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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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... $800k pa of it!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The ABC’s Mark Scott’s pathetic attempt to defend the indefensible typifies all that’s shamefully traitorous with our national broadcaster... and this ex Fairfax, supercilious dog is the owner of the first head that should roll.

This pro Green/Labor, taxpayer-funded and owned broadcaster has refused to realign its inbred culture toward some semblance of objectivity. But it is clearly beyond reforming and must either be dismantled and reconstructed or disbanded.

Its staggering arrogance and incomprehensible incompetence is palpable and irreversible.

Mark Scott’s Aussie employers deserve to get what they pay for but he, and his coterie of Abbott-hating Lefties, has proved he has no intention of altering course.

He actually believes he has a God bestowed duty to convince the majority of Australians of their conservative folly but, like his appointers Rudd and Gillard, he is long past his use-by date and he simply doesn’t get it!

Mark Scott is at the vanguard of the far Left culture that has been allowed to fester at the ABC unchecked for decades and he believes his bloated retainer and yearly budget of $1.2 billion, is sacrosanct and sequestrated from government interference.

Let’s get one thing clear, Abbott’s 2014 “non-cut” to the ABC was five per cent over five years (or a barely noticeable one per cent per year) yet Scott retaliated by threatening staff cuts, reductions in regional services and talk of having to dump Bananas in Pyjamas and Pepper Pig.

In other words he was prepared to disadvantage the ABC’s children’s programming in order to hurt Abbott politically.

There was no thought of trimming the ABC staff's bloated retainers that make up half its entire budget. There was no thought of trimming his own obscene $800k pa. (more than twice the US President's wage) nor any of the luxurious benefits the ABC grants itself along with everything the cosseted Public Service has to offer.

Regrets over their paid terrorist segment on Q&A? Never! They actually had the audacity to replay it uncut. It was still running on their on-line pages 24 hours later... mind-boggling arrogance!

And they expect us to believe in the veracity of their own promised internal inquiry? Get the f**k out of here!

The ABC is immune from criticism as it over-imbibes on long lunches and endless business-class travel. It thumbs its collective noses at government and its inability to control its excesses.

It looks down from on high, ignoring its dispensable shareholders who pointlessly dare to question its motives.

It operates by its own royal decree from within the vacuum of a far Left Green bubble.

But Abbott and the vast majority of Australians have had enough, it’s past time this un-Australian, scandalous organisation was brought to account. And yes, heads must roll, despite Malcolm Turnbull’s affection for his promoters.

This will be a test of Abbott’s declared resolve. But aren’t ABC tenures inviolable?... well yes, they are, but Abbott has a card up his sleeve and he is in a unique position to use it right now.

He can do exactly what Greece did to its bloated national broadcaster... pull its funding.


Scott is a champagne swilling socialist and a grade A Pratt! I liken him and the OUR ABC to WW2 War time traitor and propoganda journalist Lord Haw Haw ( William Joyce). Joyce was a traitor who was hanged for treason in 1945. We should do a expose on him and liken his behaviour to our leftard luvvies all on the tax payer teat on OUR ABC!!!!!!! Especially as we are at war and have been since prior to 2001.

I keep looking at this picture and suspect those tiny puckered lips are about the correct size for part of Shortarses anatomy that needs constant attention? Anyone else?

I don't usually watch Q & A, but I watched it tonight 29/6/2015, and it is clear that the previous admission of guilt was peace-meal. There they all were, defending the decision to shine a light on a convicted terrorist who supports ISIS. Everyone at the ABC is drunk with delusion.

This is the spiel the ABC use to promote their BTN [Behind The News] website - which is aimed at young malleable minds and their teachers [indoctrinators], to assist in spreading the green / climate change / wind power is good / fossil fuels are bad / multiculturalism / Ramadan / anti Abbott government message. "Behind the News is a high-energy, fun way for upper primary and secondary students to learn about current issues and events in their world." All parents of primary / secondary school should be made aware that their children are being groomed by the UN's messenger, their ABC, with this toxic propaganda.

The corporations listed on the webpage linked below have joined the Rainbow Jihad in their efforts to destroy traditional marriage. If you believe that marriage is between one man and one woman, and that two men can't replace a child's mother, please bookmark this page and try to avoid doing business with these companies. Our freedoms depend on it.

Aren't you insulting toads here????

Andrew Bolt said it best when he challenged the PM with "What are you going to do about it"? As Larry has pointed out, there is no possibility of reform from within the ABC, so the government needs to act. I call on all PP readers to send an email to the PM's office, and maybe Turnbull's as well, demanding that the government withdraw all funding from the ABC, have everyone leave, and then start again with tighter, accountable guide lines. Who's with me?

Mark Scott the treasonist.

Get on board the change petition to sell the ABC

Think it's a guy called David Pendleton... check him out!

I'd think that this would be a 'no no'??????

Q and A Producers : Amanda Collinge and Christine El-Khoury.

Both from Insight SBS.

Question! Why in 2015 do we need a national broadcaster - funded by the taxpayer? Do we have movies theatres, supermarkets, department stores etc., funded by the taxpayer?

He would have to be the ISIS PIN-UP Boy. Publicly funded by the Australian TAXPAYER - which most of his supporters ARE NOT. Madmax - agree and to Allen Keyes - I think Al Jazira already run the UNAUSTRALIAN BULLSHIT CORPORATION.

It's time the grub was removed along with Jones and 99% of the leftist turds.

The big question is , who qualifies Scott as being worth $800,000 , they must be earning a big quid as well.

He'll be voting conservative in twenty years when in his mid thirties.

Love to see the For Sale sign going up outside the ABC on monday.

Hear hear Larry. The necessity for Australia to have a taxpayer funded TV channel has long, long, past. Just shut them down. Try to merge the ABC and SBS and then sell them. You'd be lucky to find a buyer except for, maybe, Al Jazira but, at least, we wouldn't be paying for it. I'm sure one of the commercials would run Pepper Pig and Bananas in Pyjamas so the ABC board could still watch their favourite shows!