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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Australia has two men, whose only ambition is to be PM and nothing else, and they are starting to leave a sick taste in our mouths. Wherever Shorten moves, Turnbull shuffles into roughly the same safe, uncritical position, leaving an even greater chasm on the Right. And the Right now owns the future.

Islamic refugees are intent on gouging our welfare budget, that is now two thirds of the total budget and impeding our ability to deal with it, but do Turnbull and Shorten actually want to deal with it? The answer is "no".

Turnbull is terrified of criticism and will not do a thing to reduce debt using expenditure cuts, rather he has made a sickeningly devious agreement with Shorten that the deficit will be under control by 2021 on the basis of an average five per cent annual GDP growth rate between now and then. 

Both leaders know this is impossible, unachievable nonsense but it gets the debt and deficit issue off the table for now... or does it? Turnbull is now more responsible for this increasingly parlous fiscal situation than are Rudd and Gillard. 

He needs to be loved and will spend whatever is necessary to satisfy that need. He didn’t foresee that he would be despised for his weakness. 

Neither Shorten nor Turnbull has any interest in our debt which now has a third world status of above our GDP. Tony Abbott also dropped the ball after Joe Hockey walked into his office with private polling figures that showed you and I couldn’t give a stuff about debt and deficit. 

Turnbull continued this irresponsibly safe stance into The Lodge.

Shorten and the Greens have neither concept nor care about debt. It’s never mentioned and Turnbull is still avoiding it despite it reaching almost a half trillion dollars. 

“Oh”, they say, “but the US has a $21 trillion debt.” True, but we are exporters and Americans are consumers with 30 million small businesses that will once again drive a middle economy to national recovery under Trump. We don't have that sort of economy.

[A small business in the US is one that employs no more than 500 people, so God only knows how many businesses employ between 500 and 1,000 workers.] 

Our debt can be solved with very little pain but it takes a type of testicular fortitude that neither Turnbull nor Shorten has.  

The ABC has to go, public broadcasting has caused the UK constant heartache and America doesn’t have one (except for a couple of radio stations). SBS should be sold to the highest bidder who won’t be bidding very much at all.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (above) must be cancelled, as other countries have cancelled it causing its unit price to skyrocket. The US is now on a protectionist path and so too should Australia be. There’s $100 billion right there! 

Thousands of old, yet operational, Phantoms are now being converted to drones with no threat to any pilot. These drones can leave carriers in the Gulf or the Mediterranean with GPS guided bombs that can be dropped in letter boxes.

The $60 billion order for new age subs, with overruns and servicing is likely another $100 billion. These are to be delivered in 50 years’ time (yeah that’s right 50 years’ time) when drone converted subs will have been in use for 20 years. 

              It was an expensive way to save Christopher Pyne's seat at the last election.

War by wire will be all the go when killing the Islamic threat in future, and saving poll-destroying casualties will be at a premium.

Gonski must also go.The pudgy little far Left Canberran mate of Gillard was employed to produce an education revolution that was pre-designed by her alone. The plan was to continue throwing umpteen billions at the most highly unionised sectors of education and health... an ongoing gift to Shorten and his union mates that has never produced a better health facility or a smarter student. In fact our education system is a disaster ranking 14th below Singapore and Hong Kong.

The NDIS was a cruel land mine left for Abbott she knew we could never afford.

The bloated CSIRO that sports an office in every State, should be halved as it skites and lies about its “discoveries and inventions” yet still sucks billions in support. 

QUANGOS should be halved to a couple of thousand and the damaging RET should be abandoned along with the $10 billion green energy fund. 

The Turnbull solution is to cut aged pensions leaving old people in a dilemma whether to               share the Whiskas or eat the cat while they have to sleep fully clothed for warmth. 

There are many more savings out there without increasing taxation but these alone would see a drop in interest payments that could be used for infrastructure and a modern hospital every week. Then we could focus on our real problem: Islam! 

How far are Shorten and Turnbull from understanding Islam when Egypt’s Muslim President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi himself (above) says this:

“Islam is the problem, and it must be brought up to date”. 

Well, good luck with modernising Islam ... you would have a better chance of convincing the Pope to denounce the Trinity! Trump will bring Islam into line, while we continue to pretend it is no problem.

The sooner war is declared on this crazy backward cult, the sooner we can throw the PC terms of engagement rule book out the window and get on with the job.  


When are we going to see both these Pricks, Turd & Shortarse Sacked

Well said Dracula

Judaism: Satanism, Sorcery & Black Magic
January 31, 2017
Judaism, like its bastard child Freemasonry, is 
a secret society. Only the "initiated" know
it is Satan worship, based on Kabbalah. 
Jews, Freemasons, and the West in general,
have swallowed this poison in the guise of
secularism, humanism and liberalism. 
 This is why some members of the Jewish (a.k.a. Democratic Party) elite are into pedophilia, incest and child sacrifice. 


