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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Without accompanying ground troops, the only bombs that ever persuaded an enemy to concede defeat were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those type of bombs will not fall on Syria or Iraq and Vladimir Putin should explain that to Barack Obama.

Obama has provided Hollande with target lists for Northern Syria and has agreed to swap critical intel. The question should be asked why this sudden cooperation now and why hadn’t Obama handed these target lists to his own air force before this?

It appears he has no stomach for killing Muslim terrorists. His terms of engagement are so restrictive that 80 per cent of sorties return with their bombs intact. 

His defence has been that Muslims are killing more Muslims than Europeans. Correct Mr President but shouldn’t you mention that it’s Sunnis killing Shias and shouldn’t you also mention that you set up successive puppet Shia Governments in Iraq as Sunni targets?

Obama is insisting that part of the Syrian “political” solution must include the departure of the Bashar al-Assad regime. (Elected governments the West doesn’t like are referred to as “regimes”.)

Perhaps Mr Obama might like to fill us in on who he intends to replace President al-Assad with, because al Nusra, Al Queda, the Khorasan Group, Ansar al-Sharia in Yeman, Asbat al-Ansar, Islamic State, and a few others are champing on the bit to fill the void.

Even the Iranian Revolutionary Guard might be keen to stake a claim next door to Israel. How about that for an even bigger mess than you have made already Mr Obama?

The US will welcome 85,000 Syrian refugees next year according to Obama’s negotiator extraordinaire, John Kerry, but Al Jazeera reports that over half of all US State Governors will refuse them entry. I’m not sure how they will do that, but it shows how most of America is not happy about the Islamisation of the land of the free.

But Obama says that, “America will never be at war with Islam”, so it must be Presbyterian refugees he's talking about.

Obama and Kerry have assured Americans that strict screening will be applied to all refugees. Germany’s Angela Merkel insists her 800,000 Syrian refugees will also be strictly processed. There are at least 4.5 million refugees waiting for a place in Europe, North America or Australia.

But there is a reason that processing any of these “refugees” is a pointless exercise, you see war-waging Muslim Jihadists are all home-grown. It’s too late, they are already a part of all our communities... they can't even be deported.

Six thousand home-grown, radicalised Muslims are flooding down from mid Continental Europe to join ISIS in Syria. They are shaking hands with departing Syrians headed for Germany.

ISIS has recruited 1500 from the UK, some say the figure is 2,000. At least 1,000 have left from France, 600 from Belgium, hundreds from Indonesia and 150 from Australia. All are joining the band of 40,000 Muslim murderers in al Raqqa.

All are home-grown! So what’s the point in processing any refugee if it’s the children and the future children of refugees and Islamic immigrants who are lining up to fight with ISIS? And perish the thought of Rudd and Gillard’s unprocessed 50,000 already somewhere in our suburbs with multiple wives on welfare churning out multiple children who will soon be filling mosques to learn the art of beheading Australians from Muftis and Mullahs.

The next election will show just how many Australians want this Islamic madness fixed immediately. 

ISIS recruits intend to return to their places of birth with brand new militant skills. And soon they too will have multiple home-grown children with a hankerin’ to behead infidels. Can you see the way this is developing?

ISIS and Putin can, but Turnbull, Merkel and Obama can’t.


A Global civil war. Not something I'm looking forward to. For what it's worth I would much rather die standing than kneeling, so I'm in.

Maybe a regime change in the US is required to give Australian political leaders some spine.

The best Goddamn bomb ever made

They will be 'assess'ed by french from the same area and same language ..That is Presbyterian by Presbyterian. All C of E to be rejected.

wow - bit ignorant of history to be calling yourself a journalist. Japan was ready to surrender before any nuclear bombs were dropped. as far as isis is concerned they are the creation of the same terrorists who dropped those nuclear bombs.

"ISIS, the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria fostered, funded, armed, equipped and trained by the United States, its Gulf allies, Turkey and Israel has reportedly taken responsibility for the attacks."

The Waffler is calling for compromise in Syria. What he actually is doing is called APPEASEMENT. That works really well , just ask Mr Chamberlain!

Will someone PLEASE get rid of Turnbull. He is a dangerous fool. As Dean Rowan said in the Spectator - he is way in over his pea brained head.

Grand Mufti compares himself to Jesus now:

Hopefully the rationale of the French Prez is - If someone hates you for no reason... Give that motherfucker a reason...

Most welfare in the USA is provided by country and state authorities. State governors can simply refuse to provide welfare, free schooling or cheap housing to refugees. That will be enough to keep them out.

Howard got an Award from Israel for supporting them [only 10 people get it every year ] and Howard got it hmmmmmmmm ????? how the hell does that work ? for Refusing David Irving from Entering Australia [what happened to Free Speech in a Democracy ???] and Banning Semi Automatic rifle and Shotguns ] Why were they scared there was going to be a backlash against them for some reason ??? Signed Chester McDonald

The fucking inbred ugly Jews hate her and are out to get her signed Chester Mcdonald

Stinking Bi Bi and his Mossad are Behind all these False Flags to garner support to Annillate Iran and their Arab enemies ,lesson being never trust a dirty money grubbing child molesting Christian hating Jew ,Signed Chester McDonald

Quote: "The next election will show just how many Australians want this Islamic madness fixed immediately"
How? It's a certainty that Labor or Turnbull's version of Liberals will win, and one is as bad as the other, although not as bad as the Greens.
Yes, there will a protest vote for ALA and I hope it's big, but it won't be big enough to do other than maybe get the rapist into the PM chair.

thanks stoney...though I have to admit while the State of Israel has some legitimacy (historical Israel), the Palestinian state idea is more proplematical..especially given the nonidegenous Arab population of agittors....its the Central Bank cartel Mafia which is the problem..the RKM

Is the above picture the Christmas present for the House of Saud?

All this islamic crap was invited in here by labor, greens and the GaBC. Do you think they would admit culpability?

Mostly undigested straw, not a good look Tulloch.

Sad news about 4 people dying in the fires at Denmark in W.Australia. Sympathy to all.

It's time for a bit of eugenic cleansing.