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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Any doubt as to why Malcolm joined the Libs is now dispelled. The politician expressing the most remorse at his loss is Bill Shorten and he is demanding to know why he was so mercilessly sacked. But Bill, who mercilessly sacked Rudd and Gillard, already knows why.

It is far easier to destroy a Party from within, as Julia Gillard vowed to do to the Labor Party via her Communist Socialist Forum. And Bill Shorten used the tenuous popularity of Rudd to later launch an unelectable communist Gillard into The Lodge… but Bill was already measuring for his own new curtains.

He is luxuriating in the current 2PP polling but as preferred PM he would not outpoll Ivan Milat.

It was actually the Communist Party of Australia that funded Gillard's Socialist Forum in return for an undertaking that members infiltrate the Federal ALP... she certainly did that, and remnants still sit on Shorten's front bench.

Of course, as PM, Gillard maintained that she had conducted no more than secretarial duties for the despicable Socialist Forum. "I was just a typist!", she proclaimed. Not true Julia! You, Jenny Macklin and other well-known Communists including the infamous Taft brothers and the then BLF boss, and your bed-mate, Michael O'Connor (below), were prime movers of the Socialist Forum’s stated intention to subvert the ALP.

Fortunately the electorate understood what was happening and almost all the Socialist Forum’s communist members are now gone… the only one left standing is the orchestral conductor, Bill Shorten, who had convinced the far Left Turnbull to destroy every vestige of conservatism from within the LNP rather than accept his application to join the ALP. 

His job was then, and is even now, to assist Australia’s most communistic Party of Bill Shorten’s into The Lodge where the CFMMEU can share both his and Plibersek’s bed and Malcolm can be assured of a top UN post in New York in preparion for President of Oz.

No wonder Bill is furiously demanding in Question Time to know why his number one double agent was sacked. Yet all is not lost for Bill and Malcolm because Malcolm still has his comrades lurking and leaking in the Party Room. 

Turnbull prevented the preferred Dutton from becoming PM in his place, and managed, with the help of the Stick Insect, to install the apparent fence-sitter, ScoMo.

But we will not see the real ScoMo until after the Wentworth by-election.

As forecast here on PP, Turnbull’s first move after his anticipated sacking would be to resign in an attempt to reduce the LNP’s majority of one to nil. 

The real Turnbull is still doing all he can to destroy the LNP from New York (where he has already spent $4 million on his lavish bolthole overlooking Central Park, above) with tweets imploring his remaining comrades to cross the floor to get the evil conservative Dutton into the High Court and out of Parliament.

The deAnglicising of Australia has commenced and it has already been successful in Britain.

Political infiltration is the artful hard Left’s new tactic, except it’s not all that new, just ask Julia Gillard, it is the most efficient way to destroy a political movement from the inside, 

… and just ask Tony Abbott and Donald Trump.


I agree with this one.

U2, yeah Bono is a cunt.

I say again, PP - TM bloody I !!!!

I can't prove my service either, due to me not having any papers that I can find, but I served just over 23 years in the RAN and only left because I was being sent back to sea on a NUShip that would have had fucking females serving on it. Fuck that. Any sailor willing to serve with women at sea is a fucking moron. Any bloke willing to work with a woman these days is a fucking moron.

The stupid bint married a raghead, and deserves everything that it is reaping.

Who the fuck is Maryanne? I can't play anyway because I ain't getting married again, and I ain't even going to do hypotheticals. What bloke in his right mind would ever get married in this day and age?

How hard would it be to clean out a doll's anus, mouth and moot? Just get a high powered hose, open up all orifices, and spray away. But, not being an engineering type or a medical professional, I do not know if that would rid the orifices of any venereal diseases. But, at least they would be clean. Just spray and then hang up by the hands, all water and orgasm residue would just leak out, and the water in the mouth could just be funnelled through the body and out the moothole. Seriously, it is just that easy.