Michael Hoffman, author of Judaism Discovered, and Judaism's Strange Gods, is the world's foremost authority on Judaism. This article was written for this web site. Michael's web site is revisionist history. org
On the Satanic Nature of the Rabbinic Kabbalah
By Michael Hoffman 
The Kabbalah ("reception"), is a series of books of magic and mysticism. The canon has not been strictly defined although the rabbinic consensus names the Zohar as the most important volume. Another book, Sefer Yetzirah is a guide to black magic in Judaism. 
Zoharic studies in English have been advanced exponentially by the recent publication of Daniel Matt's uncensored translation of all of the volumes traditionally associated with the Zohar.
The descriptive term "Satanic" is overworked in this age of the Internet and "desktop" publishing. We do not propose to employ it casually or imprecisely. The Kabbalah is fundamentally Satanic in its theological orientation, which supplants the monotheistic God of the Bible and His "imperfect" Creation, with human brain power that "perfects" Creation, together with a pantheon of thinly-veiled sorceresses who have goddess status.
The Kabbalah is attributed to the Rabbi Shimon ben Yoahi who wrote, "Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed." 
Like the Talmud of Babylon, it is reputed to be derived form an Oral Law which God gave to Moses on Sinai in addition to the Written Law. In a cryptic passage from a book of the Kabbalah (Tikkunei Zohar 1:27b), buried within a double-entendre, is a reference to the Mishnah (first book of the Talmud) actually being "the burial place of Moses." Furthermore, the rabbinic authors of the Mishnah admit to each other that their teachings and laws have "scant scriptural basis."
Judaics under Kabbalistic auspices are said to be under the dominion of the sitra ahra ("evil inclination").
Kabbalistic exegesis of the Old Testament predicates a secret meaning that can be discerned by assigning each word of the Hebrew Bible a number through a process known as gematria, and then combining these numbers corresponding to letters, creating a new Bible unknown to the masses.
The Kabbalah makes reference to the evil forces that will control Israel "in the secrecy of the steep," when the spirits of the former zealots reincarnate on earth, forsaking their post-Second Temple exile to take up residence in Jerusalem yet again. 1
In Kabbalistic terms, "Evil forces attach themselves to holiness." 
Patently, what is being called "holy" is not in accord with any Christian understanding of holiness, but rather in the pagan (Tantric) understanding that "defilement is a source of holiness." That Jerusalem is the gateway to hell is celebrated in this mystical Kabbalistic sense, since it was known to and admitted by the rabbinate for centuries, that the evil forces are "most powerful in the Land of Israel, particularly in Jerusalem," with the land's "awesome powers" facilitating the process of demon worship and the resulting acquisition of material power on earth.  2
The Babylonian Talmud claims that the forbidden tree in the Garden from which Adam ate was a fig: "Rabbi Nehemiah holds that the tree of which Adam ate was the fig tree" (BT Berakoth 40a). The Kabbalah teaches that the leaves of this fig tree conveyed powers of sorcery and magic (Zohar 1:56b Bereshit). 
Consequently, in the rabbinic mind, the aprons worn by Adam and Eve, being made from the leaves of the fig tree, were garments that gave the wearers magical powers. These aprons made from fig leaves had the power to give the bearer the ability to enjoy "the fruits of the world-to-come" in the here-and-now. (BT Bava Metzia 114b). It is with this rabbinic understanding that Freemasons and Mormons wear these aprons in their own rituals.3
The Zohar states that by black magic, Adam cut in half the divine unity of the god and goddess. Adam was formerly a giant, but after his sin his physical proportions were shrunk by God and "his erect stature diminished by one hundred cubits." (Zohar 1:53b). In the fertile rabbinic imagination, most of the Book of  Genesis, when taken literally, is misleading.
In Zohar 1:36a Bereshit, an account is given of the temptation of Eve in Genesis 3: 4-6: "Eat from it and you will really be like Elohim, knowing good and evil." After quoting this text, the Zohar reports that "Rabbi Yehudah said, This is not what the serpent said. For if he had said, 'With this tree the Blessed Holy One created the world,' it would have been a correct statement. 
What the serpent said was actually this: 'The Blessed Holy One ate from this tree and then created the world...Eat from it and you will be creating worlds.""Zoharic centered on a blatantly erotic interpretation of the Godhead, dividing the functions of the sefirot into male and female sides. The Zohar includes multiple interpretations built around a concept of God's 'genitals.' 
Using a phrase in Isaiah, 'behold the King in his beauty,' (33:17) as its springboard, the Zohar interprets the word for yofi, 'beauty' as a euphemism for a divine member. Tikkuni Zohar explicitly claims the 'divine image' that God bestowed upon man (but not upon woman) was the penis (I: 62b, 94b). The Zohar also interprets a passage from Job, 'In my flesh I see God,' as a reference to the human penis being in 'the image of God'...this supernal phallus is manifest in one or the other of two other sefirot, Tifferet...and Yesod..." 4
Judaism secretly teaches, as have the occult secret societies throughout the ages (in our time, Hindu Tantrism and the Ordo Templi Orientis or OTO), that the mystic can find redemption through a heroic willingness to do evil for the sake of a subsequent redemptive ascent to the highest spiritual good; immersion in the lowest of the low thus becomes a path to redemption: "...the concept of the descent of the Zaddiq, which is better known by the Hebrew phrase, Yeridah zorekh Aliyah, namely the descent for the sake of the ascent, the transgression for the sake of repentance...Much attention has been paid to this model because of its essential affinities with Zoharic and Lurianic Kabbalah...this model was a very important one in Hasidic thought..." 5
In other words, the rabbinic doctrine that evil can be redeemed by embracing it, was in circulation in early Hasidism until it threatened to expose the whole truth about the rabbinic religion, after which damage control was instituted through the familiar deception system of permissible dissimulation through dispensational revelation. 

