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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


In 1987 under Bob Hawke, the Department of Trade was usurped by Foreign affairs. In 2013 Abbott agreed, under pressure from DFAT Minister Bishop, to have AusAID, Australia’s main conduit for its excessive aid program, also encompassed by DFAT. Abbott was conned, and it was not to be the first time by Bishop! You see Abbott intended to slash foreign aid… a cunning Julie Bishop had other ideas.

                                                   Surveying the quarry

Eventually it was easier for Bishop to dispose of Abbott rather than have her UN glory and profligacy put at risk by an emerging right of centre Government. The surgical disposal of Abbott had Turnbull’s and a slim majority of Lefty Liberal support, despite Abbott having just routed Labor in the most successful election for the Libs in history.

                                                     Gillard surveys her quarry

It was a move that was reminiscent of Gillard's far Left coup of 2010 which unceremoniously disposed of Rudd. After that ensuing election Australia suffered the first hung Federal Parliament since the second World War. It required the likes of Slipper and the Greens for Gillard to govern.

The election following Abbott’s knifing in 2013 resulted in Turnbull losing every seat Abbott had gained for the Libs except one. Turnbull is struggling in the same way as did Gillard

What I have learnt most about politics in more than a half century is that it always repeats itself. 

Gillard and Bishop are joined at the torso with Bishop excelling in canniness.

     Bishop is even more treacherous and dangerous than Gillard in this girls only game

She is able to play her un-Australian game behind the scenes without the continual, probing exposure Gillard suffered as PM.

Unlike Gillard, Bishop plays a long game and with the portfolio of DFAT she can run amok in a Left wing spree supporting everything that was also dear to the heart of Gillard.

So let’s revisit AusAID. It was disbanded when brought under Bishop’s umbrella of DFAT and she then used DFAT’s secrecy provisions to fly under the radar where foreign aid was unaccounted for and where we found ourselves blowing billions in aid and aligned with Saudi Arabia on, of all things, the United Nations Human Rights Council… did I just hear you mutter “WTF?”

Oh, you’d be surprised at what goes on in DFAT where questions can be ignored as the business of security is embedded in the sacrosanctity of Foreign Affairs. Just try getting DFAT to answer or explain anything. It’s a waste of time.

            Bishop also has her finger in fashion and home affairs with Mr Wonderful

Bishop is addicted to her calling card of foreign aid where she can strut the cocktail and back-slapping sets with her head held high above other first world nations and remote from Senate inquiries. 

She is oblivious to debt as is her failed counterpart, Plibersek, who was desperate to keep the shadow DFAT portfolio despite that she was a radical airhead who thought Africa was a country and that only a few Pacific islands were disappearing under water. Hmm, unfortunately those “disappearing islands” were part of the same bloody archipelago.

I still recall the classic image of Bishop's eye-rolling death stare Treasurer Joe Hockey copped in Question Time when he suggested foreign aid might need to be trimmed.

But Gillard was addicted to powering up socialism over a largely unaware electorate, so she parachuted the disastrous darling of Sussex Street, Bob Carr, into the Senate to do her bidding in DFAT.

                                    The cosmetically challenged Bob Carr

After all she owed Carr big time after he had arranged the NSW Right’s numbers to assist Shorten to have Rudd knifed, so she could concentrate on dragging Labor to the far Left with the help of Plibersek, Roxon and Albanese… something she had openly vowed to do since her Socialist Forum days.

The problem now is that, post Abbott, Turnbull has been chasing the socialist dragon himself, and moving just as far Left, with the help of Friedanegg, Pyne and Bishop.

Despite Andrew Bolt’s masturbating over an Abbott renaissance, Abbott can never regain the Liberal leadership. The Liberal Party has already been lost to the Left… it started with Fraser and Hewson and has now finally finished with Turnbull.

Bernardi and Hanson will continue to struggle to fill the void.

I guess the point of this piece is to say that we should be aware there is hardly a cigarette paper between the Gillard and Bishop philosophy.

