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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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... while Obama goes gospel

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Unrelated eh? Well, that’s the message being reported on every news channel, but that message is wrong! All three acts of terrorism heralded the start of Ramadan, all three were motivated by Islam and all three occurred after Friday prayers.

Kuwait got a taste of things to come, Tunisia’s embryonic democracy was shattered and France, which is now Europe’s primary recruiting ground for the ISIS, continued to pay for its unchecked Islamic immigration in the name of multiculturalism.

Back home in Oz, an out of control ABC is promoting a convicted terrorist’s message while desperately trying to justify its own miserable and expensive existence.

But how the hell a person can pick up a gun and start shooting innocent people or take someone’s severed head and place it on a fence in the name of some god can only be explained by first visiting a mosque, listening to a preacher’s tirade of hate, then standing in line to have an Islam pill placed on your tongue before going on a killing spree.

The Islam pill appears to numb any sense of guilt, it evokes a psychedelic sense of theistic omnipotence framed by glorious incandescent rainbows of heavenly rewards... quite impressive actually.

The Presbyterian pill isn’t as effective and, if it was, it would be immediately banned as a dangerous mind-altering substance.

Yet the Islam pill is widely distributed each Friday... it’s entirely legal and media like the ABC even encourage and promote its use.

Oh well, wouldn’t it be nice if Australia’s Islamic community showed some outrage and held a rally, or perhaps organised a march or something to condemn their returned ISIS brother, Zaky Mallah and his twisted form of Islam that is degrading the reputation of the moderate Muslim.

But the moderate Muslim has gone missing! Hellooooo... were you ever there?

Meanwhile, Barack Obama, who signed off on the Middle East and North Africa years ago, has found a home-grown racial issue to his liking in the slaughter of black churchgoers by a white racist nutter.

He delivered a watershed eulogy of Martin Luther King dimensions to the fallen Rev. Pinckney of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

It was a gospel singing black Barack at his brilliant best and it vulcanised African Americans across the nation in a way not seen by the white population since slavery was entrenched and the bars and stars flew high.

But last night Obama drew a racist line in the sand that can only further divide an already racially splintered nation.

... what a shame he has drawn no line in Iraq’s sand.


Never mind Boys & Girls, It's ALL going to be Over SOON.
Mark your Calendars - 28/12/2019
That's when this World will END.
No more; Moslems, Terrorists, Same Sex Marriages, Corrupt Politicians etc etc etc
All GONE in one Massive POLE Switch.
Sorry 'bout That :-[

Yes well we can see that! There is enough circumstantial evidence to justify further examination. The MSM are desperate to steer us away from any links to islam let alone call it a cordinated attack! You have to ask why? Is it because it questions and challenges their multi cultural utopia? That the current issues prove the doubters were correct all along! That people of a certain religion and of dual citizenry could not be trusted when the chips are down! As Mr P constant,y states it is not the presbyterians responsible for these atrocities! The media is too quick to look for excuses to distance an atrocity from islam rather than looking for the truth! That in itself is highly suspicious.

Well today I was delayed a number of times with thousands of Moslems protesting in Melbourne about the atrocities committed by ISIS and how they detest the violence against innocent victims of other faiths by this barbaric cult that has hijacked their ideology.

Hang on, I was asleep this afternoon so I must have been dreaming. I’ve been checking all the usual news sites and not a single word from these so called "moderate Moslems" about this.

Their silence is deafening on this matter. All I can hear are crickets and tumbleweeds.

Islam is central to radicalisation & ISIS:

Find the links and proof is the problem

Obama has reduced the once feared United States of America to a toothless tiger, so his lines in the sand mean nothing. He is still in the appeasement business with Iran, and we all know how well appeasement has worked through the ages. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the muslim-loving Obama, WW3 is coming folks, and much sooner than you think.

As shop steward for the "troll patrol" union, I advise all you trolls that your Union dues are indeed overdue. Would you please deposit before 30 June into the nominated secret AWU and CFMEU Building Society account as detailed. Account. C. Melham BSB. 089 122 -Account No. 888888. Victorian Branch. All dues are tax deductible.

LP the absence of the moderate Muslim can be best explained by looking at their tribal faith Shia hate Sunni and vice versa, given the option to change from one cult to the other will galvanise them to fight or die, so no Muslim is moderate when the crunch comes they will side with their stoneage tribe and fight to the bitter end and we may just get in the way!

