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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at


You might have wanted to make a cuppa and grab yourself a Tim Tam while watching Senator Nova Peris deliver her public explanation of “that” affair. Well...maybe just a cuppa. I've suddenly gone off Tim Tams. 

Expecting the Senator might have a good explanation for the content of her emails, I waited until the end, but heard no denial, or reasonable explanation. 

Instead, the Senator says the emails don't hold the values she holds and she doesn't have copies of the emails so she can't verify them (What? The rest of the country has seen copies of them).

She also publicly dragged her kids into the affair - over and over, as you do when you've nothing to hide. 

And she tugged on aboriginal children’s welfare as she attempted to shroud herself in goodness and wholesomeness. Is an Aussie red herring a red barra?

What was also interesting were her two versions of the truth. In the emails she said she was still married and with her husband, but told the Senate this afternoon she was separated from her husband at the time. 

Was she fibbing then, or now? 

It had better be then, and not to the parliament, or this could get a whole lot worse for Nova. 

From the news reports:

Ms Peris was married to Olympian Daniel Batman, the father of two of her three children, at the time. In another email to Mr Boldon on March 14, Ms Peris wrote about forgetting her anniversary because she could not focus on anything but him and their upcoming sexual exploits.

“Do you think I should break it to my husband yet?” Ms Peris writes. “That I am running away from him for 10 days with you??? Did I tell u I forgot our anniversary the other week!! 2nd March, married for 9 years…ooopppps…I came home and he said, do you have anything to say, I said um, no, why?, he said to look on the bed, so I did, there were roses and a card and a gift, gold bracelet… ‘happy anniversary’…

“All I could say was sorry, I have had a lot on my mind lately...”

“What an awful wife you are lol oh and why break it now when u have almost a month til I get there...,” Mr Boldon responds.

Apart from the marital cheating, which is personal and grubby, this gets down to dressing up a personal tryst in a public program, funded by the taxpayer. 

All in all, Nova reckons this is all somebody else's fault, and the media is also to blame. Hmmm... is this response tactic outlined in the ALP parliamentary training handbook? Blame others, tug on the heart strings, invoke the family and the kiddies, look over there, but don't address the issues. Shades of Craig Thomson's address to Parliament?

Her Labor colleagues from both houses poured into the Upper House to hug and embrace her after she had told the Senate, 'I did nothing wrong'.

Where have we heard that before?


She is a victim of the Racist, male Chauvinist, Patriarchy, anti-Feminist, Collective who hate a successful woman. A victim of the Murdoch Press and other Naughty right-wing Global Warming Denialists as well as Adolph Hitler who lives in Argentina! Our Hearts should go out in compassion to Julia's "Captain's Choice", so, stop picking on our well filled Chocolate Tim Tam.

Interesting watching the leftard media supporting this grub as they continue to support Gillarse, Thompson et al! Seems any Leftard can be accused of the most heinous crimes and be guaranteed full support of MSM. We betold any conservative accused of ficticious allegations such as punching a wall 35 years ago or looking at your watch, or that other disgraceful crime against humanity, winking in a public place! You will feel the full wrath of the confected outrage of the MSM! Anyone else see anything wrong here? or is it just me?

I just wonder if penis, aka peris, went to bed with gillarse? Who wore the strap on?

More grubby labor politicians - another appointment by the grubby Gillard who went to bed with how many married men with no care in the world for those wives, let alone the children - Shorten? Hawke? Keating? Gillard? Grubby grubby people - yuck!!!

I notice a lot and I mean a lot of empty seats behind her. Seems like her own mob didn't want to hear her prattle on

Peris tell a fib????? Nah she wouldn't do that. Neither would Julia Gillard and lets not forget the CFMEU and their stand over mates. But I digress Peris is a politician and would never do anything naughty - would she or any of them?

I think she should resign Mr Zanetti.But one has to know dignity to depart with it.

I'll wager that Trinidadian Runner is running the other way now and wishes he had never heard of this 'caught out adulterer'. Boldon will be a laughing stock in his own community. He too may be married or committed. What a poor and sad representative of all our very good ethical and principled Australian Aboriginal people. Daniel Batman and HIS children must be ashamed and embarrassed by this immorality. Cathy Freemen must be very forgiving! From Hero to Zero. A Fat and Ugly situation.

Bruce Rugby, Stewart Is, NZ
1 hour

"nah i got that all wrong"'you have adopted the learned D J T attitude off lauding over others and you are always right haaaaa''

what a load of shit you go on with lately

Bruce Rugby, Stewart Is, NZ
3 hours ag

bull fucking shit

one minuite you are on a hate Abbott rant. the next you back the resident
mr rabbit apologist,


Ha ha G2. You know I do not believe in fairy stories only Pirate ones.

Note how the camera missed Ratfink Doug Cameron's mouth as he had juicy black pubic hairs stuck to it. No wonder he always has his back to us in the Senate.

"PREMATURE EJACULATION" is the reason for the face. Not Shortarse but Sleazy to blame. All the Thai girls and boys complain about him.

Watch your fingers "little willy". CLANG!

Did Shorton wipe his cock on her forehead while shooting hid s bolt?

We know of his wife's company and Kevins involvement in making it happen .

I foolishly thought that her name was Portuguese. However it is a great shame when female bedroom Olympians let themselves run to fat, after all, the body was her only asset.

Bruce Rugby, Stewart Is, NZ
2 hours ago

well rugby i am disappointed in you . getting down in the gutter with D J T
and criticizing my lack of education

your initial comment was a little of the mark just the same

Why the bird droppings painted over her face? Bill shitten will also be caught out similarly. All Labia supporters will support her until this implodes. Guillotine! Guillotine!! Bring on the Guillotine.

With products like whipper snipper and Tim Tam having been trashed by association with slimy politicians, I have to wonder what poor company or category is next in line.