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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


In Australia, the CSIRO, BOM, government universities and media, federal state and local governments are all wasting our money trying to prove that the trace amount of colourless CO2 gas produced by human activities is producing dangerous global warming.


With a solidarity that makes North Korea look distinctly liberal, they have relentlessly claimed that “the science is settled”. This “fixed opinion”, supported by a deluge of government cash and media control means that open-minded research is impossible – all we get is one-eyed propaganda, doctored data and vilification of sceptics.

Worldwide, taxpayers have financed over 100 computer models needing massive computers with a well-paid priesthood all trying (unsuccessfully) to forecast global climate trends. If they worked, one is enough. Bigger, faster more expensive computers using the same failed Greenhouse assumptions just get the wrong answers faster.

In addition there are the frequent climate conferences where well-financed bureaucrats and government propagandists get re-cycled through the world’s smartest cities seeking powerful roles for themselves in collecting carbon taxes and dispensing climate aid.

This vast expenditure has failed to forecast or change world climate, but has taken funds from the infrastructure needed to cope with inevitable recurring natural disasters such as floods, fires, droughts or earthquakes.

In fact, the paranoiac focus on the supposed dangers of global warming has left the world more vulnerable to the biggest climate risk – global cooling. And it has starved research on bigger climate factors such as solar and ice age cycles, deep sea volcanism, plate tectonics and massive oceanic weather events like El Nino.

President Trump is right. All government expenditure on anything with “climate” in its title or mission statement should be scrapped immediately.

Hottest Year Hype:

President Trump will withdraw from the Paris Agreement and de-fund UN Climate programs:

The Great Global Warming Swindle:



The Clean Coal Shambles

Might I say that I have enjoyed your articles in The Pickering Post, as they are well written, informative and most beneficial to getting the truth out there in the climate scam.

All the bollocks about "dirty polluting coal" being bandied about by the press and the chattering classes (commentators and politicians) plus comment from the under educated, illiterate, intellectually challenged and the ideologically ill informed Greens and Labour politicians predominantly, does nothing to explain the coal shambles in a rational and coherent manner.
A stake in the sand needs to be formulated so that the general public have access to the problem, and the correct solution for the real problem, economically and technically driven on physical engineering facts, and NOT ideology..
Yes, some Liberal ministers are also guilty as well, particularly Josh Freidenberg, who looks decidedly uneasy in interviews and sends out an incongruous message

Just remember that all those trees and the vegetable / animal matter that go to make up coal as a fossil fuel, must have grown in the environment of the day in the world somewhere in time past. The fact that the trees grew to such size in such abundance, the aquatic animal species were in such proliferation, would suggest that the environment of that time was not "polluted" in any way.

It is plainly obvious that the trees and vegetable matter were then transported hydraulically at some previous point in time to their current position, and then had huge quantities of sand, mud, rocks and dirt washed over the vegetable debris to compact it, which then lead to the formation coal layers. This is what you see in coal mines, trunks of trees, ripped branches, leaf matter, turtle shells, sand mud and rocks all mixed in.

My question for the mantra chanting Greens, the lunatic left of Labour, Get up, Crikey and the host of other parasitic self appointed saviours of the planet is this.

How is it that when we dig this hard black stuff up, crush it into a powder, and then burn it in a high temperature furnace with excess oxygen, it magically gives off "pollutants", as a by product of combustion ? Why are they not challenged on the floor of Parliament.?

Does not make sense really, but if you believe that you get pollutants from combustion of compressed carboniferous material, you must be smoking some mighty powerful weed!.

The other by products of burning the coal, namely silicates, glass, slag and fly ash, are all remarkably inert substances. Just crushed rock really, full of silica, bauxite, ferrous compounds, and trace mineral elements.

I will admit that the trees did tend to concentrate the sulphur and nitrogen compounds, so that is why you get SO2 & NOx gases from coal fired power stations, but most of that can be scrubbed out chemically from the furnace exhaust gasses, leaving us with heaps of good old clean CO2, which of course is plant food, and hence the greening of the earth in recent times.

And by the way, members of climate catastrophe press gallery. Please do not show us any more pictures of power station cooling towers, which give out white fluffy steam from the top of the tower, as this is just water vapour, good old pure H2O, stuff that all plant and animals need to use to grow.

Now we move on to the “clean coal “mantra that is even on the prime ministers lips to day in his interview on the south coast of NSW.

The coal that will be burned in the newer generation of coal fired power stations being contemplated is still the same coal as is currently being burned in older generation power stations. They still have the same CO2 output, with SO2 and NOx gasses.

Magically, it now becomes “clean coal” if it is used in the new power stations!

Obviously this is plainly ridiculous, and illogical. What must the public think?
Our politicians are barking mad, to use that phrase.

The only difference with the new generation coal fired power stations is that they are more energy efficient ie they are able to maximise the heat output for a given quantity of coal, which translates into more electricity for every ton of coal burned.