In Hasidic Judaism's first dispensation, the founding era of the Baal Shem Tov (early to mid-eighteenth century) and the disciples who came immediately in his wake, the grossest superstitions and the darkest dimensions of Babylonian Judaism were popularized among the Judaic masses, including the teaching that the "Jew" was to redeem the 288 "holy sparks" that exist in wicked thoughts (mahashavot zarot) and actions, by meditating upon them and implementing them, with the ostensible goal of "elevating" them. 
There was a sustained outcry, however, against this teaching from the rabbis of the non-Hasidic, "Mithnagdim" school, who complained bitterly that the Hasidim were "...popularizing mystical concepts that hitherto had zealously been kept concealed by the rabbis." The complaint by the Mithnagdim has been represented to the outside world as a principled protest against excessive mysticism which "distorts" the austere Mosaic purity of rabbinic Judaism.
Various forms of black magic (what Moshe Idel is pleased to call "the ancient Jewish mystical ascent as performed by the 'descenders to the Merkavah"), superstition, goddess-worship, reincarnation and idolatry incontrovertibly comprise the under-publicized, formative core of Judaism's oral traditions, and have exerted a profound influence on the rabbis since their sojourn in Babylon eighteen hundred years ago.6 
One of the oldest repositories of Babylonian magic in Judaism are the texts, Sifrei ha-Iyyun, the Sefer ha-Bahir and the Hilkoth Yesirah (also known as the Sefer Yetzirah), circa 200 A.D.; the earliest extant copy of the latter is the Genizah ms., tenth century. "...the practice associated with this school of thought is magical/theurgic, even including the attempt to make a golem." 7 
The "strand of earlier tradition is that of Merkavah mysticism. Merkavah designates a form of visionary mystical praxis that reaches back into the Hellenistic era but was still alive as late as tenth-century Babylonia...the old Merkavah and magical literature was preserved among the earliest Ashkenazic Jews..." 8 
The best way for readers to acquaint themselves with the Kabbalah is to read the Zohar in the Matt translation. Two representative quotes from that volume are: "The evil impulse is good, and without the evil impulse, Israel cannot prevail in the world" (Zohar 161a); and: "Israel must make sacrifices to Satan so that he will leave Jerusalem unmolested."
. Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved

