aussies. The rest of us don't need an interpreter.

Trooper. You still think that Morrison, the architect of Sovereign Borders, will open the borders? When you say you're street wise, everything you post indicates the opposite. I'd like to respond to the rest of your post but 'redheaded commo dyke when she ripped the workers off with he hand bag the wall-eyed burger flipper AND RE-Instate the R C into unions' isn't intelligible. Put it through an interpreter.

Scummo will disappoint you troopy... hes left of centre.. just a milder version of turd, but definely not conservative.. I met the prick once and sussed him out in 5 minutes

At least we didn't get Bishop. We should give Morrison a go, as he's more to the centre than "whatsisname"; though I would have preferred Dutton.

Listening to local radio stations the main conclusion re the results of today's Turd led coalition abortion was that only the snowflake Liebor /greens constituents were happy with the Liebor -lite result with a Morrison /Friedenshit win. It guarantees the Turdbull/ Shitten status quo (the duopoly) continues full steam ahead.

US companies are using the tax cuts to buy back their own stock and NOT expanding or in pay increases. This practice was illegal for seventy years last century as it allows manipulation of stock prices.

The Fraudenberg new treasurer???

Phew,Aus was the winner today,ok we may not have got Dutton (only five votes in it and that alone should send a message to the wets) first slug was the end of the turd and the second was of course the double dodge, and that was the stick,hallafuckinlouya.

Democrat Left derangement is spreading "Socialist Democrat candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Wednesday that climate change is killing Americans, and the United States government is complicit in allowing it to happen.... “Not a single elected official,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, “Democrat OR Republican, should accept money from fossil fuel corporations.....“Americans are dying because of a government too coward to save the planet,” she said, while calling for a “Green New Deal” in order for the nation to survive."

Turnbull accomplished his aim. Abbott was reticent to sign the defence procurement contracts with German suppliers. Mal ousted Tony and promptly signed. A huge military contract which the media hardly mentioned. Mal will be fine.

Isn't President Trump supposed to be visiting Australia in a couple of months? Wonder if he put out the message to get rid of that dope PM before I get there.