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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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... even the ladies found a few ovaries

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Now that the Pickering Post is officially more popular than Time magazine (according to a ground-breaking survey conducted in Larry’s living room), we felt that the Pickering Post should nominate its own “Person of the Year.”

Boy was this a tough one! 2016 has been an incredible rollercoaster of a year. At first we considered following Time magazine’s lead and voting for Angela Merkel. 

Then someone said “Hey! why don’t we wait for these magic mushrooms to wear off before we choose,” and that was pretty much the end of that idea.

Nigel Farage was a real favourite, knocking back a pint of ale while sticking two fingers up at Herman van Rompuy and his pals in the European Union. This was the year his relentless campaign against the EU dictatorship unexpectedly paid off.

Then there was Trump. His juggernaut steamed straight through the Republican machine and over the Clinton bandwagon. 

He pulled this off armed with little more than a twitter account and a bouffant hairdo. The Democrats still haven’t figured out what hit them. He managed to “trigger” half the country and still romp home with the prize.

Milo Yiannopolis (above) kept us all spellbound of course. He minced around US universities, pouring ridicule on the politically correct and showing You Tubers that this emperor was as naked as the day it was born. Of course, Milo has an advantage when it comes to humour. He is a homosexual, Jewish, Catholic, Greek Englishman. That’s funny before he even opens his mouth.

Unfortunately for the left, he is also deeply conservative. The delicious irony is that he is a white guy who wears the armour of victimhood created by the Left. Did I say wears it? He revels in it.

“Do you know how much black [email protected]#k I’ve had in my mouth?” he asked one poor snowflake who dared to accuse him of being a white supremacist. Seeing the gob smacked confusion in the eyes of these Left-wing clowns is just priceless. In six months, they went from feared bullies to being a laughing stock.

There were plenty more of course. Pauline Hanson, Kirralie Smith, Pat Condell, Paul Joseph Watson, Stefan Molyneux and a whole raft of others who spoke out fearlessly.

But in the end, we had to admit that the real star of 2016 was you.

You were the one everyone had written off; the unloved, unwanted deplorable white guy.

For the longest time, you have been accused, abused, blamed, vilified, harassed, harangued, lectured, castigated, ridiculed, despised and written off.

This was to be the year that your fate was finally sealed. Instead, it was the year you manned up and grew a pair.

This was the year you opened your mouth and instead of a squeak, out came a roar. This was the year that you realised that you are not part of some “lunatic fringe.” Despite what the presstitutes have been telling you, common sense is still a majority view outside of the mass media echo chambers.

This was the year you realised that social Justice has nothing to do with real justice, that feminism has nothing to do with women’s rights and that the real goal of socialism is not equality.

This was the year you realised that patriotism does not mean racism and restricting immigration is not the same as shovelling Jews into gas ovens.

2016 was the year you turned off the mainstream media and turned on to “fake” news sites. From these sites you found "fake" news stories like “Islam is not actually a religion of peace” and “Trump is going to win the election.”

You appreciated news outlets like ours because although we are biased, at least we admit to it. We don’t pretend to be completely objective and then have a meltdown on air when “our” candidate loses. Trump was our man and it turns out he was your man too.

You voted for him in droves because you believe, as we do, that he was the only candidate who wanted the best for you, the traditional Anglosphere voter.

 Trump was the first politician in a generation who doesn’t think that white people should apologise for the colour of their skin. You voted for Brexit and One Nation for the exact same reason.

You figured, despite what you were being told, that if New Zealand could stand on its own two feet then Britain certainly could. You figured that if the Greens were allowed into the Senate, then One Nation should be too. You figured out that protecting your womenfolk is not the sign of bogan stupidity. It is the sign of common decency and genetic sustainability.

In short, this was the year you finally woke up and decided enough was enough. There is lots of work to do but as my Great Aunt Nell always said, “A job started, is a job half finished.”

We at the Pickering Post salute you because we know you are up to the job.

On ya bloke, you’re a real champion.


Pie, yes I hear you, is there any other footage of the assassination we can compare it with?

Sorry to butt into the discussion but what I don't understand about the dummy theory is this - We are not dealing with just film cutting and pasting but with real time. Assuming JFK was waving and talking etc up until the dummy swap - how could this done in real time with people lining the road within spitting distance. How do you swap JFK for a dummy without anyone seeing it? It's one thing doing it on a film but another in real time.

Chris, not yet you dont .. when you drill down a bit further you may begin to question everything you have ever been taught .

Nice words Chris, do I detect a little faith here? Best wishes to you.

Chris, im saying it was a dummy and nobody was shot ..

rhubarb in the garden. Certainly would not pay $7 for it. Breaks my sense of fair every time I have to buy lemons these days. $8/kg today.

thanks Dante, I really envied them that bottle

Just google oak chips in whiskey and you will never have to buy expensive whiskey again. You will make it to your personal taste which is what it is really all about. And rocks, why don't you read the papers to see what Abbott and Credlin are up to and let grown ups have some dialogue in peace.

Lights, you buy the cheap whiskey like I have been saying and if you want to have the cask taste, buy some charred oak chips from your brew shop, add them according to instructions and bingo, you have beautiful expensive like whiskey only at a fraction of the cost of the expensive suff.

I use cream sherry Herme's. You need to experiment by the amount you add to get the taste that suits you. There are other additives you can add instead Herme's and I will elaborate if you want. If you have a Brew Shop in your area drop in and ask the people there who can advise you on your requirements and taste.

I remember seeing a documentary on music and how it evolved in different cultures.

Put simply the more repetitive and louder the beat appeals to those of a lesser IQ which explains why some Africans can be driven into a frenzy by the beat of drums. Also applies to the Aboriginal music of sticks and didgeridoo.

The more sophisticated the instrument the greater range of notes that can be played which appealed to the more intelligent cultures.

It might also explain why head banging heavy metal music appeals to some of the dumbed down youth of today.

Possibility an Off Topic blog running side by side.
As long as it doesn’t get out of hand I enjoy people arguing.
I find it tedious when some posters who obviously know each other and carry on with private jokes and conversations.

There’s your comparison between western and Islamic culture

Chris, unfortunately I cant think or believe that. I'm not sure who or what Trump actually is .. it gets worse, I have looked at a few vids and articles that claim his wife and members of his family are transgender and it doesn't look good on that score. I now believe Trump won because he was meant to. I could be 100% wrong and I'm not afraid to admit it, what Trump does or does not do in the next 6 months will tell me who his masters are. As far as the fake JFK assassination goes check this vid from your mate .. Dave Johnson and he is not the only person saying this.
Yes I realise some of his stuff is right out there and you think he is a nutter but check this vid with an open mind and use your eyes to determine if what he is saying is correct.

Love her. Old soul in such a young person. Really does remind me of Callas.

Case is still open as he was not killed, the elite love paying games with your mind Chris.

She is absolutely brilliant. Thanks for the link CC

Radar, she would for sure. And Two Alpha, agree totally.

Maryanne and Thorn are right: Red sky at night, shepherd's delight; red sky at morning, shepherd's warning.

Frank and Tricky, Woolies here and points south are charging...uh $7 a bunch for rhubarb, I only wanted a stick or two to make a relish with, so - not at that price, changed my menu. Elder, the 'Double Black' label Johnny Walker scotch is bottled from (real) distillery casks. A friend was given a bottle for Christmas. Not cheap.