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1. Zohar 184b.
2 Yehezkel Rabinowitz, Knesset Yehezkel (Bunden, 1913), p. 52. Moshe Halamish, "The Land of Israel innKabbalah" in A. Ravitsky (ed.), Eretz Yisrael, pp. 215-232. H.E. Shapira, Divrei Torah, 5:24; 6:25. Mendel Piekarz, Hasidut Polin. Jeremiah 32:31-32: "For this city (Jerusalem) hath been to me as a provocation of mine anger and of my fury from the day that they built it even unto this day; that I should remove it from before my face. Because of all the evil of the children of Israel and of the children of Judah, which they have done to provoke me to anger, they, their kings, their princes, their priests, and their prophets, and the men of Judah, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem."
3 Cf. John L. Brooke, The Refiner's Fire: The Making of Mormon Cosmology (Cambridge University Press, 1994) and Lance S. Owens, "Joseph Smith and Kabbalah: The Occult Connection," in Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Fall 1994. Smith enraged his brother Freemasons by incorporating secret Kabbalistic rituals in Mormon ceremonies. His occult church was seen as a growing rival to masonic power. In Carthage, Illinois in 1844, he was surrounded by a masonic mob (almost always described by establishment historians generically, as simply "a mob"), and out of awareness of its masonic personnel, Smith made the gesture of the masonic signal of distress, and shouted the code words, "Will no one help the widow's son?" Faithful to their orders however, his erstwhile masonic-assassin brethren killed him on the spot. Cf. E. Cecil McGavin, Mormonism and Masonry
(Bookcraft Publishers, 1956).
4 Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis, The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism (2007), p. 199.
5 Idel, Hasidism Between Ecstasy and Magic, p. 103.
6 Ithamar Gruenwald, Israel Oriental Studies 1 (1971): pp. 132-177 and Temerin, vol. 7 (Jerusalem, 1972) pp.101-139. Gershom Scholem, Jewish Gnosticism, Merkabah Mysticism and Talmudic Tradition (Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1965).
7 Daniel Matt, Zohar [Stanford, University 2004], v. 1. xxxvii];
8 Ibid., D. Matt, pp. xxxvi-xxxvii.
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Hoffman has some great YouTube lectures on these topics. He also does a twenty minute talk about interest on loans on YouTube. Easy to find, lots to find.
- See more at:

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MALCOLM Turnbull always knew this day, his worst ever in politics, was coming.

He did a deal in the dying days of the Obama Administration, knowing full well it was the antithesis of everything Donald Trump stands for.

Clearly, Turnbull believed he would be dealing with President Hillary Clinton, not Trump, whom he expected would process the agreement and help solve Australia’s — that’s Australia’s, not America’s — offshore refugee impasse.
If the Washington Post report is correct that Trump called the arrangement to take 1250 asylum seekers and refugees on Manus Island and Nauru “the worst deal ever”, Turnbull has misled the public on the nature of the exchange he had by saying it was a “constructive” conversation.
It was anything but.
Furthermore, it becomes apparent that Trump, who has authorised a clampdown on leaks within his secret services, happily authorised that details of the conversation with Turnbull be leaked to the world.
Trump had perhaps intended or expected that Turnbull would relay his deep dissatisfaction with the deal back to the Australian public. When Turnbull did not do so, Trump did it for him.
In doing so, he has deeply undermined Turnbull, who already comes across as vacillating and without purpose. His decision not to reveal the true nature of the conversation makes him look, in hindsight, like a compliant patsy to US.
Clearly, Trump does not respect politicians like Turnbull, who do not serve it up straight.
The suggestion that Trump prematurely ended a scheduled hour-long conversation at the 25-minute mark, calling it the “worst call by far” he had that day with international leaders, must have left Turnbull stinging and red-faced.
Turnbull insists that Trump said he would honour the deal. Don’t bet on it.
Trump is right. This is not America’s problem.
Australia’s offshore program — which both sides of politics have comprehensively failed to deal with in a mature way, for three years, except to sneak around making weird deals — will not be solved by Donald Trump.
Turnbull’s days of paternalistically declining to talk straight to Australians are fast coming to an end.
November 13, 2016: The Turnbull Government unveils the refugee resettlement deal with the United States agreed to under the Obama administration. Australia will take refugees from Central America in exchange for the US resettling people currently on Nauru and Manus Island as part of a one-off agreement.
January 27, 2017: President Trump signs an executive order on immigration, banning citizens from seven majority Muslim countries from entering the United States for 90 days and halting all refugee resettlement for 120 days.
January 29, 2017: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says he will honour pledge to resettle 1250 refugees from Nauru and Manus Island during a 25-minute conversation with Mr Turnbull despite his executive order on immigration.
February 1, 2017: Media reports the White House has backtracked on a promise to honour the refugee deal with Australia, saying President Trump is still considering whether it will go ahead. Mr Turnbull says he’s confident it will be given the green light.
February 2, 2017: Media reports President Trump reportedly blasted Mr Turnbull during a phone conversation, calling the refugee resettlement agreement the “worst deal ever”. Mr Turnbull doesn’t comment on the conversation, instead saying he is assured the deal will still go ahead.

Rev. Darrell Scott, a megachurch pastor from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, said that top Chicago gang members reached out to him and want to work with President Donald Trump to combat violence in the Windy City.

Scott said during a meeting between several black leaders and President Trump those gang leaders "believe in this administration" and the president's stated mission to reduce the violence-related body count in inner cities.

I get the drift....I just don't express myself, like that.