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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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... only this time it's not halal

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


My pancake strawberries at $2 a punnet were a financial attraction, but now needles have spread to apples and bananas the attraction is waning fast as it becomes clear that this is no longer just a stupid prank. It is a well-organised system intended to destroy an economy.

Naturally the mainstream media will not consider a Muslim connection. It fails to consider anything despicable that might smell of Islam. So what’s next? Tomatoes, avocados, celery, any vegetable, bread, cakes and processed meat?

A disgruntled employee say the Police? Nope! What, one in every State? 

Supermarkets are an easy target but the arrow only lands on growers and manufacturers because supermarkets simply refuse to stock anything thought to be dodgy. Supermarkets never lose. The bastardry is now in all States and that implies an organisation.

It cannot be people working in the growers’ packing sheds or manufacturers’ factories, it would be impossible to hide needle insertions from all employees. And at least one terrorist would be needed in every industry. 

No the “best terrorist” system is to conduct this sabotage in the supermarket where the food available can easily be handled without raising attention. Not like in a corner store.

And so far only supermarkets have been targeted.

Needles can easily be inserted through plastic containers or styrofoam without attracting attention as shoppers are commonly seen inspecting the produce.

Okay, call me a conspiracy theorist, but if this continues spreading to produce other than strawberries, apples and bananas, it seems to me there is a deeper destructive motive afoot, other than driving trucks into crowds of pedestrians. 

And as it doesn’t involve bombs or suicides, the active sabotage numbers can be maintained while no-one is likely to be searched for a few needles there is currently no law against carrying.

Maybe one less-committed Jihadist could respond to a sizable reward. In the meantime CCTV in all supermarkets should be studied carefully to reveal anomalies.

This is a very poor system for killing people... it's for killing economies and we may very well be the initial test case.  

If I am right (and I hope I am not) you can bet Fairfax, the ABC and The Guardian will suggest it is just a few bearded citizens on disability pensions concerned for our dietary needs.   


The psychopathically-hesperophobic haters who hide behind the pretense the pedophile Mad Mo Hummud was other than a Hitlerian false fuehrer on steroids and/or who feel Mo's major work, Mein Koranpf, was the gift of that Moon god that hides out in that asteroid, at Mecca; are forever inassimilable into Judeo-Christian/Western/Human civilization. And, once its votaries constitute more than around 5% of a civilized nation's population, islam is as if a metastasizing cancer and will, unless cut out, kill its host! Stone effing dead! -- Dick'd

All major supermarkets have video surveillance.....It can't be that bloody hard to go back through the footage and see who attended or handled the produce.......If , on current Police form it appears to involve Islam.....They will drag their balls from Sydney to Perth over broken glass rather than to reveal that.......If it harms Australians or Kills Australians...The best advice is to assume it is Islam, until Proven otherwise....The Media and Government have proven time and again they will sweep anything involving violence and Islam under any carpet they can find........They have blown Full on vehicular Terror attacks into car accidents in Melbournistan as not to upset and make them angry if we dare complain about being slaughtered in our own streets...

Q with a mind so small as his, it would be measured in micro millimeters and over in milliseconds

Didn't read to the end...... did it finish with Bruce making wild passionate love with Pauline?

Where am I ? I just fainted.

He was a handclap in a bucket of water, after you take your hands out, no one would know that you had ever been there..
He is a "dummy spitter" extraordinaire.

A role model for Hilary Clinton, with less believability, and, she is unbelievable.

New Post Up

Day four and still no blue ribbon. If anyone finds an insignia floating around let me know, it'll be mine. Well that was a complete waste of $2. I won't be back until the ribbon I paid for is attached so until then, take care posters.

In 2012 that Ford sheila told her shrink that she was sexually molested by Kavanaugh so going by what child shrinks did in Australia where by having children accuse their patents of molestation I would say that Ford's shrink should be investigated by the FBI for putting misinformation into her paranoid mind .

Effective Suicide Counseling

A desperate looking woman stood poised on the edge of a high cliff about to jump off.