Allah the 'Moon God'

These are things you as a Christian need to know about Islam and Muslims. Allah IS NOT the same God who is worshipped by Jews and Christians. Allah is no more a God than the Golden calf of Egypt. Allah pre-dates Islam by over a thousand years, and was a minor deity in the Temple of Baal, the Canaanite Sun God, who was worshipped throughout the Middle East. Baal (ba'al) was an ancient Canaanite and Mesopotamian deity associated with agriculture.

He was believed to be the "giver of life" and mankind was dependent upon him for providing what was necessary to sustain the farms, flocks and herds. Allah was the moon god who's sign was the crescent moon. Mohammad, born 570 years after the Birth of Christ, was very familiar with Judaism and Christianity and stole traditions from both religions to create his own cult. He took the named Allah for his God because it was familiar to Arabs across the region.

This is why you so often see the symbol of the crescent moon associated with Islam, and on so many Islamic flags. Mohammad asked the Jews to recognize him as a Prophet from God, which they refused to do. Because of this Mohammad turned upon the Jews, and Muslims have hated and despised the Jews ever since.

Mohammad warred upon the Jews, and slaughtered whole villages, decapitating the men, and selling the women into slavery. Mohammad himself set the example to his followers by demanding from his captors that they either convert to Islam or be put to death; a tradition that carries on even to this day.

Upon Mohammad's death in 632 A.D., a rift developed amongst Muslims as to who should succeed as leader of their cult. Thus you have the Shia and Sunni. Muslims following Mohammad's exampled raped, pillaged and plundered their way across the Middle East and North Africa, Murdering those that would not convert to Islam.

In the year 711 A.D., Muslims (called the Moors) crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and invaded Spain. In 827 A.D. the Muslims invaded Sicily, and in 847 A.D. the Italian port of Bari (occupied from 847 until 871), with Muslim raids reaching as far north as Rome and Piedmont. During this same time period, the Muslims invaded Europe in the east, first laying siege to Constantinople in 674–678 A.D.

Muslims continued their depredations until In March 1095, Pope Urban II received an ambassador from the Byzantine Emperor asking for help against Muslim invasion and another siege of Constantinople. THIS is what prompted the Crusades of the middle ages, an attempt to put an end to Muslim aggression!

The fact of the matter is that Europe was being invaded in both the East AND the West! Let's be clear, What we are seeing today in the Middle east, and elsewhere is not radical Islam. This is what Mohamed intended his cult to be, and this is what Islam was when it raped pillaged and plundered its way across the Middle east, North Africa, and Invaded Spain and Europe with the intent of taking over the entire world. Let there be no mistake, it is the intent of Islam to take over the world. This death cult must be stamped out.

TomG ..always is the underlying subliminal message is always the Marxist anti British line.Whch is why I not longer bothering such series...brainwashing the viewers as the old school who know the truth age and die off.

There is something rotten in the Corridors of Power..

And regarding Polimer notes and the Reserve Bank, how come no one in the Reserve Bank was convicted over all the millions of dollars spent on Bribery and kickbacks, and the whistleblower got the sack. The Governor of the Reserve bank knew nothing.

TomG.....well that's the most sensible solution of course however I doubt it will ever happen unfortunately.

Saturday military presence in the skies of Melbourne . Coincidentally, for the second time following a terrorist attack i have seen Black Hawks flying over outer Metropolitan Melbourne . Is it possible that some messages are best left in plain sight and remain unmentioned ?

If it was Labor who took us to War with Iraq you would be singing from a different song sheet.

We knew all that Tman. Which Country does not have chemists and scientists looking to develop munitions? All that happened well before we obliterated Iraq and you have not come up with the WOMD of the magnitude that would have justified the war.

Even better, Winston, would be to stop all special benefits and treat them exactly the same as other Australians. Far too many VERY pale 'coconuts' are currently on the gravy train for one reason only - the gravy.

I watched episode 2 of 'banished' last night, Foxtel's latest spin on early settlement in Sydney. I couldn't help but feel that there was a rather blatant political ultra-leftie message buried just below the surface.

Where were you reading this Tman, in a Mad magazine? last week was it? or was it the week before. You should ring Johnny Howard and tell him he was right.

That's ok Bruce sorry if I took that the wrong way. All good, keep chipping and posting more, I like reading your offerings very much.