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Thursday, 25th May 2017

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A change in US Administrations involves getting rid of the dead wood the electorate has said it no longer trusts. A change in an Australian Administration involves maintaining the very same heads of the very same agencies that got a former Government into a heap of trouble in the first place! Is Turnbull right about his Republic notion?

Government Departments need a thorough spring clean each time a Government is thrown out and that is exactly what is happening in Washington right now. If not, there will be former ideological regimes working to bring down the soon-to-be-current one of Trump’s.

The IRS was found to have targeted Republicans for special audit over the past eight years. Our ATO also has a political agenda, as do all Government Agencies. So why the hell are incoming Governments obliged to keep the very Agencies that are certain to work flat out to kill them?

Oh yes, I know, Heads of Agencies are mostly term appointments made under the Governor General’s Office in order to maintain continuity. Yep I’ve heard all that guff before. 

That’s why we are still burdened with the likes of Gillian Triggs of the HRC, the ABC and the Director General of ASIO, Duncan Lewis, who is also a recent GG appointment who appears to be in the same useless mould as the former Director General, David Irvine who spent more time doing after dinner speeches than looking for manic Muslims. 

Irvine (and now Lewis) was in budget allocation competition with five other related Australian Security Agencies who still refuse to pool security intelligence for fear of losing the kudos that drives their budgets.

The CSIRO over the past 30 years has nurtured and promoted a global warming culture that has cosseted Left Greens in high office promoting Left Green policies. It is currently led by loony Larry Marshall, who pushes the dishonest warming “science” while developing his pet occult venture of water divining. 

    Larry Marshall (above) has had his tenure extended until 2025. Now there’s a surprise!

Minister Greg Hunt commented, "I look forward to working with Mr Marshall as CSIRO continues to deliver outstanding science for the benefit of Australia and Australian industry". Again that’s no surprise from the little Minister for Global Warming who hands over $10 billion a year in “science” development costs and works hand in hand with Gillard’s $10 billion Renewable Energy Fund.

How Abbott could possibly have successfully led a Conservative Government with such entrenched Left departments actively determined to unseat him is not a mystery...we all know what happened.

                                        The plush new Canberra offices of the CSIRO

The CSIRO has an office in every State and Territory with over-fed bosses who fold to any outrageous union demand. WTF does it need an office in every State for, if not for the interstate business class airfares to ensure they all enjoy long lunches to discuss the venue for the next bout of long lunches?

The CSIRO is allowed to fraudulently promote and represent itself as an innovator and inventor but with 6,500 staff on luxurious conditions it has been unable to even partially pay its way, still demanding huge dollar injections, greater than does the ABC, despite its claim of making big money from its endless list of phony inventions .

The CSIRO’s main claim to fame is the “invention” of WiFi. This is totally incorrect and has landed CSIRO in a phalanx of permanent US litigation with laptop makers Sony, Lenovo and Acer.

                                 John O'Sulivan receives the PM's award with Kim Carr

WiFi was invented by two US companies long before a Dr John O’Sullivan was employed by the CSIRO on the basis of his WiFi “add-on”, a sort of app, to the early 90s technology discovery. 

The CSIRO, no stranger to constant litigation, then set about suing dozens of US companies. Huge Companies such as Acer, Atheros, AT&T, Broadcom, Gateway, Lenovo, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sony who paid the CSIRO an embarrassing pittance just to get rid of the serial litigant. 

Joe Mullin of ARS Technica Magazine, said, “The partial transcript from the 2009 trial still stands as the only public record of CSIRO's outsized claims to have invented WiFi.

 But hang on a minute, there are thousands of dodgy QANGOS dependent on our taxes and the CSIRO is but one of hundreds of organisations that suck on the taxpayer’s teat while dreading the election of another Tony Abbott.

Abbott was a successful micro version of Trump without the ability to drain anything. 

If a Tony Abbott happens again, they will be there to contribute to another assassination... their inflated incomes and obscene expense accounts depend on it.

As PM, Abbott was confined to wet lettuce, nominal cutbacks to these obese Government Agencies. Anyway “Green Energy” and ABC cuts were restored by Turnbull and Hunt immediately after the sacking of Abbott. 

And of course the stick insect rushed back to the UN with a replenished sack full of money to contribute even more to Australia’s belief in the global warming hoax that Abbott rightly claimed was "crap".

We can sit back and watch Trump drain the swamp... but hell will freeze over before the billabong gets drained of our bludging Left Green freeloaders. 


Trump has just replaced one set of alligators for another: How so are only the Left Green types freeloaders? -- ,,,,,I was going to say more but looking back at the text it really is just a load of punctuated crap -

The new picture of the Royal mob see's the Queen looking like Yoda from Star Wars fame minus the pointy ears ; Check out the look in her eyes ,she looks like she's about to bite someone.

