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Saturday, 21st July 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It all started when Whitlam decreed that women should work (as if they didn’t already work). Like all good socialists, he set out to demonise the roles he didn’t want women to perform. A role that cared for a family in a home environment was vilified in the most demeaning of terms like “housewife”. Julia Gillard, was later to extend his view of homogenised humanity and said, the term “prostitute” was more accurate than “housewife”.

Of course Whitlam and Gillard figured that, by doubling the amount of people who paid income tax, the socialist dream could be arrived at sooner. Canberra would be swimming in money to spend on the intensely-unionised areas of Health and Education. 

This would snowball socialism by enriching Labor, which umbilically supported unions. And Health and Education are under a public service regime which deducts union members’ subscriptions whether the worker wants to belong to a union or not. 

In a very short time a bourgeoning public service was also voting and supporting Labor, because now they were an integral part of the socialist putsch. Their very existence depended on it.

Unfortunately it didn’t help Health either; most of the money was wasted, and surgery lines grew longer. Costs exploded, doctors gamed the system, and people suddenly became  hypochondriacs, because the government was now obliged to fix ingrown toenails, and for free.

Old people suddenly felt compelled to explain all their thoroughly normal aches and pains to GPs who were not only obliged, but were paid, to listen before prescribing yet another immune system-destroying antibiotic. 

Of course the big pharmaceutical companies became extremely rich and soon the Government’s increased taxes became insurmountable deficits 

Surely Education would have improved under socialism. You would have thought so, until you read that the UN ranks Australia’s education quality 39th out of 41 other OECD countries.

So what the hell HAS improved? Well, now that women have swapped home duties for the workforce it must have made them far more intellectually attractive than before. I mean to have a meaningful discussion with your partner over an expensive boozy lunch while the kids are being looked after in a government-subsidised childcare centre would surely lead to a lower divorce rate? 

Hmmm, ‘fraid not! The divorce rate has leapt to somewhere between 40% and 50% of all marriages.

This figure is artificially low because disillusioned couples are not marrying, and thereby escaping the damaging statistics, particularly when it come to the kids.

Oh well, at least women must be happier. Hmmm, nup again. Now sheilas don’t want to be sheilas, they want to be blokes.The trouble is they hate blokes almost as much as they hate being sheilas. No wonder they are transfixed on swapping, massaging, sharing and alternating their genders.

This gender fluidity shit really hasn’t gone well for we blokes either. We are now terrified to comment on a ripper cleavage for fear of facing a discrimination court. And when we feel inclined to offer a sheila a good rogering, it’s imperative that we must first wait to be asked!

It doesn’t matter to me as I’ll be out of here soon, but I believe it is sheilas who have lost the most in the socialisation of Australia. Sheilas have lost respect for themselves… their once-attractive femininity has disappeared into a politically correct abyss of homogeneity.

I once spent weeks building up the courage to ask a girl to the flicks. If she agreed, I would arrive at her parents’ home as nervous as hell, be introduced to her family and be told to have her home before 11.30. And I’m sure the family ate the box of bloody chocolates.

She would look a million bucks and exude an hypnotic smell of every type of exotic flower imaginable. I was lucky to get a kiss on the first date and I would wander home wondering how I could find the money for date number two. 

It was sort of exciting. And after a few years we were likely to be married and although neither of us would be virgins by then, it would all work out okay. Bloody beautiful actually.

Okay, so that’s caveman stuff, but sheilas today have never experienced that chivalry. They might have preferred it to now, where they select on the night the bloke most likely to be the least drunk to effectively participate in fellatio or to perform cunnilingus.

The modern sheila has lost respect for herself and I’m certain she misses the verbal adulation of blokes, because she has now demanded that no bloke can comment on her appearance, or he’ll be in big political trouble. 

She wants to be treated as a bloke but the problem is most blokes have very little interest in giving other blokes a yummy rogering.

Oh well, I can only hope it’s a cyclical thing and my sons, grandsons, great grandsons, daughters and granddaughters can one day experience the way it once was.


Maybe no GST on Bras too and childcare ...........................................................................................................................................................................

Oh Dear Peeps, still having troubles, not a good look for a Pom.

Spelling Book > Misspelled words index > cemetery-cemetary-cemetry

The correct spelling:



a tract of land used for burials


they were buried in the cemetery

You are a complete dick Trumpet. GFY. Moron. Everyone here has your number Willy.

Lol Trumpet .... all good here in the spa.

That's what I implied, sea man. Of course the IMF (NY banks) lives off debt and views its creation with glee.

I'm not denying anything sailor, just curious as to the connection raised by your (possibly valid) assertion.

Gittins' article tells us nothing on the subject but the IMF seal of approval to &1Trillion is no assurance at all. Quiggin is a Labour independent Leftist with a bit of a tinge of economic nationalism who also fails to connect asset sales with paying off debts incurred due to the GFC.

Nothing there tying up asset sales with debt - and how they connect.

Mrs Dynamite read this article and thought it was excellent. She observes that Mrs Keating and Mrs Whitlam did not go to work. Even Hazel Hawke did not, I think. But when you are brilliant, highly intelligent Socialists, of course, different rules apply than to the hoi-poloi..

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4Corners is on Superannuation
Still early but they say it is easy to get away with not paying
I pay the companies super, business with 1 to 19 must pay through the Governments Small Business Super Clearing House or one of two other methods reporting directly to the ATO. Big business is even stricter. There is a three month limit for each payment, and tax penalties for late payments. Reported inaction is puzzling