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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... now that’s what it takes to declare war!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A suicide bomber tried to enter the football stadium but was stopped at the entrance probably due to the French President’s attendance at the friendly between two Christian countries. It was the first time a Western leader had felt the cold shiver of a brush with death.

His subsequent address to the nation reflected his personal concern and it was well beyond the concern felt for the Charlie Hebdo murders.

As the bomber petulantly converted himself to flying halal mince at the entrance, he was able to take only two others with him... perhaps insufficient for a ticket to an underage orgy in paradise.

France’s 4.9 million Muslims, an incredible 12 per cent of the metropolitan population and 7.6 per cent of the entire nation (the largest Muslim percentage in Western Europe) will now become the focal point for a fair dinkum French fight-back way beyond merely banning the burkah.

“Enough is enough”, said Hollande! I wonder what Angela Merkel said as she continued to usher 800,000 unknowns across a borderless Europe into German suburbia. Mostly men, all claiming to be Syrian, many with multiple wives masquerading as young children, many from ISIS intent on further destruction... all imbued with the vile doctrine of Islam.

Barack Obama’s 61-strong “Coalition of the Reluctant” has fallen silent as it weighs its own self interests. A Special Ops force of 50 is an indication of Obama’s unwillingness to engage ISIS and it only endangers the 50 loyal soldiers asked to perform an impossible task.

Obama still refuses to arm the Kurdish Peshmerga, the only serious challengers to the ISIS onslaught.

Australia’s security Agencies want a closer connection with Muslim communities in the hope they will tell us what the hell is going on, because our Agencies don’t have a clue. Oh, they claim they have thwarted many attacks, yet not one of Australia’s active terrorists’ were on any Agency’s current watch list.

Thwarting “likely” terrorist acts leaves our judiciary compelled to release these potential Islamic murderers back into the community simply because they have only “talked about” committing an atrocity. “Talking about stuff” is deemed a cultural consideration and not a criminal offence so they remain free to plan another, more efficient, attack.

Where are Australia's damned dishonest Muftis and Mullahs? Why are they not fighting for microphones to denounce this French bastardry? Well, I'll tell you why... they are too busy high fiving each other in their respective mosques.

Those they support who do carry out terrorist attacks on home soil, invariably kill themselves as a reward. There is no punishment in the doctrine of Islam if you follow the Koran's instructions.

Fighting Islamic extremism within a Western context is like fighting with smoke, the extremist is in a win/win situation, the Westerner has to settle for lose/lose, unless of course he decides on all out war and wipes out every last vestige of this vile cult.

While others called for inclusiveness only Tony Abbott recognised the clear and present Islamic danger. There can be no political solution ... only a military one, and Obama had better rearrange his legacy of pacifism to one of aggression or his legacy will be no more than that of a weak and dangerous buffoon.

There’s a sense that things are about to change and it took President Hollande’s personal brush with death to change them.


The house next door went up for sale Uncle, shall I send you a brochure. You sound like the perfect neighbour in these times ahead.

Jack - me'tinks that perhaps you don't know or have never handled a REAL (personal issue) gun projecting a 140gm full metal jacket bullet at 2400 fps.

Israeli Rabbi states '' Paris attacks are payback for the holocaust '' .do they ever give up ?

If they want to kill, they will kill. It's just a matter of their conscience how many. I don't want the security of my kids to be at the mercy of a jihadi lunatic with hallucinations of religious grandeur

When the shit hits the fan -all you need to know is .......

1st IA - cock gun, check magazine, continue firing
2nd IA - cock gun, check magazine, check gas regulator, continue firing
3rd IA - gun fucked, fuck gun .. run. !!

Bernard Gaynor call it like it is:
After the Paris terrorist attacks it is clear that we are at war. Unfortunately, while our political leaders now appear ready to accept this fact, they still refuse to name the ideology behind the enemy that is so regularly attacking Western cities.

Even today, our Attorney General, George Brandis, has claimed that the worst thing that we could do is to alienate the Islamic community. This is the same community that has more of its sons fighting with the Islamic State than with the Australian Defence Force. It is already alienated and deliberately so.

Already there are things in this attack that dont add up ..........................

Where might the Australian situation be and our defence ofour sovereignty be IF we had listened to Pauline Hanson's concerns and recommendations on 'the foreign invasion' ? It was obvious to her !? WHY NOT some of our then 'so called leaders' ?

I wonder how really pissed Hollande is? He has a serious military to wage war with. Now if the Russians and the US don't wish to deploy ground troops will France? France has the Foreign Legion who like our SAS would be itching to go hunting.

Office of the Director for Public Prosecutions (DPP): Revoke bail for Fatima Elomar, who has plead guilty to terrorism. Wife of Mohamed Elomar.
Suzi Iocco

Office of the Director for Public Prosecutions (DPP): Revoke bail for Fatima Elomar, who has plead guilty to terrorism. Wife of Mohamed Eloma
Fatima Elomar, the wife of islamic state terrorist Mohamed Elomar, has pleaded guilty to providing support to islamic state and was arrested by counter-terrorism officials carrying cash, camouflage equipment and medical supplies.
She is free until April 2016 until sentencing.
She is a threat to Australia and to it's people. Revoke her bail and lock her up and keep us safe!


The incompetent French are now trying to cover-up their stupidity . They don't want to add the death toll of the terrorist derailed TGV train to the Paris shootings , apparently it's not connected . Then they said it was 7 or 8 lone wolves , now MI6 says it was a cell of 20 trained operatives (most of which have now escaped) . Today the French bombed 6 empty buildings in the desert with no results . It's like watching the Keystone Cops .


Maybe time for Syria to experience the Hiroshima solution It worked last time

Internment camps, non-segregated, no guards - Shia/Sunni, and pre-dig the mass graves. We deserve to live without fear. They deserve to kill and be killed. That's what they signed up for. We signed up for civilisation.

There has been a dozen or more blue white and red light coverages on buildings and dozens of church services in support of the French... Not one mosque has been so coloured or not one Islamic service that I have seen... Says it all really. We continue to just sit back and watch them continue to make the "rules" for our acceptance of their ideology into our society...

Have the police visit every muslim household, check every computer, search for IS & jihad support material. Any muslim found with IS & jihad evidence deport immediately where they can't kill or injure Australians.

I have said it before on this thread the only time Australia will take the threat of Islam as being real is when a politician is injured, killed or has a near miss with the Religion of Peace maybe we should encourage them to do so? Turdbull says we are safe! What he means is he is safe!!! For us well we are up shit creek.

This statement written by Henry Ergas needs to be well understood by all Australians. It is so true and underlines the self imposed path to destruction we have set ourselves upon. "Those trends have been made all the more damaging by the ­hesitations of European political elites. Writing six years ago, ­Christopher Caldwell identified a process of “colonisation”, in which the terms on which recent arrivals adapt “are set by the immigrants and not by the natives, who started off not caring, but wound up not daring, to impose too many rules on their new neighbours"…

Paul Sheehan factchecks the Human Rights Commission’s absurd suggestions that we’re riddled with Islamophobia and racism. And he notes:

Of the 20 organisations proscribed by the federal government as terrorist organisations with links to Australia, all 20 are Islamic. The most spectacular race crimes in Australia over the past three years, involving murder, attempted murder, threats to kill and plots to kill – the highest form of racial discrimination – involved Muslims planning or carrying out attacks against non-Muslims… More Muslims are fighting for Islamic State than are enlisted in the Australian Defence Force.