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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Monash movement is borne of frustration over a leader who either doesn’t understand our energy predicament or should be a paid-up Greenie. As said here a few weeks back, "Barnaby can now go buy a beer for Abbott and plan the eventual downfall of Turnbull". I believe that is what he has done.

But Turnbull is doing quite okay by himself when it comes to his own demise because his understanding of our energy crisis is woeful. And his offsider, Friedanegg, leaves you breathless and slapping your forehead when he says, “AGL has a fiduciary duty to sell Liddell power station”…. Really Josh?

The truth is that AGL has a fiduciary duty to blow the thing up because this, and former governments, are making AGL shareholders rich with Green power subsidies, and at the expense of struggling householders. 

Meanwhile Morrison has had a chat to his God and got permission to dance with these dickheads.

There is a very good fiduciary reason why companies like AGL want their ageing power stations blown up… they are serious competition to subsidised windmills and solar panels.

As with most major fuckups it all began with Rudd/Gillard/Rudd and their quasi Green coalition. 

When the Greens’ foremost unabashed Communist, Lee Rhiannon, declared coal was “dead” we all laughed and ignored her. 

But Gillard didn’t laugh, she set aside a borrowed $10 billion of our uncollected taxes in a “renewable energy” fund to make it unprofitable for power companies to continue providing us with cheap clean coal. So, fiduciarily-responsible companies jumped at the chance to make easy money without lifting a bloody shovel.

The problem now is that, after screwing with the energy market for solely ideological reasons, neither our power companies nor our opportunistic banks want a bar of our clean coal. 

So little Miss Rhiannon assisted the despicable Gillard to win a major role in destroying Australia’s coal assets, which is all they both (and now Turnbull, Friedanegg and, it appears Morrison) ever wanted.

Who the hell do those three apes think is paying for their wasted, visually polluting, noisy windmills and fraudulent solar panels? Could the answer possibly be in our insurmountable quarterly power bills? I mean naturally these politicians don’t notice any impost on their bloated pay packets! 

The lights and air conditioners are all left on at Point Piper, the local synagogue, and the Hillsong hall.

The Monash mob don’t yet have the numbers to reverse this Green madness, otherwise they would have already rolled the traitorous bastard. Abbott is not fighting for the leadership, he is fighting for the rebirth of a defunct Liberal Party and he is gathering the numbers rapidly. 

The smug Stick Insect has sharpened her nails and looking to grab the reins in a spill to sell Australia out to the UN and assure herself of a wealthy retirement in New York with Mr Wonderful.

The economic damage that renewable subsidies are doing is utterly intentional, they are designed to force power companies out of coal, for no reason other than to support the fraudulent UN global warming ideology.

I guess there is always Turnbull's bullshit Snowy 2.0. Hmmm, that little up-hill down-dale nonsense was dismissed as an economic thought bubble back in 1985. It reminds me of the Grand Old Duke of York because nothing has changed and Turnbull is desperate for a monument to himself, no matter what the cost or feasability.

Unless the Monash Mob can reverse this insanity (hopefully with the help of the NATs) Australia is headed toward Keating’s banana republic. 

You see, for all the destruction the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has wreaked on economies, renewables still only account for ONE PER CENT (yep 1%) of total power usage and that percentage is diminishing as China and India continue to open one brand new coal-fired power station every single week with only Australia able to supply the necessary clean coal to fire them up. 

These economy destroying, ideological, costs haven't moved the globe's temperature one iota. "Oh, but renewables are becoming more sustainable", says Josh, who has forgotten to change hands. 

But there is an even more serious calamity than Josh looming:

The thousands of hideous, land- and seascape-destroying wind turbines are nearing their use-by dates. They have a maximum life of around 12 years and are uneconomic to repair and the depleted renewable subsidies kitty won’t cover any new ones. 

Those, like me, who fell for the solar panel scam, are not prepared to risk life and limb scaling rooftops each month to clean the soot and grime from panels that have an ever-diminishing effect on gathering the sun’s energy, and that’s only when the sun is out. 

The power companies won’t help, they keep stealing what little the panels produce and continue to charge their outrageous guesstimate bills regardless!

So, the cost of building and subsidising these mostly ineffective windmills (anywhere between $2 million and $5 million each) will no longer be met by broke governments nor broke taxpayers and governments won’t pay to dismantle them and dump them as reefs in the ocean because it would be too costly and a visible aquatic monument to their own blind stupidity.

Forget the 30 losing polls! There are far more plausible reasons to get rid of this jerk and his treacherous Stick Insect.

As said here six weeks ago… the movement is on! 


yep God help us if that smelly stick insect gets her filthy paws on the leadership.

bags, the fuck knuckle would be stupid enough (if it has ever run a business which i doubt) to pay GST and then not claim it back. And to spend every last dollar it gets from Centrelink on takeaway food and beer thus ensuring that every last dollar it is gifted attracts the full 10%. But for everyone else it would be impossible.

you must understand Ghost Chopper could be paying this amount in Tax and GST

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wow kym..... WHAT DO YOU THINK REPUTEDLY MEANS????? you really are proud of being stupid arent you?

Chop you have also underestimated the tax that working Australians pay. A few years ago someone did an analysis of our tax system. Once you add in payroll tax, GST and the plethora of government stamp duties and charges we actually pay an effective tax rate of about 68%. Yes 2/3rds of our money is given to our corrupt and incompetent government to fund their spend fest.

chop, you obviously didnt notice that Australia was virtually unaffected by the GFC apart from share prices. we had record revenues from a massive mining boom, high wages and high employment rates. We also had a grossly incompetent and corrupt Federal Government who pissed the boom and the future away on the alter of their socialist gods.

Ok Chumper let's go back to school again shall we. Now go sit in the corner with your cone hat on again. I run a business that sells $100,000 worth of services in a quarter, i charge my customers an additional 10% GST which i collect for the Government cos i'm a nice guy. During the quarter i spend $11,000 on products to sustain my business. Of this $11,000, $1000 is GST that i am charged by these other businesses. When i submit my Business Activity Statement to the Government i am credited back the $1,000 i paid in GST and only submit $10,000 to the Government. I end up paying no GST for the stuff i have bought. Got it now you useless piece of dog shit.

Melvin Trumble and his crew have succeeded in making Billy Big tits look like a viable alternative.

Boot MT out or we will be like Greece or Venezuela! We need HELE coal-fired power stations ASAP if India & China can build them using our clean coal WHY CAN'T WE? Because MT is beholden to the loony Greens!

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Great interview and Pauline nailed it once again. Where was the meter maids?

New Post

So courteous? The important thing is the percentage of tax on gnp, and I believe we don't come up too bright in that area. Any other opinion?