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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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...but only if you're normal

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I hate being a lonely little petunia on my own blog but I actually couldn’t give a stuff about marriage... any sort of marriage! Marriage is responsible for the sky high divorce rate and very few divorces end amicably. So why the hell do we do emotionally destructive things like marrying each other?

Many unmarried couples I have known stayed deliriously happy for years until one romantic evening, in an orgasmic photo finish, the need for a token devotional commitment arose and they decided to get married in front of all their relations and friends.

Then for some reason it all unravelled and no-one was game to even ask for their presents back.

So why the homosexual rush to the altar? Can’t they discuss their unusual devotional intentions privately without having to tell the whole bloody world? Why should we have to endure the sight of two blokes snogging with mini woodies?

But I do have to admit to some hypocrisy here because two sheilas getting it off stirs my loins a little and that should make me feel a bit queer, but it doesn’t.

So I’m against gay marriage but only because I’m against all marriage. If you find someone you want to live the rest of your life with, you have already won Tattslotto, so why blow it?

Okay, if you’re a bloke, let me ask you this; how many sheilas in the world would make the perfect partner for you... five? ten? 25, if you’re not fussy 200 maybe? I mean there are around three billion of them out there, so the truth is that you will never meet any of those perfect sheilas.

And if perchance you ever did, there is no guarantee she will think you are perfect for her?

It’s not looking all that good, right? So we do what everyone else does and settle for what’s available and pretend that, “she’s the only one for me”. But she’s the only one out of the very few you’ve even met, let alone hopped in the cot with. The odds of finding a perfect sheila are the same as winning Lotto ten thousand consecutive times.

But marriage still works for around half of us and it’s nice to see aged couples still holding each other’s wrinkled hand, but the gay lobby doesn’t consider those who still cling to things traditional.

They want what they want now and stuff those who cherish it as a solemn sacrament before God. (Or something equally as important to them.)

Let’s face it, homosexuals want legitimacy under the Marriage Act, not for peer acceptance, they already have that, but for the legal benefits. They want the same rights as normal married people. They want to adopt babies from donated sperm and play mummies and daddies with an innocent child who will likely have no homosexual tendencies.

This poor kid will have to grow up as a vegetarian, watching the ABC, reading Fairfax newspapers and worshipping Sarah Hanson-Young and if that’s not bad enough he will have to mentally wrestle with what’s sexually normal.

But that’s the arrogance of the Left... we’re right, you’re wrong and anyone who disagrees with us is either homophobic or a sexist bigot. Funny, but it’s always the Right that has to clean up the Left’s mess.

It’s the same with the Lefty republicans... they want it now, and stuff those oldies who fought and saw their mates die under the current flag.

So why not let the hasty republicans and gays wait until those who care about tradition die! Then everyone can be happy.

Shouldn’t be too long.


A Homosexual goes into the doctor's office and has some tests run.
The doctor comes back and says, ' Mr Jones, I'm not going to beat around the bush. You have AIDS.'
Alan is devastated. 'Doc, what can I do?'
'Eat 1 curry sausage, 1 head of cabbage, 20 unpeeled carrots drenched in hot sauce, 10 Jalapeño peppers, 40 walnuts and 40 peanuts,1/2 box of All Bran, and top it off with a litre of prune juice'.
Alan asks bewildered, ' Will that cure me, Doc?'
Doc says, 'No, but it should leave you with a better understanding of what your arse is for'.

One of the enduring truths of past civilisations is that their end coincides with the celebration of homosexuality. The west is no different. It is soon to be replaced by the east as it celebrates its own hedonistic rush for promiscuity. Morals are not man made but are legislated from on high. When on high is no longer believed then there are no morals .... only relativism, subjectivity... and finally abject destruction.

The gays won't be happy if they get marriage equality, next they'll want sodomy to be legislated to be declared "not a sin" and taxpayer funded baby adoption.

Gays get their way and the de factos that Larry mentioned at the start of this article are still regarded as 'not legally married'. Shits me that closeted shirtlifting, vote-chasing pollies (like Billy Bullshit), don't have the balls to call out Marriage Equality on their bullshit about people who love each other having a right to have their relationships recognised as having equal status to a marriage. Also shits me that they're happy to put up their private members bills, but won't hold an open forum before referendum.

If the ALP get their Homosexual amendment to the marriage act from Man & Woman to Two People. That would allow brother and sister. father and daughter...And the flood gates have opened.

seems that, whether the voter agrees or not, this is going to happen, either in the short or long run.

oops sorry got distracted, Pension for couples now paid individually was paid to him. Changed in 1995. Prior to that married women were not clients of Centrelink. Pension poaid for 2 weeks and married woman gets it in her name and bank account these days and she is paid same as hubbie abut between them over the 2 week period they lose $440 or $220 each approx due to the fact they are paid less as gov says 2 can live cheaper than 1. Fact is that is a myth. They cant. But 2 can share the cost of a roof. Which is where this statement originated. He and she lived in separate flats, said why dont we share and then save one rent. pity they dont all get together with disability pensioners and be as much a nuisance as gays. Pays off seemingly. Hell 90K lost super in GFC must look after it in case

I am interested in this. Changing th Marriage Act if goes ahead. Dounbt if it would on a referendum. Anyway now it says a marriage between 2 people. Well i married a man he a woman named as such. Does that mean our marriage is now void as Act now longer existing as it did on that day? Just came to me last night and thought gleefully, please let it be so. Save heaps on lawyers and then if the day comes lost super, will get the single pension each. Ha Ha. Well parents on it and look paid taxes both worked mum too except for around 4 years and she paid single persons tax and gets 1/2 a pension. Where are the fems now? Labor did it. Cut the couples down to 150% of what is paid to single person. Works out around $440 each 2 weeks less. Would be poetic justice if so imo.

