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Monday, 28th May 2018

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... while Bill assists with her rapid aging

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Forget the swing States, forget the bellwether States! And you can throw away all templates of previous US elections... this one is like no other. On one side is an apolitical narcissist, on the other an unhinged liability, and in between is a justifiably furious Bernie Sanders with thirty thousand followers outside in the street demanding justice.

Chuck in longstanding Democrat Chair(person) crazy Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was forced to resign on Convention eve due to her emails (not Hillary’s) and a non-person, overweight running mate, and suddenly it’s a perfect storm only Hillary could cook up and only Trump could dream of.

If you thought the Republican Convention was riveting wait ‘til you see the Democrats’ soiled underwear this week after which the books will need to frame a new price for a first female president which at the moment is an 11/4 on false favourite.

Bernie is considering withdrawing his endorsement of Hillary as she welcomes the endorsement of Mick Bloomberg, the antithesis of everything Bernie stands for. His socialist millennial supporters are marching on the Convention demanding redress. 

Bernie was a man of convictions, no matter how misguided, and he was proved right about the “rigged” delegate system.

The reason this year’s US election is so fascinating is that it is a macrocosm of Australia’s election. (Or Australia’s election was a microcosm of theirs.)

We are seeing the death of socialist Left politics across the globe, and the Left can’t even see it happening. Not even Malcolm Turnbull has twigged.

The Conservatives' Left has merged closely with the Socialists' Right and a gaping chasm has emerged for the sensible centre, and it’s filling fast. Media is dying a rapid death while still lying its head off in desperate support of all that is Marxist.

Even octogenarian Rupert Murdoch, bewitched by his new wife Jerry Hall, is showing signs of senility and falling under the spell of the Left like he did in 1972 with Whitlam’s “It’s Time” campaign, only to realise his awful mistake in 1975 when he asked me to join his beloved “Australian” to help rid Australia of the worst ever Government... up until then.

To put Hillary in the Oval Office is tantamount to having given Whitlam a full term, maybe two, of endless chaos. Whitlam’s two half-terms were enough for all but the most misguided uni students, the ABC and Fairfax scribes to deal with.

Of course Fairfax and the ABC still hold to the theory that it was Murdoch who killed Whitlam. No, no, no! It was the voters who decided enough of this madman was enough, and the voters alone decided, as they did in the most recent election which was a finely-honed result of exactly what voters wanted and the best that Australia could expect. 

It was a case of who they hated least; Shorten was unthinkable and Turnbull a nasty alternative, so a more hostile Senate was elected along with Turnbull to hobble his socialist excesses. A truly remarkable outcome for a so-called donkey-voting public.

So watch these US elections, they will clearly indicate that voters cannot be treated like donkeys. They will follow the trail of the world’s other elections where Merkel and Hollande, along with most other European fools, will be tossed out on their ears.

Donald Trump may be light on experience but he is heavy on co-opting experts like Giuliani for Homeland Security and Christie for Attorney General. Only a fool would vote for another maybe eight years of an extended Obama Administration and there's simply not that many fools in America. Then again I thought they would never put a socialist black fella in the Oval Office. 

But they did that twice!


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It seems if you yell and scream a lot ,, and promise the world, when you have nothing to give , you can do all right in politics

I wish I shared your confidence about the Senate hobbling Turnbull's socialist excesses. Labor and the Greens and Lambie and Xenophon's team (and that will be at least 37 votes out of a needed 39) are all mad socialists and that is a pretty good start to ensuring that the socialists will get their way.

BTW for those who wish to know what the MSM wont tell you this is a good site although its unbiased assessment is long gone(as it is with many of us):

The Clinton whore is hoping for an "Obama" as she hopes to drag up 20 million females who never usually vote just as Abdul did with the idiot afro-Americans(must be PC). While I do not trust Trump ANYONE who at least sees the problem has to be kms in front of those who wont and if the bitch wins the USA is screwed.

But they did that twice!
That was because of the voting system being non compulsory I think. If memory serves, only 43% of republicans voted, so they really did it to themslves, but, this time will be very different and about bloody time.

Finally a poll that comes close to reflecting the true state of affairs with Trump at 39% to Clinton's 37%. The swing states are still close to 50/50, but the momentum is clearly with Trump. If the bookies are still offering better that even money for Trump then it's worth an investment.

I am not sure that the American people put anybody in the White House I suspect rigged elections did that.

Good overview Larry, thanks.

Ta! James65

BK How much budgeting have you ever had responsibility for? Just because an appropriation is in the budget doesn't mean it necessarily has to be spent and , who signed off on the budget in the knowledge that the money had been misappropriated for the Clinton benevolent fund ( or as you put it threw her a lazy $140million). There comes a time when even you BK must face up to realities.

If they don't fix the Islamic Terrorism Cult Issue NOW, Islam will inevitably remove resistance by force, and breed themselves into the Majority, they can then Play US at our own Democratic game and Legally Vote themselves into Office. Then legally appoint their own army to be in charge, and Legally become NUCLEAR armed Terrorists...This is an inevitable FACT if the current trends continue. A Nuclear Armed ISIS..Islam has already laid Siege to the French, who have shown they have NO means of controlling them..The Clock is ticking and the Enemy is already through the gate and knocking on the door of our very Existence.

The Ants are trying to tell us something

Michael Smith has written many articles about this.
A summary here:

"Julie Bishop threw Gillard’s show a lazy $140 million of taxpayer money in 2014, no questions asked." BK's statement above begs the question " why were no questions asked by the PM of the day one Tony Abbott?" If he was so ignorant of what was going on he didn't deserve his position,if he knew but turned a blind eye one must question his integrity. To the rusted on Abbott excuseniks the chickens are coming home belatedly to roost

Merkel has opened the door,
To terrorists thousands and more,
They've now murdered alas,
A priest saying Mass,
It is now open Islamic war.

What? Where? How?
Give us a link fellas, to where this money is going to the clinton momgrels.

Good idea him getting bogged down in the mire of the abos in custody. Totally out of his depth and this will shows him up to the whole country. I can't stand the idiot either.

Inaction by the French seems to justify the term "Cheese eating surrender monkeys".

BK if you read my post I merely said the misuse of money by Bishop happened under Abbott's watch. "Now stop attributing things to Abbott that are untrue" this statement is factually inaccurate and suggests that your insults are losing the plot