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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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... before it seriously hurts itself

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Make no mistake, Indonesia’s Joko Widodo, represents the Islamic masses who hate us... the Bali bombing that killed 88 Aussies was orchestrated by his constituents. That’s why the bomb-maker will soon leave jail to re-commence his handicraft while the military prepares to shoot a dozen or so foreigners.

Bali is the perfect target for Indonesia’s protected terrorists because Bali is Hindu, Buddhist or Christian and a playground for care-free Aussies.

Australia has been nurturing this backward Islamic “democracy” since John Gorton gifted them an air force of our Sabre Jets.

A $600,000,000 aid package each year, most of which finds its way into the pockets of politicians and the military, and our willingness to lose Aussie lives and billions of dollars rescuing them from tsunamis, get us no Brownie points with this lot.

There is a serious imbalance in relations between our two countries as with all Islamic and Western countries. Appeasement excites an Islamic predator.

These sick, sadistic apes must be made to pay dearly because only then will we regain their respect. We stopped the boats with bribes and we could have saved the Bali two with bribes, but unfortunately that tactic is not in our judicial box of tricks.

We have nothing to fear from the Indonesians except the loss of a halal meat market. And If Gillard banning all live cattle didn’t persuade them to dump us then it’s doubtful it will ever happen.

The Indonesian military and the police survive on corruption. Drugs are an integral part of a corrupt Islamic economy that has bred more billionaires per square foot than anywhere. The extent to which Indonesia is corrupt is clear... It has massive natural resources developed by outsiders, yet it still has widespread areas of poverty that lack clean drinking water.

The tragedy of the Bali nine was that the father of one of the mules was devastated to discover his son was about to travel to Indonesia without a passport and phoned the AFP so he could be detained by Australian customs before leaving for Bali.

Unbeknown to Dad, the AFP, who works hand in hand and on the ground, with the corrupt Indonesians, suspected a drug deal and called their Indonesian partners and arranged for them to arrest the drug smugglers at the point of departure from Indonesia knowing full well the penalty would be death.

How does poor Dad feel now?

Usually what happens is that drug smugglers on remand, who are a valuable form of income for officials, are visited by “negotiators” on behalf of the judiciary and the police. One instance I know of was an Australian who tried to import 7 kilo of marijuana. He was able to negotiate his release for the sum of $A25,000. The “negotiator”, an Indian who drives a Rolls Royce, had demanded twice that sum but once it was found no greater amount was possible, the deal was done and he was released.

The “negotiation” process was also available to the Bali two but a huge sum was demanded because of the amount of drugs involved. It was an impossible amount of money to come up with. The ensuing publicity meant there was more to be gained by the Indonesians making an example of the Australians.


To allow the Australians to escape the death penalty would mean the Indonesians have not only lost their bribe money (a reported $A500,000) they will also have lost face.

What our politicians haven’t fully grasped is the extent of Indonesian corruption and the fact they were never our friends. The more we appeal to Widodo the more fuel we give him to excite his adoring masses.

The Indonesians are smart, they knew that the endless boats they sent to us (800 of them) crammed with 50,000 illegal Islamic immigrants were costing us an unsustainable $6 billion a year.

They simply waited until a street-smart Scott Morrison came up with a lousy few million in cash... and suddenly the boats stopped. Or perhaps they just thought Mr Morrison was a nice bloke.

If Australia wants to deal with Indonesia then it needs to be dealt with outside diplomatic channels. It is corrupt to the core and it hates us with Islamic fervour.

Indonesia has us bluffed with its size, but size is its Achilles heel. Most of its 250 million are spread across thousands of poverty stricken islands. 

Their numbers are a military liability not an asset.

Muslims don’t make good warriors, unless their foes are unarmed women and children, and we are well and truly sufficiently armed to deal with a disparately ineffective Indonesia.

It’s time we took a stand... comparative military forces:


You dont have to smuggle drugs in Indonesia the cops will supply the goods but only for the locals.

I have just sent Julie Bishop (who I am a supporter of) a scathing email about her latest offer for Australia to incarcerate the Bali SCUM for life in Australia. NO THANK YOU. We don't even have the money to provide health care to genuine tax paying/pensioners for health care, protect them from losing their homes because of the rising costs due to labors' MISMANAGEMENT and yet this SCUM would get a roof over their heads, everything paid for while LAW ABIDING AUSTRALIANS go without. What benefits are the families of these two on. We should be billing them for the costs involved for the government to intervene. If they are on welfare - SHOULD BE CUT OFF because surely they have the finances and benefits from the previous major drug deals that these SCUM have done in the past.

On a diversion of the topic. Branson (Virgin) has weighed into the petition to stop the executions of the Bali 9 pair. What about the others who are due to be executed. What a hypocrite he is. His business organisations operate in countries that have a mandatory death penalty. Let him put his money where his mouth is and stop operating any kind of business in these countries. Will anybody support me in bombarding comments about this to his organisation?

Spot on again. Having dealt with Indonesian business in the past I can confirm they are the most corrupt in the Asia region, even surpassing the Philippines who are masters at corruption. The Indos don't give a damn about us Aussies as long as the money keeps flowing into their pockets. And we have the Libs, Greens, etc all sucking up to them for the sake of two criminals.

Lebanese TV presenter cuts short interview with Islamist scholar

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How about stopping the migration of people that can't or won't work and will be welfare-dependent for life?

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OT Victoria's Dear Leader Andrews is reviewing VIC's major events strategy. Presumably this is an excuse to transfer more millions of tax payer's money to private business enterprises such as the Grand Prix. I have no probkem with the GP or other events, I just don't see the point in my taxes being transferred into a for-profit business enterprise. There is no evidence that providing these subsidies is actually beneficial for the economy as claimed.

Jeffry we have a long time poster who uses the nom de plume of Atlas Shrugged. Atlas Shugged is a serial pest using multiple names to troll this site. No doubt he thinks that he'll fool someone by using such a similar name.

Another day and reports of another back-flip, seems a billion dollar car parts subsidy is to be resurrected. Another confirmation Liberal/Labor are much the same firm. Another set back to a mythical balanced budget. Another hip-hip-hooray for Free Trade Agreements with Asian car makers

A late election would be just the thing to get you Socialist Scum into a lather.

I can never figure why people like yourself believe that people overseas take notice of Australian politics. Maybe a few but if you have lived on the other side of the globe for a number of years like I have you will discover the only topics that crop up about us are sport, beaches & the odd celebrity. Hardly anybody can name the current or past PM of Oz. Countries close by might be more aware ie. Indonesia, Fiji, PNG etc but further out they aren't. The fact is people overseas just don't care. An embarrassment? So what.

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