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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Campbell Newman: “Don’t be alarmed, visit mosques to express your solidarity.” Tony Abbott: “This is not about religion or what you wear. Almost all Muslims are absolutely first-class Australians and upstanding members of the community.” Now I can expect that sort of stupid comment from Newman but not from Tony Abbott.

The vast majority of Australians are confounded as to why their politicians are failing to apportion blame to the teachings of Islam. Well, there are two reasons why and both are fast wearing thin.

The first is an electoral one. Islam has been able to skew up to 20 Federal seats in Labor’s favour and the Coalition is fearful of their success in more. 

Why is Labor the party of preference for Islam? That’s an easy one; social benefits. 

Muslims are mostly unemployable, they pray five times a day, take Friday arvos off to listen to Mullahs promote our demise and have made an art-form of rorting welfare systems world-wide. This leaves them with plenty of time on their hands to plot their hosts’ destruction.

First thing a Muslim immigrant did on arrival is call the local friendly Islamic doc. and got himself on a disability pension. His disability is usually no more an aversion to work. Then he needed to get his wives and nine kids here, family reunions are an Islamic gold mine.

Now he needs to apply for housing somewhere near all the other Muslim families and this is where it gets interesting. The mother(s) of his kids apply to Child Welfare authorities complaining of not being able to care for the children and she needs assistance, but she has this terrific idea... “there’s a lady up the road who would make a wonderful carer, and guess what? She is my sister and she already knows the children.” Ya can’t get better than that eh?

So now, on paper at least, the sister up the road is bedevilled by 18 kids and needs to offload 9 of them so she complains to child welfare that she too can’t cope, “but there’s another lady up the road who would make a wonderful carer...”. Get the idea? I mean the Government hands over $200 per child, per week, in this merry-go-round of welfare fraud and everyone’s happy.

By the time this scam goes up and down just one western Sydney street there are financially secure Islamic families everywhere, and all on a total of at least $3,000 a week! Why wouldn’t Australia be their port of preference?

But why aren’t they caught defrauding the system? Well, that has a simple answer too. They swap their cars and swap their names... Muslims have multiple names to defraud authorities anyway. And if the authorities try to clamp down on the scam there’s always a friendly Islam sympathetic solicitor who will recommend some free legal aid. In the meantime nothing has changed in the street except the level of social benefits has skyrocketed.

The Federal welfare budget has now exploded at the expense of needy Aussies.

The other reason politicians fail to blame Islam is that the last thing they want is to get mainstream Islam offside. They hope to get “moderate” Muslims to cooperate in catching “radical” Muslims. How naive. How bloody stupid. How damned dangerous! The Lakemba protesters complaining last night of the police raids are about as “moderate” as Muslims get. 

The most radical of Muslims are their leaders. Muslims will never integrate. We can keep trying to guess who wants to behead us until we get it wrong or misread some “chatter” and by then it’s too late. 

We can refuse to learn from the Islamic disasters in France, Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands, or we can do something about the scourge now.

1 Stop building mosques.
2 Stop Islamic immigration.
3 Ban insidious Sharia law.
4 Stop the welfare rorts.
5 Arrest those who incite violence.
6 Stop the Halal certification extortion racket that finances their terrorist activities and,
6 Stop the PC and 18C nonsense that exhibits our weakness and emboldens Islam’s worst.

Australians in general are not rednecks but we are well and truly over it. We want our leaders to act like leaders before some little girl is found raped, beheaded and hanging by one leg from an Australian flagpole.


Importing a Mohammedan proletariat to replace the natives? The Britsh labour party has done just that to suck it to the Tories, and now Davoud Camoron cannot put enough brown lipstick on to please the soldiers of allah. The established parties will do F*%$ all to change this, that's where the AUSTRALIAN LIBERTY ALLIANCE comes in. Stay tuned and vote right!

wake up ppl you are preaching to the choir here its outside these walls we need the your MPs let them know how you are feeling...the halal certification is gaining such momentum at the moment and its all down to ppl can make a difference dont be a keyboard warrior get out there and let others know what's really going on before its too late...

Yepper.. wish to God they'd all leave us!

Australia faces its greatest threat since WW2 -...the muslim invasion,...and all we get from politicians is blah,blah,blah bullshit.....Just imagine if the Japs ran Australia - there'de be no muslims at all......Aussies have fought so many wars but we have now lost the battle because the enemy resides amongst us.....Over the past 30 years stupid Labor and Liberal pollies have imported them and we,...the taxpayer,.. have supported these primitives while they breed and undermine our lives,... the future of our children....and grand children. the west needs to know about islam

I saw T.A. on the news last night, made my blood boil, I thought he had some balls, how wrong I was. We had better find a leader who will defend this country and not just give glib us bullshit, if it is a bloody muslim doing the crime say so, if it is bloody islam at the center of the trouble say so, a spade is a spade doesn't matter if you want to call it a fluffy towel, it is still a bloody spade.