MARRIAGE .. it helps the girls become good women

"She really bloomed when she found her man !"

Homosexuals just have to understand that marriage is and has always been for one man and one woman. They are wrong to think that changing the definition of marriage will make them feel more normal when shagging the bums of other men. It is disgusting regardless.

Like we have a generation of undisciplined unemployable youth, we are to now add a generation of sexually confused youth.

Ireland’s gay marriage vote was never an equal contest
"...I suppose it is possible that the vote would have been quite as conclusive – roughly 60:40 – if the debate had not been both staggeringly one-sided and the Yes campaign had not been bankrolled so overwhelmingly by US pressure groups. Certainly the youth vote would have gone that way anyway. Brendan O’Neill has already brilliantly described the groupthink that has informed the ‘national conversation’ as it’s politely known, and if you want a flavour of the exclusionary character of that conversation, why, I can only refer you to the Irish Times website where the balance of pro and anti gay marriage was, so far as I can make out, in the order of 98:2. Most readers would have been left guessing as to the motives that could possibly have inspired the 40 per cent who summoned up the nerve to vote No in the privacy of the ballot box
But one of its in-house dissidents – the impression of balance is desirable – is Breda O’Brien, a Catholic commentator, who rather put the cat among the pigeons with a piece on 9 May on the funding for the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (Glen) and other lobby groups by a US organisation called Atlantic Philanthropies. The striking thing about the donations was not just their size – $4.7 million to Glen in 2005-11, nearly $475,000 to Marriage Equality; some $11.5 million to the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, 2001-213 – but that they refer to years before the referendum debate got under way. I can’t wait to see the actual figures for the campaign itself. By comparison the No campaign got by, I gather, on a shoestring budget of about 200,000 euros......."

Using a US internet provider can place you under US authority -
"United States law gives the Justice Department wide authority to bring cases against foreign nationals living abroad, an authority that prosecutors have used repeatedly in international terrorism cases. Those cases can hinge on the slightest connection to the United States, like the use of an American bank or Internet service provider."
In the United States it is legal to bribe politicians, via campaign financing, in practically unlimited amounts. Not one U.S. banker has been indicted for the massive Wall Street fraud that brought the world economy to a halt. The world is aware of this and it does not like the U.S. to lecture it about moral outrages. FIFA, while certainly corrupt, is also the soul of world football and the organizer of the most beloved championship in the world. If the U.S. believes that using something similar to terrorism charges against FIFA will have a positive echo in the world it is very mistaken.
Additional to their U.S. ordered raid the Swiss also feel compelled to open criminal proceedings around the 2018 and 2022 World Cup FIFA votes. The U.S. lost out against Russia and Qatar in its bid for those games and U.S. hawks still want to change that. It is not that paying bribes to be chosen for world games is unfamiliar to the U.S., but being rejected necessitates regime change at the top of the responsible organization.
Obama: 'We have to twist arms when countries don't do what we need them to'
President Barack Obama has said the reality of “American leadership” at times entails “twisting the arms” of states which “don’t do what we need them to do,” and that the US relied on its military strength and other leverage to achieve its goals.

Can we send all gays and lesbians to Mars. I bet they then learn how to root the other sex or they will bloody die out. Sick fuckers

Bet those little boys in the carriages will have some tales to tell/sell when they reach maturity.

Would everyone stop using the Homosexuals hijacked reference to GAY in reference to them. Call them what they are in every instance, HOMOSEXUALS. Each time you use the term it consolidates its validity. This diverts from what they plan to change within the community and its standards.

I hate the term "Gay". However, I have many friends who are in same gender relationships. They are totally opposed to the 'gay' push for marriage. They don't need to exhibit their personal lives like the diesel dykes and out there effeminate males have to do. It is that group that really repulses people. I personally don't care about personal relationships but I am fed up to the back teeth about all of this to the extent that I would vote against it because I am so sick and tired of the whole situation.

I hate the term "Gay". However, I have many friends who are in same gender relationships. They are totally opposed to the 'gay' push for marriage. They don

I made commitments under the Marriage Act as Man and Wife.This was made in the framework of that legislation of which a cornerstone was, Man and Woman, and the obligations of both to each other. If you do not comply or cant due to your personal beliefs fit into that framework get your own Act and Legislation to cater to your needs. Don't mess with my commitments they are traditional and made to the original recipe. If you want to be self confessed progressives (in the wrong direction) get your own Act and make your own commitment to what you want to believe in. I want no part of yours, don't mess with mine.

Q. Do you know the difference between ET and a New Zealander? A. ET went back.