The $90 million of taxpayers’ hard-earned cash that Bishop just donated to girls’ education overseas is mirrored in the $500 million Gillard gave to Pacific women’s advancement.

Two radical women concerned only for women,

… what about we poor, white supremacist, blokes?


Said the moment Abbott was back stabbed it was all about Turnbull and Bishop's socialist agenda - the Paris Agreement, the UN and DFAT - which is now coming under scrutiny - unless Turnbull and Bishop are sacked the Liberal party is going no where - however, we like Andrew Bolt Larry - that wasn't a very nice thing to say - and tell me where he has erred.

Anonymous nail Malcolm Turnbull:

Facebook jail again :) The snowflakes on that weasel Adam Bandt facebook page were offended by the following post. Alex Prestin You are a lost cause, you have no pride or sense of morality. You could not possibly call your self an honorable Australian. You do not deserve to live among people that have a moral backbone. To top it of you are so childish in your replies, one would think you were a 10yr old girl.
Alex Prestin I repeat you are a moron. You have the intelligence of an mollusc. I know we do not have a constitution, I have more experience in politics, then you and that weasel Bandt have. What I meant, you dopey bastard, was that had our soldiers not defended our country, you would be speaking Japanese and then you would not be able to say what you want, as dopey as it is. And the Japanese would not tolerate the Greens and they definitely do not tolerate the religion of peace. And no I am not anti Japanese, I have no issue with them as the war is ancient history.

Economic slavery then physical slavery is the future as time progresses.

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Interesting for followers of q

A couple who had a good day at last years Melbourne cup was our foreign minister Lady Julie Macbeth-Stickinsect and her latest handbag "Horse" Pantsoff who were spotted in the horse stalls prior to the race checking-out the knackers of all the stallions for comparison to "Pantsoff" kit. Unfortunately the loved-up couple missed the big race as they found an empty stall and ended having a roll in the hay instead.



"Two women concerned only for women" they are not concerned for anyone but themselves.That monstrosity hat on the stick insect body says everything you need to know about a very big head.Gillard and Bishop both poor examples for today's young women, many of whom are wondering why they are still scraggy and miserable languishing on the shelf in their 40's, can't even bag a good man. But as we know from reading here, so many men are lonely desperate suckers, ripe for financial and emotional gouging as a result the courts delivering white men their just desserts: financial ruin and maybe safe haven for a night or two in a Men's Shed.These are the 2018 facts and if you men don't get organised your sons are going to receive the exact same treatment. Some men are creeps but the majority are not.

Something Non-Standard in West Hollywood? – Qanon Fingers The Standard Hotel and Adam Schiff
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Talking about cnuts Flysa.
Clive Palmer spree ‘makes mockery’ of bailout.
Clive Palmer has been accused of “making a mockery’’ of the ¬taxpayer bailout of worker’s -entitlements at his collapsed Queensland Nickel after the ¬businessman is believed to have splurged on a fleet of luxury cars and a waterfront mansion.
Cashed-up from a recent court win, Mr Palmer is understood to have bought six Mercedes-Benz cars from his favourite dealership in Brisbane’s Toowong.
The Townsville-based company collapsed in 2016, costing nearly 800 workers their jobs. Taxpayers had to pay $70m under the Fair Entitlements Guarantee safety net scheme to cover workers’ redundancy payments.
Liquidators of Queensland Nickel are now trying to freeze his assets in Australia and worldwide and claw back $300m owed to creditors, including the $70m to federal taxpayers

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What a disgusting old cnut. Transferred the bulk of his wealth and refused to acknowledge and meet his son. Like a bandicoot. Eats roots and leaves.

“Estranged son of hospitality tycoon John Hemmes sues his father for $4.1million - claiming dad once threatened to take out an AVO against him during search for parent”

Three cheers for Bermuda and for the first, and only, time I support what Anthony Mundine says I am right behind his statements on SSM, gay marriage or whatever you want to call it. Seems like there is hope for Western civilisation after all.

That looks like a billy (the rapist) big tits head growing out of Bob Carr's chin.


Did anyone catch the 7.30 report last night? Just confirms what a bunch of low life the Greens are.

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