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Tuesday, 19th June 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Obama and UK's Cameron are preparing to arm rebels in Syria amid claims of chemical weapons being used by the Assad regime.

Interfering in other countries’ civil wars has only produced life-costly disasters and makes no more sense than if the Arab world had interfered in the US civil war. 

The West is a slow leaner.

While Iraqi civilians pray to Allah for another Saddam Hussein strongman to quell worsening tribal unrest, Obama is now planning to rid the Arab world of Syria’s strongman, Bashar al-Assad.

Libya’s strongman, Muammar Gaddafi, was brutally murdered at the behest of the West and a UN endorsed, and NATO activated, “No Fly Zone” yet the jihadist rebels it assisted promptly murdered four US diplomats in Benghazi.

Do we really believe those we try to assist like us?

Afghanistan’s Taliban is now emboldened, more active, and producing more opium, than when we went there to destroy it.

Al Queda has fragmented to North Africa, successfully establishing cells in every Western country.

The West gave comfort to Egypt’s Arab spring offensive only to see the Muslim Brotherhood take over. The “Brotherhood” was the creator of the terrorist organisation Hamas and has been linked to many political assassinations.

The Brotherhood gains broad acceptance by assisting the poor in the same way as did Chicago’s Al Capone and Colombia’s Pablo Escobar. It's a common tactic.

Obama realises the rebellious movement in Syria is backed by Al Queda which is attracted to any form of rebellion in the Middle East. 

But, he says, we will only arm those who are not Al Queda.

“Hands up all those who have Al Queda links! Okay, now you guys aren’t allowed to shoot these weapons we give you. Promise?” 
Crumbs are Western leaders really that stupid? Yep!

Syria’s Assad is militarily backed by Russia and Iran. Increased assistance from both is certain if rebels are armed by the West. 

Arming disjointed rebel rabble (who have committed worse Islamic inspired atrocities than Assad's regime) will lead to dangerous international tension. 

All instances of interference by the West have left gaping holes for Al Queda jihadists to fill, and we eventually pay in civilian lives.

Australia is finally learning what Europe has already learnt: Islam, in all its forms, is an ideological rabble of tribal bastardry and it is impossible to placate it or confront it

We should leave it to its own decadent devices... certainly not import it by picking sides in its wars.


Their bitter and twisted belief is that if you kill all the women and children in the name of Allah, you wipe out the next generation of your enemies! Bloody charming! These are the next wave of poor oppressed asylum seekers we will have to deal with.

There will never be peace in the Middle East because these sand lice have a fundamental hatred of each other and everyone else and they have had it for thousands of years!

It is time that all Australian citizens learnt the lessons of what Islam immigration has done to countries including the UK and learn from their mistakes & not repeat them.

The Rudd government destroyed the Howard government border protection policy that worked very well. Then the Gillard government followed in the same Rudd policy here. Now so far, we now over 44,000 illegal arrivals here via illegal boat arrivals. A direct consequence of their bad policy! These are predominantly Muslim arrivals!

Wake up Australia - now watch this recent warning from Pat Condell in the UK

Then something about it on the 14th of September & vote out our ALP Federal government who have caused this problem here!

Yes, Grey Ghost, I thought that was the BEST statement I have heard come out of a politicians (or anyones) mouth ever on the Islam problem. It wasnt politically correct, or incorrect. It was DEEPLY respectful of 'their own beliefs'. I reckon she should get some sort of special prize for that...

Itsnot just the USA for shit sake
All major arms dealing countries

Whom the hell do you thiks Assad gets his stuff from....the Russians

However on the point of the American fighting machine.....
Totally agree, useless

I am told that they still teach the American civil war at Anaopolis????

Here we go again the USA has to keep their war machine and arms suppliers in business at any cost. Even support those who hate the USA and all it stands for. Obama just has to jump onto the war Criminal band wagon as did the two previous Bush father and son war criminals. Talk about brain dead and useless the USA has not won a conflict since WW11 and that had to be a joint sffort with it's allies. Super power my arse. Even the Brits did better with the Falkland's than the USA has done with any of their money making conflicts. The Brits went there and belted the Argentinians all the USA does is breed cannon fodder and drag its allies into bullshit dollar making conflicts to keep their war machine rolling along.