How are the general public to make sense of the bewildering output of competing ideas, most of which are erroneous?

What makes the green movement think that Australia being plunged into darkness industry shut down because can't compete due to energy cost will make one iota of difference to the so called harmeful CO2 levels in the atmosphere - sure clean up coal fired power plant millions billions of trees to chNge the climate Nd extract and CO2 and sink Carbon at the ratio "3.7 tonnea of CO2 to every 1 tone of carbon sunk1[sic sequestered]" but get a brain Australia is a pion in the CO2 pollution universe lead by example show how we can be sustainable resourceful sensible and strong economically and responsible environmentally get it wrongand the voters will wind us back alnd pump all sorts of crap into the atmosphere and tear up the land so that they can survive and send their kids to school you fools

Why is it that Killing appears to be Infused in the DNA of Islam?. Why do we Tolerate it in our community?. Only the Followers of this Particular Cult, appear to have a desire to Kill Australians to Promote their Cause..Our Leaders continue to fund and defend Islam in deference to the Australians being slaughtered in our own streets in the name of ISLAM...Islam is, as ISIS, is. ISIS is just Pure Islam.

Climate change is real and natural ( I know , thanks to Vic ! ) The simple issue -' is change caused by man ?' Only Geezer, i'm told ,who can do that , is God !!

'UK Speaker John Bercow faces no confidence motion after Trump rant....' Neutrality is paramount in Westminster. This bloke should have resigned already.

“A decade of you retarded monkeys claiming that plant food is a pollutant. Years of you driving electric cars that only exist due to the biggest taxpayer subsidy in history, while you are seemingly oblivious to the fact that they need to be plugged into an electric power grid. Decades of you opposing nuclear power, which if any of your bogus claims were true would be the immediate answer if mankind truly were in some kind of climate peril. Decades of you pontificating at how the sea levels are going to rise while you buy palatial beach-front homes, and you then have the gall to sue local councils for sea erosion after you participated in demonstrations to stop them building a sea wall.

CC sailor and CD..interesting stuff..

Hendrix could roar more than Prince, but they could both seem like they were channelling the music instead of creating it. (I posted a link to Machine Gun but I'm sure you know it already. You watch the clip and the sound coming out of the guitar seems exponentially greater than the movement of Hendrix' hands)

Never before have so many, been fooled by too many, wasting so much money, on such a huge con - catastrophic man-made global warming a.k.a. climate change.

HEY EVERYBODY - new post up

Thanks Frank.

I agree JCM.I'd like to see a similar system to the Ukraine where you just jump over the benches and rip in when you have had enough of the bullshit.It wouldn't be much to look at though with the miserable lot we have in on both sides.More of a catfight I think.

I see Insiders returns on Sunday. That's some pretty good annual leave right there - how long has it been? 10 weeks? 11 weeks? Be nice to get 20% of the year off.

All I see when she comes into view are those scrawny arms! OK for those so-called cat walk young things, but wear a sleeve when her age. She seemed so competent when TA was boss and was the hidden guiding hand. Without a proper manager, they all look like bunny's in the headlights.

Never mind this global warming crap . . . Some important news! . . . Geoffrey has taken out an AVO against Gabi, and wants her immediately arrested if she sets foot in Oz. Perhaps they'll charge her with having 'no visible means of support' . . . Anyway, I'll do updates as I hear, or make things up.

In just 2 days, Cory has done more for the Liberal Party, than the entire front bench have since the July election. For a start, Bernardi's departure has motivated the Waffler to start attacking Tits, like he should have been doing over the last 18 months. There is an upside. Who knew; Cory outside the Liberal tent is going to be better than if he'd remained inside the tent. Is this #winning, or what?

It seems to me that the Trump Presidency is not going to be the renewal of America that many wished for. He has an obstructionist Senate which is making the installation of his Cabinet and flow on positions the longest in history. Additionally he will be obstructed at every turn by the left dominated Federal District Court and he faces an uphill battle to have his nominee appointed to the Supreme Court to break the likely deadlock. You can forget deportation of moslems en masse as even the DOJ advocate admitted to the lefty judges that he could not act on religious grounds. Every move he makes which is unpopular with the left, will be appealed to the District Court with every chance of success, funded by Soros, Dates, Fuckerturd etc. Wait for the appeal on the Mexican wall.

Josh has got it right when it comes to S.A and stone age Jay.
Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has ordered an urgent report from AEMO to explain why more than 40,000 customers went without power during yesterday’s extreme heat.

Mr Frydenberg labelled South Australia’s electricity grid a “basket case”.

“South Australia has been a basket case when it comes to energy policy and we’ve made the point that (Premier) Jay Weatherill’s big experiment has failed,” he told Sky News.

“Last September 1.7 million households lost power. Then you had another outage in December. You’ve had another one in January and another in February and it’s just not good enough.”

I'm sure Tony Abbott would be very good second time around having learned the very hard lesson not to break promises to the electors.

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