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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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NOTE: There is serious doubt about the accuracy of this article. Michael Coutts-Trotter husband of Tanya Plibersek, appears not to be the Michael Coutts referred to. I regret and apologise for the inference.

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I was dozing watching the TURC on Friday when out of the blue, the name Michael Coutts was uttered. I sat upright, “Surely that can’t be ... ”.

Senior Counsel assisting the Royal Commission, Sarah McNaughton, allowed the name to go through to the keeper but the keeper, Commissioner Dyson Heydon, doesn’t drop many balls so the name will undoubtedly re-emerge, much to the dismay of Bill Shorten and his deputy leader.

Darren Greenfield, a CFMEU official and standover man had been stonewalling McNaughton for hours with, “I can’t remember” and, “I don’t know”, so the name Michael Coutts flew from the feed as a complete non-sequitur.

McNaughton had been reading from a transcript of a text between George Alex and his wife, Nectaria. Now this George Alex bloke launders money for union officials, various NSW criminal gangs including the Muslim bikie group Brothers 4 Life, and is alleged to have assisted the ALP-linked Griffith Mafia.

Greenfield insists his relationship with George Alex was a business-only one and that his only interaction with Alex was in the process of constantly seeking better conditions for his union members who worked for Alex's scaffold company.

Hmmm... transcripts of texts and phone calls suggest something entirely different.

On this occasion Mr Alex was giving instructions to his wife about who was to receive certain cash funds that were kept in a drawer under his bathroom hand-basin.

Greenfield was to get $2,500 and Michael Coutts was to get $1500 (less $500 Mr Alex told Nectaria to hang on to).

Michael Coutts is actually Michael Coutts-Trotter, Secretary of the NSW State Department of Family and Community Services. In 1985 he was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment for the importation of half a kilogram of heroin. (He served only 2 years and nine months of the sentence.)

He is also the husband of Tanya Plibersek who, in an emotional address to Parliament, explained that Michael was a lovely man and deserved a second chance. They were a stand-out couple at last week’s mid-winter ball.

You would think that George Alex would have referred to Coutts-Trotter as simply “Michael C” but unfortunately there was another “Michael C”, (career criminal Michael Cohen) involved in the payments. Two names that required differentiation, and now the cat’s out of the bag.

We will never know the desperate pillow talk that must have transpired between Tanya and Michael over the weekend, but more should be revealed this week.

You see, George Alex is listed to front the Commission.


George, "trust me" Alex, is starting to squirm.
He still hasn't "Piped down" as instructed by the Commissioner.
D. O. G spells Chicken, Go get 'em boy.

On 7:30 last night the text of the above exchange was across the screen and backed up with a voiceover. But it said ".....give Michael 1000 keep 500....." The "Coutts" part was not there. I wonder why?

Tanya Plibersek’s husband Michael Coutts-Trotter would forever have a criminal record. When he graduated with a degree in communications from UTS in 1995, he landed a job in the office of Brian Howe, then Labor deputy PM, but his new career in Canberra was quickly derailed when ASIO denied him a security clearance.
A few months later, his record initially meant he was passed over when he applied to be press secretary to Michael Egan, treasurer in the newly elected Carr Labor government in NSW
Egan tells me that the selection committee thought he was the standout candidate but that there was this problem. Egan had other objections. "I don't like the fact you have a hyphenated name or been educated by the Jesuits," he tells me he said to Coutts-Trotter. " if I give you the job, your background will come out."
The Sunday papers ran with the story that the treasurer's press secretary had been in prison for heroin, but by then Coutts-Trotter had made himself indispensable - and not just to Egan.
"Treasury just fell in love with him," Egan recalls. The treasurer mounted a strong defence of his staffer and the media went quiet. Coutts-Trotter stayed almost seven years, becoming Egan's chief of staff and a confidant of the state's leading bureaucrats before being headhunted for the position of director-general of the NSW Department of Commerce by his friend John Della Bosca.
in April 2007, then NSW education minister John Della Bosca appointed Coutts-Trotter director-general of the NSW Department of Education and Training and the whole question of his criminal past blew up again.
It was pointed out that someone with his record could not be employed as a teacher