Sandra and Andrew...the Western "leaders" you refer to may or may not be stupid, but let's not cringe from the true reality of the cause all Middle East strife, in the form of the apartheid, self-serving, war-mongering Zionist state of Israel. The further reality the world seems to cringe from is to "out" the Zionist string-pullers of puppets like Obama, embedded as they are by their hundreds within his White House and the people's Congress.
The Middle East is doomed to rolling conflicts until the festering Zionist cancerous growth that is Israel is finally lanced and neutralized.

Lary, you ask the question; "Are the Western leaders that stupid?"
Of course not. The real question is : why they actively participate encourage stable in the overthrow of secular, stable governments and install lunatics and fanatics.
Never for one minute, must we think leaders are stupid.
Please, someone give me the reason why the west wants this.
Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Iran............I just don't get it

put a big net over the top of it all, seal the borders, to prevent any seepage coming in and let em burn....all happened before, time and time again... dog eat dog, chewing at each others butts, cutting each others childrens heads off and nothing has changed since 600AD.

There is NO right side for Westerners to be on. Its all wrong. Therefore Obama has just (once again) proven himself to be wrong.

The question is - so - who of any Australian would be pleased and proud of their son or daughter when called up in the next bout of conscription - to have to go and fight in this 'hot war'... ?


Why don't we make sure BOTH sides are equally armed. Then put a big security fence around them and tell them to fight it out within their own borders.

Anyone that crosses the border will be shot.

Eventually, unless they adopt the so called peace of their own religion, they will either learn to live with themselves in peace or exterminate themselves so the rest of us can live in peace.

Here we go again! Instead of trying to fix the many problems in their own countries, Obama and Cameron want to stick their noses into an area where they have no business at all. Will they ever learn? A moot point anyway - the answer is NO!

Are Obama and Cameron completely stupid or is it me? These Muslims are right into sectarian violence and by arming any one side you are perpetrating a civil war with no end just like Iraq! Hezbollah, globally banned as terrorists, are part of it. Where does it say in the Koran that one brand of Muslim should murder another brand? I say; 'Stay the hell out of it, let them kill each other if they want but just leave us Christians alone and don't refugee your rabble arses onto our shores!' I am certain these world leaders are only doing it to stick it to the Russians. I need to go fishing and forget about this latest nightmare.

Problem is CIA is modern times.....

Going back to the late 1700's you are correct in relation to British colonisation.
However you failed to include FRENCH,DUTCH SPANISH and PORTUGUESE

Notwithstanding, on your point in regard to Islam, I totally agree.

The whole concept of Islam shackled to its medieval tribal ways and totally un-reformed ancient ideologies is totally incompatible with our democracy in fact the whole concept of Islam if you study it closely is in fact ANTI-DEMOCRATIC in its whole concept

You have been there?

In Iran for instance, they actually LOVE America and there is a thriving blackmarket in movies and music etc.

Dont judge a people by their govt. Thats for sure eh?... :)

Here we go again!!!!!

It beggars belief that some countries think they can just march in
and quell disturbances in other countries - however this happens
time and again. Apparently, we still live in the Dark Ages. No
good ever comes from it or ever will.

Agree - what is Obama hoping to achieve?

Should be noted by the West, Japan does not allow Muslims into the Country - bout time Australia woke up too

both sides, east and west fund their terrorists to achieve their aims. control and profit. it's just a chess game for the 1 % overlords.

infowars posters call it al-cia-da. the reasons should be obvious.war and conflict is the biggest money maker for the nwo cabals. there is a call to jail obummer for this latest attack on the standing army should be illegally fighting overseas. AUSTRALIA included ! how can you attack a russian allie and not expect consequences ? there is even posts regarding conscription in the U.S. and it will flow on here if that happens. something like 240,000 war/conflict vets are still waiting for veteran affairs acknowledgement and payments, in the U.S. the morale of the story is plain. you are only nwo cannon fodder,same as all the previous wars. also an interesting report on infowars about another ''great hero'', winston churchill. worth reading. it seems that the victors indeed do write their version of history. when the shtf here, be assured, we the people, will be on our own. our army, police forces will not help us.

Whats so stupid is that most of these regimes got into place because they were backed by the US and the CIA

However there is one point Larry makes that is so so true...
"While Iraqi civilians pray to Allah for another Saddam Hussein strongman to quell worsening tribal unrest"

Afghanistan,Iraq, Syria, Egypt.....its all tribal.....for thousands of years its been tribal.....and all they have ever done for thousands of years is fight each other.

Its the only way they can live, under a dictatorship or thereabouts anyway.....because Islam and democracy just does not mix, totally incompatible....sadly, the US fails to comprehend this fact