A filthy tramp wandering by stopped and said, "Look, since you'll be dead in a few minutes, and it won't matter to you, how about a little sex before you go?"

She screamed, "NO! Bug off you filthy old bastard!"

He shrugged and turned away saying, "Okay, I'll just go and wait at the bottom."

She didn't jump.

Call In The FBI On Cory Booker

When he was 15, Cory Booker grabbed a girl’s breast, and in college he advocated grabbing girls by the pussy, tying them down and raping them. Cory Booker should immediately resign from the US Senate and turn himself over to the FBI.

The Baby Hippo is about to waste $500,000 tax payer funds on re-branding the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital as the Queensland Children's Hospital. Good to see she her priorities set on the issues that matter. The supposed reason for the change? Because thick headed Labor voters didn't realise it was public hospital. Give me a break.

Pauline moved an 'It's OK to be white' motion in the senate. I kind of agree, though being male and old, as well as white goes a little beyond the pale.

Sweden’s ongoing national collapse – portent for the West?

PM’s tactics take game to Labor

Scott Morrison is proving to be a fast-moving target and the new regime appears more adept at political tactics. (As opposed to the old grey Sloth with all the polly waffle!)


The Key Global Warming Scamsters

If Obama raped a nun live on MSNBC, his supporters would either say it didn’t happen, or say it was “justified and noble, and done to teach us about the evils of rape”
Glenn Greenwald 2012

Belief in catastrophic global warming requires that people don’t think for themselves, listen only to corrupt sources of information, and refuse to listen to anyone who tells the truth. Here are the primary enablers of the scam.

No.1 Scamster: John Cook
With his 97% consensus fraud, John Cook provided global warming cult followers the excuse they needed to turn their brain off, and replace any actual thought process with an appeal to authority. They simply aren’t qualified to question 97% of the world’s scientists, and must not allow their own thoughts, observations or actual data to interfere with the scam.

No.2 Scamster: Naomi Oreskes
In her movie “Merchants of Doubt” – Naomi Oreskes provided the global warming cult the excuse needed to plug their ears, by linking climate skeptics to big oil/tobacco via evidence-free innuendo. Climate skeptics are evil and must not be heard.

No.3 Scamster: James Hansen
James Hansen made the global warming scam official in 1988, and repeated every four years or so that we only had four years left to save the planet. He also invented the art of climate data tampering. His urgency gave the global warming scamsters the excuse they needed to shut down debate.

No.4 Scamster : Barack Obama
Obama is very likely the person who commissioned the work of Cook and Oreskes, and he extended their fraud to include the word dangerous. So anyone who uses their brain or tells the truth about climate is a member of the flat earth society and must be ignored. Obama was the global warming scam’s head of marketing.

No.5 Scamsters: New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, and most of the rest of the press.
The mainstream media uses the work of Cooke, Oreskes, and Hansen as their excuse to push global warming fake news, and censor any actual data or anyone who presents factual information about climate. The urgency and threat level is simply too high to allow other opinions to be heard.

No.6 Scamsters: Mann, Hayhoe, and several other junk scientists who are willing to lie, cheat and tamper data in support of the continuation of the scam.

In summary global warming is; real, man-made, a mortal threat, all scientists agree, only evil people disagree, and anyone who disagrees must be silenced. It took many billions of dollars and decades of hard work and organization to achieve this Orwellian climate world we live in. The frogs have lost theplot !!!!! unbelievable!

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.....................................................'Gone are the many accounts of the Spycatcher trial which dotted the office when it was occupied by Malcolm Turnbull.

A year or so ago I ran into a senior Liberal MP who voted for Turnbull against Tony Abbott in 2015. I asked the MP if that decision was looked upon with regret.

Following a considered pause, the MP replied: “There is now a view among Liberal MPs with legal backgrounds that we may have over-estimated Malcolm’s lawyerly abilities.”

Then silence. I volunteered a summary: “So he’s a very ordinary lawyer who got lucky in one big case?”

“Yes,” the MP answered.

For Malcolm Turnbull, his Spycatcher success is the Australian political equivalent of Al Bundy’s life-defining four Polk High touchdowns in a single game:'