The Killing season highlighted how devious and manipulative the Juliar is
Dyson Heydon and the team slugged away at the union governance and corruption commission, but not to any startling effect.
In his interim report the former High Court cadaver seemed to be livid that Julia Gillard was well-prepared and got the better of counsel assisting, Jeremy Stoljar:
"The key parts of her evidence were the product of many months, in a sense nearly 20 years, of thought about the issues – the product, too, of iron willpower which drove her very able mind into the most intense and thorough preparation.
All this - her intense degree of preparation, her familiarity with the materials, her acuteness, her powerful instinct for self-preservation – made it hard to judge her credibility. Normally cross-examination of a non-expert witness is a contest between a professional expert who is familiar with every detail of the case and a relatively unwary member of the public who is not.
But Julia Gillard had 20 years' knowledge of the case and immense determination to vindicate her position. She was, so to speak, a professional expert on her own case."

Michael Coutts-Trotter was appointed Director General of the Education Department by (if my memory serves me correctly) John Della Bosca (but that may be wrong). Was seen for a couple of months in a couple of schools, then disappeared out of sight behind his desk.

Teachers do everything in their power to keep kids on the straight and narrow, and the last thing they wanted was someone with his past in the schools.

Leopards rarely change their spots. I'm really not surprised that Coutts-Trotter is involved. Let us now watch for the over rated Tanya Plibersek to distance herself (Julia style) from her husbands crooked dealings. "I had no knowledge", "I was not aware", and of course the classic Labor lie "I did nothing wrong".

No behaviour from Labor/Unions would surprise me anymore. The Labour movement has become a cesspit of society's biggest grubs.

The whole damned Labor party is corrupt to the core. And yet we still have voting lemmings and sheep believing every word they say. Go figure.


JFK and 9/11 in Back to the Future - Hidden Messages In Plain Sight

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China- Australia FTA (ChAFTA) lopsided
The China-Australia FTA text released on June 17, 2015 shows the Australian government made huge concessions on temporary labour and investor rights in its desperation to complete the deal.
AFTINET's preliminary analysis reveals that the Australian Government has increased temporary labour mobility and has agreed that Chinese investors will be able to sue Australian governments if they can claim that a change in law or policy "harms" their investment, known as Investor-State Disputes or ISDS, but those provisions are unfinished and ambiguous. A Memorandum of Understanding separate from the text of the trade agreement gives Chinese investors in projects valued over $150 million additional rights to bring in temporary migrant workers.
See the AFTINET media release on ISDS here. See Sydney Morning Herald articles by Michael West and Peter Martin, Kyla Tienhaara in the Canberra Times and Joanna Howe in the Conversation.

Tried earlier but couldn't seem to post..
I was thinking that the tax office will be interested in looking at the returns of those 3 for the year mentioned.

I wonder howcome C-T only did 2 years and 9 months. Is this our parole system doing its thing again?

Wouldn't be so sure the "Michael COUTS" referred to at the TURC is Plibersek's hubby. Not saying the named person isn't but hard to see why he would have his certainly corrupted hands in events taking place in a union setting in Victoria. That said, it would be wise for Coutts-Trotter to clarify the situation. Even if he's not the person named at the Commission,it would be to his advantage, and more so Tanya's, for him to clear the air before the inference is taken to be fact. If he is the one, then it's bye-bye to Tanya's aspirations to be PM. No first world nation can have a prime minister strutting the world stage with a crim at his/her side. Look at Tim and Julia.

News story about carbon monoxide poisonings due to people bringing outside heating and cooking apparatus indoors are more common than one would expect.
Again another indication of how our country is slowly sinking to the standards of a third world shithole.
1. People don’t have the educational standards to understand the danger of a tasteless and invisible gas
2. The gap between the rich and the poor with some people too stupid to budget for power bills
3. The excessive cost of electricity due to one of the greatest cons in history global warming and the sky is going to fall.
What can you do?

Hi Larry and friends. Just did some digging and for all those that doubt that Coutts Trotts has not got fingers in this pie.....think again guys and girls...oh and trannies and poofs and lesos. Just being politically correct addressing everyone. Guess what the red hot Trotts was up to? He was in charge of the what for it!!! 2.7 billion dollar "Building the Education revolution compliments of Rudds and Gillards office. Gee I wonder why the Unions and George Alexis was interested in his powers. This is diabolical. For all those that don't believe......start believing. Det Sgt HH reports.

This TURC is all very well but how long do we have to wait before one person goes to prison? So far all the guilty are just laughing and twiddling their thumbs