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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Islamic State fighters have surrounded the Iraqi capital and are within five miles as Obama still refuses to put troops on the ground. Once Baghdad and its airport falls, a nuclear-capable Iran moves in. 

Obama is throwing a decade of US and coalition effort and 4,000 soldiers’ lives under a bus in order to shore up his mid-term election prospects.

Bombing runs, which is all the coalition will agree to without an American lead, are tantamount to firing cannon balls at swarming mosquitoes and Islamic State is laughing at such pathetic attempts to contain it. 

Without integrated troops on the ground painting co-ordinates to overhead warplanes no-one has any idea what or who they are bombing. 

Every military commander in the world knows that, Islamic State knows that, even the bloke in the street knows that, but apparently not the leader of the free world. 

The useless Iraqi army is ready to shed its uniforms and cut and run again as they did in Mosul.

Bomb strikes so far have taken out mostly empty buildings and a lot of good guys simply because no information is coming from the ground.

The West is in politically correct denial! The only entity prepared to admit we are at war with Islam is Islam.

Leaving Iraq to be dominated by Islamic State is madness. Iran, who is already covertly fighting I.S. in Mosul, will take them out no doubt (Iran is Shia and I.S. is Sunni) and both administer a Hadith of hideous Sharia law, which has no consideration for collateral damage. 

But Iran has a massive world-class military that was up-dated after the last Iraq-Iran war, including hundreds of modern strike fighters with supporting aircraft, helicopters, tanks and UAVs, a navy in the Persian Gulf and 750,000 troops (half are reservists). 

Islamic State would be wiped out in a week, under an Iranian attack, as it would be if Obama decided on committing, instead of withdrawing, troops. 

No-one wants this war, we should never have gone in there, but now it’s a war we have to have, we have upset the fine balance, and we only have to have it because of Obama’s stupidity in prematurely withdrawing troops. 

And now he is the only person standing in the way of quickly resolving it. 

With Obama also refusing to confront Iran over its nuclear capacity and allowing Iraq, weakened by an Islamic State victory to be overrun, Israel will be forced into a war to end all Middle-East wars with its primary enemy Iran, who has sworn to “drive Israel into the sea”. 

And that would be an Israeli war for the first time with an uncertain outcome. 

Netanyahu is desperately painting a clear picture for the West and it’s being ignored. “Make no mistake”, he screamed, “the Islamic State must be defeated. But to defeat ISIS and leave Iran as a threshold nuclear power is to win the battle and lose the war!" 

He is right! For the first time Israel is at dire risk of ceasing to exist.

Could it be that that is exactly what Obama wants?


I guess as the Bunnies hope into history since 1970, Bunnies hop into history. The old RABBIT has pulled something out of his ?????????????

The irony that perhaps this time it is the Jewish people saving the West?

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Hadenuf - I've got some news about Barack too, 21 hrs ago ie " Last Friday night ......."

So the film was of a different city entirely?

The leftard enemedia certainly did run a hell of a lot of anti-Semitic terrorist propaganda. It seems the naive and the bigoted were sucked in.

You must watch a different news service to me. I saw bombs and rockets being hammered into a densely populated area where people had nowhere to flee. And people sat on deck chairs cheering. I believe UN figures were over 2200 civilian deaths, 15,000 dwellings destroyed. Propaganda?

Disraeli, I would not be concerned of any Brotherhood influence, I think there is enough of the "Jewish lobby" (there's that word) in Washington to mitigate any harm they could do. Obama will be gone next election, pray that a warmonger like Senator John McCain does not get in office.

The White House is at present being run by the muslime brotherhood. Your point is?

@stringy I'm an Anglo Australian with a protestant background and have been atheist since adolescence. You can find any number of comments/articles/websites using the term "The Jewish Lobby" to justify anti-Semitic propaganda.

So the U.S. State Department puts out anti semitic propaganda? The problem with the Middle East is it's full of fanatics and nutters like you.

@Eric stringy is repeating anti-Semitic propaganda.

This week Washington warned Israel that the building of 2600 homes in East Jerusalem damaged the peace process and that Israel risked alienating its closest allies. By Disraeli's assessment the US State Department is guilty of closet anti-Semitism.

The Jewish lobby loses a lot of friends by flying the flag of anti-Semitism to render all criticism of Israel inadmissible. So we are supposed to time and again ignore the brutal realities of Israeli occupation and behaviour that tests even its staunchest allies. For example the illegal and savage treatment of Gaza which has been turned into a ghetto. This criticism is made by many progressive people around the world including many Jews. Yet there are many people of good faith working in the peace process for a just and lasting peace.

Amazing the reaction at the slightest criticism of Israel. Stringybark is making factual statements and likewise the US aid is undeniable. The response here is accusations of anti Semitism. It makes me wonder who are the trolls. No country is perfect and that includes Israel, ask Israelis who live there and many will be the first to agree, I know I have dealt with Israel for 35 years. It seems those outside of Israel are the loudest and quickest to draw the anti Semite card or play the Jewish victim, it is becoming tiresome and wearing thin with many, far better to put across your point of view like others do and accept that not all commentary will be in praise of Israel.

@stringy/Eric If the cap fits? Being perpetually taken in by gross anti-Semitic propaganda tells people things you'd rather they didn't know.

The “I’m an Anti-Zionist, Not An Anti-Semite” Troll: This one insists, over and over again, that s/he has nothing against Jews, it’s just Israel that s/he can’t stand. While defending this stand, however, the anti-Jewish remarks always seem to just slip out. These are also the trolls who make it a point to preface all of their remarks with “Of course you’re going to call me an anti-Semite for criticizing Israel.” This sort of troll spreads out into the mainstream (cf: Walt, Mearsheimer, Carter).

The Intolerant Atheist: This comments troll likes to pretend that s/he hates all religions equally, but after the opening salvo, s/he goes on and on about the evil Jews who think that Israel should be a Jews-only country. That’s the tic that gives them away: They never seem to notice that there are large populations of Israeli Arabs and Christians right there in that Jews-only state. Nor do they seem overly upset about the Islamic-only nations in the world. No, the only religion that bothers them seems to be Judaism. I wonder why that is? (Not really. See title.)

Iraq has just taken delivery of the first consignments of a $4.2 billion arms order from Russia. Including air defence missile systems and the flame artillery system.