Well Wasp, You pompous Scots git I was here well before you. Your comment about being accepted because you weren't a Pom shows you are a glued on Scots racist. I worked with a heap of Scots and many of them spent most of their time crawling up Aussies arses. Please get over your racist inclinations, it's old hatred such as yours that cause most of the problems in the world.

Larry u preaching to the converted M8. We all know it. But guess what, 90 percent of the bloggers here r like soldiers in a war. Its gonna happen to the other guy he will get killed, wounded for life not me. I spruce the the good talk and let my fellow aussie do the hard yard. Unfortunately M8 all the bloggers here r hoping the other guy will lose everything so he can maintain his level of existence. Lot of mouths here M8 but where were they to support the convoy of no confidence,etc. Sorry couldn't tear my self away from making money at my business. Where are they to violently oppose shorten Pliberbullshit, that piece of human garbage Milne and SHY. Won't happen M8. They put the dollar vlaue of the impost to them before their duty to their country.

Botswana: Heartbreaking for you to say and heartbreaking to read. This country and its people (like you) do not deserve to live though each day with these concerns for the future. All we can hope for is that our politicians will be able to somehow find the strength to preserve the freedom and wonder of the Australia we all call home. And that's the miracle we pray for.

The way I see it we need to get rid of the political class in this country. For far too long its been the two majors ALP and LIB with bottom feeders like the GRNs and PUPs. We need a Nigel Farage like character to lead this nation forward and keeping our Aussie culture and character.

GOT IT BLOODY SPOT ON AGAIN LP and yes I'm shouting, Listen up TA this is what main stream ordinary Aussies are saying.

@OZ R R think of the job of cleaning the shit out of the tracks and road wheels

Campbell Newman is a fool, but nobody has picked up on the comments of George Brandis who claims that all this angst about Muslims is, according to him, "arrant nonsense". He then goes on to claim that Islam is one of the worlds great religions. I recently read that in the 300 years following the death of Muhammed there were no less than 30 Islamic internal wars of various durations during which they slaughtered each other with reckless abandon to see who was going to be top dog. They were untrustworthy butchers then and there has been no change in the last 1200 years or so.

@ Trooper, nothing that a D9 wouldn't fix.

I suppose we are lucky in a way, if the sects got on well together there would be even more of the buggers.

In time the Muslims will turn Australia into another Lebanon after they have sucked CL dry the various sects will as always turn on each other, and ancient history will just repeat.

Australia should be renamed Pig Island ,pigs like dogs, should be allowed as pets in urban areas ,Muslims on arrival to Australia should be given a bacon and egg burger ,pork should become the national dish eaten on Australia day ! Australia should made known as a country over run by feral pigs

Bill Shorten, you are a coward, your gutless & anti Australian. How would one describe a person who willingly would trash your Country for a few votes?

I'm beginning to gain a little bit of respect for Jackie Lambie, after I read this.maybe she's not so stupid after all. Palmer United Party senator Jacqui Lambie has backed calls for burkas to be banned in public, adding that she would not allow anyone wearing the traditional garment into her office for "public and staff safety reasons".
Following yesterday's counter-terrorism raids in Sydney and Brisbane, Liberal senator Cory Bernardi renewed his call for a ban on burkas on his Twitter account, describing them as a "shroud of oppression and flag of fundamentalism" that are "not right" in Australia.
He later told ABC News that his comments were in line with his previous concerns about the burka, which he has described as "un-Australian" and "repressive".
A photo of a person wearing a burka and firing a gun was posted to Senator Lambie's Facebook page last night with a caption calling for the garment to be banned.
The image was created by the far-right Britain First political party.
In a statement, Senator Lambie said she backed Senator Bernardi's comments.
"Now we're at war with the sharia extremists and Australia has been placed on a heightened terrorism alert - we can't have anyone hiding their identity in public. It now becomes an important national security issue," Senator Lambie's statement said.
"I agree whole-heartedly with Senator Cory Bernardi's comments - and call for an immediate and complete ban on the wearing of burkas in public.
"The burkas are obviously designed by men who have an obsessive need to have extreme control and power over women.
"Why have the feminists turned a blind eye to this and other abhorrent cultural practices happening in Australia like female genital mutilation?"
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said Senator Lambie's comments were ignorant and "fed right into the hands" of extremists.
"This is the worst possible time for this type of ill-informed prejudice," he said in a statement.
"These comments from politicians have the potential to damage community harmony and inflame tensions and it must stop.
"Elected representatives should defend the rights of all in our democracy, not just the majority.
"We don't defeat intolerance by being intolerant."
Prime Minister Tony Abbott yesterday rejected Senator Bernardi's comments, while Mr Shorten described them as "stupid" and ignorant".