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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Either Obama is a fool (which he is not) or he is deliberately facilitating North Korea’s nuclear capability as a stepping stone to America for Iran’s bomb. Both rogue nations are in lockstep and screeching, “death to America”. Iran is desperate for the bomb before the lunatic Shia Administration is voted out of Office and in the meantime the Zika Kid is doing Iran’s bidding.

Vladimir Putin best expressed the Obama psyche in this way, “Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game.” 

Even a cursory view of the way Obama deals with crises suggests Putin is spot on correct.

A central plank of the Obama Administration’s case for the nuclear deal concluded by the P5+1 powers is that the agreement closes off "all pathways” by which the Iranian regime can acquire a nuclear capability in the coming decade. That however, is proving to be a nonsense and after another ten years of Obama and Hillary Clinton bullshit, it will be someone else’s problem.

The curiously named, Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), as the new nuclear bargain is officially called, only addresses the overt means by which Iran can go nuclear. A covert path to the bomb, entails the procurement of nuclear necessities from foreign suppliers, North Korea and China. This path still remains open to Iran, if it chooses, and it will choose. 

                                 Now, hand on heart, you won't bomb anyone for ten years!

And Obama, Kerry and Clinton know full well Iran’s close association with Pyongyang since the ten year Iran/Iraq war is the more likely nuclear path.

If American voters understood what is happening with this US Administration, they would have Trump as an unbackable favourite. But they don’t understand. Sometimes the best orators are the most dangerous administrators, witness the 1930s.

Iran's first Scud surface-to-surface missiles, shipped between 1985 and 1988, came from guess where? Yep from the China backed North Korea, and they are still being supplied. 

Although China occasionally waves its finger at the Zika Kid to lull the West into a belief that China is no longer expansionary.

Iran also purchases infantry weapons from North Korea. Large stocks of Soviet type weapons have been progressively obtained from North Korea and Libya over decades. Shit, did I say Libya?

Well, guess what? The US and its dodgy allies have said they are ready to supply Libya’s UN-backed government in Tripoli to counter ISIS, as well as to train the new Libyan government’s Presidential Guard. Oil shipments from Libya are to be resumed. To combat ISIS?... how do ya feel now Hillary? Could Gaddafi have been the better tyrannical option?

                                                         Nice knowing you guys!

Much like North Korea before it, the Iranian regime can be expected to pocket the concessions contained in the Obama ten-year agreement as a means of strengthening its economic position and consolidating its domestic power. Surprise, surprise!

[The almost $2 billion gift from Obama for signing up to the fatuous nuclear agreement was not actually a gift... it was Iran’s money formerly frozen as part of long standing sanctions. The uninformed media has been lying about this.]

But the latest plane load of $400 million in Swiss francs (Obama is very familiar with Swiss bank accounts, see third article back) and euro that just arrived in Teheran has the US Administration fumbling for answers after Teheran spilled the beans on the secret shipment. 

Fair dinkum, the way Pyongyang and Teheran are taking Obama, Kerry and Clinton for fools bodes poorly for avoiding serious conflict across the globe. Or perhaps no-one has noticed North Korea’s staunch ally, China, has moved to annex strategic parts of the South China Sea, now that it has a Darwin port and much of Australia’s prime grazing land ready to feed its troops. 

And don’t write off Putin’s involvement now that he has been cornered by NATO and ripped off by the US-backed Ukraine.

                                                             The atrocious trinity

Obama, Kerry and Hillary Clinton have provided Tehran with the means to move precipitously closer to the bomb. Iran’s long-term strategic alliance with China's proxy, North Korea and its newly anointed Zika Kid could very well complete the plan.

You would think the media would have noticed that Iran has had official observer status at every one of North Korea’s attempts at nuclear detonations and nuclear surface and submarine delivery. 

What Pyongyang knows of nuclear, Iran also knows, but it seems Obama has yet to figure that out.

When leaders fail, it is up to the media to warn we the uninformed people, but there is no warning coming from the current media. It’s doubtful if this current media even knows about the historic Teheran-Pyongyang-China connection ... so what chance will  the people have under Clinton who wants the Second Amendment trashed?

When the West crumbles under an Islamic caliphate, as Obama clearly wants, Muslims will need to pre-establish administrative foot soldiers here as they provided in Raqqa and Aleppo.

                                                 Vote me in first and I'll think about it

...oops, sorry, they are already providing protected Islamic species now in a pre-takeover softening up process with the agreement of a seriously weakened and acquiescent West, led by Obama and an imminent and insane Clinton.


The Israeli's will nuke them first.

the term is 'cut and paste', last I heard Bruce...not 'cut and past' as you typed above, just two seconds after you criticised Elder for wrong spelling. I have to suppose that you don't get any attention elsewhere, so you come here and abuse people, to get it. that's very sad, Bruce.

Libya's oil will find it's way to France.

For Gods sake Brucie.......pull your head in.

Putin chose those words so well and they fit perfectly. The nuclear situation is a worry with Iran. Why would the monkey support this move? Like all of his stupid ideas. They throw the world into turmoil.

Bruce dot Whiteside ?

Wadya mean, Pickering Posters are the biggest pack of losers, Bruce? What about the Queensland Reds? . . .

The Atrocity Trio - dumb as The Three Stooges but not so funny.

To be honest Bruce, I really haven't a clue what you are trying to tell us. Everytime I see your posts I have to psyche myself up so that I can try to fathom what you are saying. Probably because I'm just a plain old bogan . Not to worry sun is shining and garden needs some working on...Cheers

Of course it was... but it should be continued on a regular basis... particularly on radio as has been suggested by Dracula!

HERE'S A BOMBSHEL , ALTHOUGH I PRE EMPTED THIS 3 WEEKS AGO. A manager of WORLD VISION is under Govt investigation on suspicion of the financial funding of HAMAS in GAZA , PALESTINE.. Be aware all these International projects are or have been taken ovef by the left and are Marxist fronts. OXFAM , WORLD VISION , MEDICINES SANS FRONTIERES , WWF, all the animal help agencies and finance an overseas kid etc

He'll be better this arvo LE after a cup of tea.

What is the rule of law that politicians say they are sworn to uphold?


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Good on the banks ! ....... sticking the finger up to the heartless Scomo and Turd ...


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Sock it to em Bill! Another goodie today.

So that's why he looks like he does! I thought it was the result of three or four generations of North Korean diet. becoming more and more to the left with all their anti Trump rants. They are pushing the line that Trump may drop out of the race to the White House.

Check this link. It clearly shows what the MSM is up to :-

Head of world vision in Gaza charged of siphoning million to fund Hamas...Israeli security forces have arrested a senior official of one of the world’s largest Christian charities, accusing him of funnelling tens of millions of dollars to Hamas, including £80,000 from British donations.

Mohammad El Halabi, director of the Gaza branch of World Vision, is alleged to have led a double life as a senior figure in the Islamist organisation and used his position “to divert the humanitarian organisation’s funds and resources from the needy to benefit of Hamas’s terrorist and military activities”.

According to the allegations from Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic security agency, the money given by British donors was used to build a military base, dig military tunnels and pay salaries in Hamas’s military wing.

Other donations were allegedly transferred to buy weapons for Hamas in the Sinai during the period that Mohamed Morsi was president of Egypt.
The Israelis and Palestinians who work together in peace
Read more

The announcement of Halabi’s arrest followed a raid on World Vision’s office this week. On Thursday, he was indicted on a number of charges, including funding terrorism.

An Israeli foreign ministry spokesman said the charity was “negligent” for failing to notice what was going on.