Most on here know that I loathe most women's sports, because basically they are pathetic and worthless and no good, especially football, especially the truly pathetic and bogawful AWFL. But, I just watched a truly great sporting spectacle, the ANA Evian women's golf. High drama, great golf, a meltdown double bogey at the end that handed the title to Angela Stafford. Even Angela had an eagle, followed by a double bogey, a birdie, then just missed a birdie on the 18th over the last 4 holes. It was fabulous to watch. Well done ladies, it is good to see that sheilas can put together a great sporting spectacle. Bravo Zulu!!

Of course there are a few great sheilas' sports. Synchronised swimming, beach volleyball, wait, wait, I'm thinking. No, that's it I reckon. Lingerie football. Okay. Even women's tennis is pretty ordinary, especially with that drug addled gorilla wearing a tutu having a meltdown, known in non-gorilla, aka human, terms as a tanty, with all its sycophants telling one and all that it was entitled to have a tanty, because it's a woman and a nagger, and has been so disenfranchised all her poor miserable life, having been bred, just like slavery days, for just that purpose. Actually women's sports would be okay if they played nude. No bush pigs allowed though. And now I am watching Dawn of The Dead.

Bet Lucy and Turdball instigated Kerryn Phelps to stand as independent.

Are the Brits stupid ? They give India $98 million plus what they have given over the decades in foreign aid,(billions)This is a nuclear equipped country that is spending many millions on their space program!,while having hundreds of millions of its people living in poverty,(many of whom seek to enter Britain!),And in fact the Indian Gov, has said they do not want the money , they see it as degrading,This at a time when the UK welfare and police systems are under pressure in the uk , the aged care / and the NHS are always short of money, This is just one example , And how many examples do we have in Aus, of so called aid just being a sop to politicians ego,s.

Are the ABC finally getting the message about people smuggling This morning a report about P/S via Malaysia , est to be some 10, 000 illegals per, reportedly they get a tourist visa over the net, then just disappear, some suspicions that the profits are going to support other illegal activities ,including terrorism. Whats the bet that that item will not last long !

time for U 2 f uck off

Nasty humourless tabloid rag 'THE ALP' sorry 'THE AGE' today published not one but two apologia re the nasty humourless hack Trioli.
First one "written" by some arselicking staffer explained how Virg's eye-crossing finger-revolving "moment" was caused by her hormones, as she was convinced she was preggers. So fucking what?
In the "Opinion" pages [opinions my arse] The Great Wimmin herself got to repeat the mantra: "It wasn't political bias by the ABC or me. Noooo. I thought I was up the spout & would have done the same to anybody! Not just Barnaby. Noooo.
Typical lying leftoid skank.

Aussie great Dick Smith has found how THOUSANDS of small Australian businesses are being scammed for $2 Billion a year!

Long ago I was listening to ABC radio, the host was speaking with Turnbull about his youth, growing up in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs without his mother. I remember him saying, 'My mother came from a Jewish background'. Being a White male of German heritage, this remark really alarmed my inner Nazi. I also recall him saying later he always felt at home ln the heavily Jewish suburbs, using a Yiddish/German word, meaning both, at peace and comfortable. Merely observing he essentially said on radio he was a Jew is of course, politically incorrect and dangerously anti-Semitic. However when he and his Kosher sidekick announce $440 Million ($440,000,000.00 AUD) of the Aussie taxpayers cash had been silently spirited over to an invisible Great Barrier Reef foundation causes me some concern.

grow up brian. this is just the most pathetic childish slur campaign that I have ever seen and remember we have been watching the ABC trying to sell false leftist propaganda for years so we know what BS looks like.

You never replied the last time i asked you to drink bleach?

Noticed Wayne Swan taking credit for the effect of the GFC on Aus, by increased spending etc, However he did not say any thing about the massive waste , and the equally massive borrowing of money that sent the budget well into the red ($400 billion) ,and which subsequent gov,s have yet to bring under control, ( now $600 billion) , with no help from labour in that department either, Obviously it is easy to borrow and spend than actually run a proper balanced budget,Spending is the easy part repaying debt is the hard thing .Swan was a fraud, as a treasurer,as was his mate Rudd,