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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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... for us that is

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Left Press is now hyperventilating about the possibility of an early election due to a popular budget and it only demonstrates its anti-Abbott woolly thinking. Unless you listen to fools like Hartcher of the SMH, an early election is not an option for the Coalition for the simple reason that the current Senate rabble would remain in place. And Abbott already commands a healthy majority in the House. 

An early election would not only be an exercise in futility, it would be an own goal.

The dreadful dross that snaffled six year Senate terms on preference anomalies in the 2013 election would remain, with the possibility of a separate, out-of-sync Senate election if a double dissolution was not called for. A potential disaster for the Coalition.

A trigger for a double dissolution already exists and maybe Abbott is testing the rabble’s resolve in preventing the Coalition governing. But a DD is an equally impossible scenario, it’s too late now, and halved quotas would mean even more Lambies and Lazaruses.

Hockey’s small business budget, along with lower interest rates, will result in a rapid increase in employment, an increase in the tax take, and if the ore price continues to recover and a return to surplus is nailed down for 2020, an election budget in 2016 looks certain to give the Coalition another term at least.

So the Left media can continue to stupidly promote that this budget is an early election budget and that Morrison is chasing Hockey’s job and that Turnbull is chasing Abbott’s.

Shorten and the Greens can continue with their unintelligible gibberish, but the bottom line is that this is a growth budget that dovetails perfectly into a normal 2016 election.

Forget the polls, they are notoriously misleading, and mid-term they mean absolutely bugger all.

Abbott may refuse to rule out an early election but that’s no more than a ruse. His best bet now is to aim for a normal 2016 election.

Oh, and hope that Shorten isn't replaced.


The ABC will do anything to kill off Abbott.

Hey Larry, have you missed it Short One is having hair fusion done across the front of his hair line. Make a great toon with mixed root veggies growing there instead of hair, carrot, parsnips, swedes, etc

100%...just had my 1st run in with Sparky [the latest hacker], but I am back & agree with u Marigold & others. I tend to see what is happening in Canada, with regard to the Islamic jihad & other matters, they are very similar to us in many ways in this struggle. Pamela Geller & Geert Wilders I am sure we are all aware of now. See u at a Reclaim Rally no doubt...

Whoever this 'horse' is, odds on it now looks like pal who hacked my a/c 3 days ago. Good on ya' cobber! Freedom of speech is alive & well...

None of the 'Labor elite' [Julia anyone?] have ever had a real job or [Allah forbid!!] been self-employed, or in a small business in their miserable lives.

Labor and its followers short attention span should mean Shorten will be with us til the 2016 election all things being considered.

Being a good union man, he should know a boilermaker's handshake when he is grasped between the legs.
Oh... Wait a minute! He has never worked on the factory floor, for that matter, he has never really worked has he?

you mean, caught out again!

Double-dipping by the ABC/SBS and the Public Service is theft from the Australian Taxpayer and should be remedied by the Government on a retrospective basis because those working the scam knew what they were doing.

To hell with Johnnie Depp. Another Hollywood punk who thinks he is bigger than Australia. ALL counties have strict quarantine laws for a very good reason. HE ARROGANTLY THINKS HE IS DIFFERENT TO EVERYBODY ELSE.

Why does the Govt not call them out for goodness sake?

The hooha about the double dipping. The ONLY two major bodies that have a generous PPL scheme are the ABC/SBS and The Public Service. Their members are enjoying their PPL then taking the Govt offer as well to augment their income. Once again it is the employees of the Public Service and ABC/SBSD that are double dipping. The greedy bastards.

The Australian Taxpayer should not be funding $100,000 university degrees. What ever that $8.43 GP tax is, its is small price to pay for medical advice, one-third of a packet cigs. As for the 80billion tax cuts, if krudd/juliar had acted with fiscal responsibility they would have been un-necessary.

keep your bluster for some one who cares

The entire Labour Party are greedy lying scum. They put their own personal interests in front of the nation and its needs. They don't care for anyone but their own party c/w their union thug mates. The would not know of honesty or decency even if it bit them on the arse. Shorten is a yet to be convicted rapist, Plibersec is pure evil with a convicted Drug dealer as a husband. Wong cost Australia billions with a zero result. And the rest of them are even worse. They are the most pathetic group of clueless, useless liars to ever take political office the only worst MP's are Gillard Rudd & the former treasurer PK that apparently likes boys.

Greebo the Green. Instead of spending your day crunched over a keyboard in Sussex Street, why don't you try working instead of being a not very smart parasite. You might even enjoy turning your brain on instead of just writing nonsense waiting for your dole chequestions to arrive.

"It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.."

-- A l Gore

there is no justification for the Australian taxpayer to subsidise either the ABC or SBS in these times.

Lucky our students aren't in the US .A good college degree is z $250,,000. HEALTH AND education are State responsibilities. That is why labor premiers alway rant "Canberra, Canberra , Canberra ". Get Up Galahs are now ranting and raving because their feathers have been plucked and the sun is shining on what passes for a brain.

Greebo, just go back to your Getup hideout and blow another bong. Leave us adults alone.