Along with the UN, Goldman Sachs et al were the architects of the now captive global energy market feudal system that delivers untold enrichment (for them) on the backs of the captured energy consumer serfs (that's us) who, as they (we) are herded into certain energy poverty via the UN's climate fraud is nothing less than a redistribution of global wealth apparatus. Cornering the market on any essential commodity, is a tried and tested path to enrichment, as documented by the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Report:

The Chain of Environmental Command:

How a Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement
and Obama’s EPA

Seems the whole lot are feathering each other while they keep putting pressure on the taxpayer to come up with more. And this has been going for at least the last 40 years... the mind boggles.

Did you hear that the Coroner said that Man Monis died of "natural causes". When questioned by a reporter who said that he was shot six times he answered "If you get shot six times, naturally you die"

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Breitbart : Merkel's migrant policies divide Germany, majority fear criminal migrants. A recent poll revealed Germany to be deeply divided on Chancellor Angela Merkels migrant policies, with the majority of Germans fearing a rise in crime associated with increased migrant numbers . The PolitBarometer, conducted between the 6th and 8th of December, reveals that just over half - 52%- of Germans fear that the number of migrants in the country will lead to an increase in crime.Of even greater concern is the economic dimension of mass migration with 60% fearing that the government will have to tighten its belt in order to cover costs of accommodating, feeding and integrating migrants meaning that key services for native Germans will be affected.

New topic.

Come to think of it Light, I don't think many of us have see a hat full of arseholes. Most likely not a pretty sight ;).

Egypt....Cairo - Christian Coptic Cathedral bombed - kills 5, injures 10.

Royal crimes against humanity

Now the longest-reigning head of the British oligarchical power structure which sits above any supposed democratic institutions, Queen Elizabeth’s role guarantees not the rights of her subjects—as royal sycophants fantasise. Rather, her untrammelled powers ensure that a popularly elected government can never touch the network of wealthy families, private banks, corporate boardrooms, elite schools, permanent civil servants and secretive security agencies—“the Establishment”—who wield real power in Britain, Australia, New Zealand and in every other state where the Queen is the monarch. Prince Charles, the Queen’s heir and successor, including as Sovereign of Australia, has already distinguished himself in two of the British Crown’s several genocidal schemes:
1. Building the apparatus of international terrorism, which is used to justify the Anglo-American agenda of permanent wars and fascist police-state regimes. On behalf of the Crown, Charles personally handles the Al-Yamamah oil-for-arms deal first struck in the mid-1980s between Margaret Thatcher and Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, that created a hundred billion dollar slush fund which has financed the rise of first Al-Qaeda and now its off-shoots including ISIS. A close personal friend of 9/11 financier Prince Bandar, Charles has personally managed the Al-Yamamah arrangement for more than 20 years, which has involved him making 12 official state visits and numerous private ones to Saudi Arabia; UK police have been blocked from investigating the financing of terrorism, on account of Charles’s relationship with the major suspects (see p. 4 of The New Citizen, Nov/Dec 2014).
2. Green fascism, namely the push for a global green dictatorship in the form of a legally-binding global treaty on CO2 emissions reductions, which the Crown intends to achieve at the Paris COP21 climate change conference starting 30 November. The Royal Family has directed the green fascism movement since Prince Philip founded the World Wildlife Fund in 1961 to finance the Crown’s genocidal agenda to reduce the world’s population to less than one billion people. Charles has taken the lead on demanding a global treaty that will have zero impact on climate but will condemn the world’s poor to permanent poverty and mass death. After his visit to Australia he will address the opening session of the Paris conference, as he did the last time the Royals made a big push for a global treaty, at the Copenhagen COP15 conference in 2009 (see “The British Crown Created Green Fascism”, starting p. 35 of The New Citizen, Oct/Nov 2011). And the Queen and Prince Charles will address the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) summit in Malta, 27-29 November, with the intent to force compliance with the global warming fraud in Paris.

But the truth has a way of asserting itself, if belatedly. Before he passed away Malcolm Fraser, the other major player in the dismissal—though largely opposed to the Mont Pelerin/IEA policies for which it had been conducted—declared that Australia has never been a sovereign nation. In his 2014 book Dangerous Allies, he issued a clarion call for Australians to assert their sovereignty and independence.

For almost 30 years now, the Citizens Electoral Council has led the fight to depose the Queen and her heirs and successors to whom our elected MPs presently pledge their allegiance; to replace the Crown with a head of state elected by the Australian people; and to thus free Australia from the death-grip of the thoroughly corrupt Crown and thereby establish our nation as truly sovereign and independent. In so doing, we can set Australia back on the trajectory of “old Labor” as embodied in the best of the Whitlam government. This is a fight for every Australian. If you do not want to remain a grovelling toady for Charles, isn’t it time you joined us in this noble mission?

Click here for a free copy of the CEC’s comprehensive April 2004 New Citizen Special Report, “Defeat the Synarchy, Fight for a National Bank”, on the historical fight between the patriots of “old” Labor who fought tirelessly for Australia’s economic sovereignty, and the British Crown Establishment which sought to crush Labor at every turn and keep Australia under the heel of the Crown and the City of London banks

Re populating the swamp