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Tuesday, 21st February 2017

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The Social “Cost” of Carbon is a Positive

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Nothing better illustrates the stupidity and evil intent of Green philosophy than their promotion of a mythical guesstimate called the “social cost of carbon” (SCC). They use this bureaucratic weapon to demonise the fabulous fossil fuels that deliver food, heat, light and power to the modern world.

                           Let’s consider life before coal, oil and gas were harnessed.

There was no steel and no cars, tractors, trucks, trains, planes or electric power. It was a world of sulkies, sailing boats and sun-dried food. Hunters used bows and spears, farmers used oxen and wooden ploughs and threshed grain with wooden flails. Half of all crops grown went to feed draft animals. 

Forests surrounding towns were felled for firewood, charcoal, shingles, houses, ships, wagons and bridges. Whalers scoured the oceans to produce whale oil for lamps, and dung was collected for fuel. For most people, life was one of hunger and toil.

Fossil fuels changed all this and also brought many other social benefits.

                                              C02 continues to green planet Earth

Greens seem unaware that “carbon” coming from man-made CO2 is beneficial plant food supporting all life on Earth including polar bears, cane toads, prickly pear, rain forests and wheat.

Moreover, in those countries which use the most hydro-carbons (such as USA, UK and Australia) we see prosperous people, trees protected, whales revered, arts thriving, cleaner air and water, and agriculture producing more food and oxygen from less land.

The SCC is a fraud – carbon fuels have produced immense social benefits and will continue to do so.



Good argument to welcome in the new year, Thanks Viv.

Greenies are a collective of blind freddys with blinkers on. From bullshit is gleaned more bullshit to the point where they are blaming bullshit fr global warming! If they could just shut the fuck up for a while the bullshit would slowly compost and provide the very fodder for their greentopia. Nah, they wouldn't get it...

Everything the left does and stands for is a fraud.

The best argument to have with an alarmist leftard is: "If you want to reduce carbon (dioxide) pollution - stop f*cking breathing!"

Since Facebook has hired as one of their new “fact checkers” to put an end to the spread of “fake news” across Facebook, wouldn’t this be a great time to meet the folks behind Snopes? Fasten your seatbelts for this one. How many times have you been talking to someone who rebutted something you said with a comment like, “But said that isn’t true,” or something to that effect, as if somehow is an authority on anything?
For folks to rely so heavily on what says, I can't help but wonder how many people think consists of several floors in a Manhattan sky rise with dozens of employees working tirelessly around the clock to “fact check” everything that runs counter to the liberal ideology. Well, as you’re about to learn, nothing could be farther from the truth. In the video below, you’ll learn that the three employees that make up, are an embezzler, a hooker, and a dominatrix… and no… this is not a joke…

Viv, you forgot to show the plants at 180ppm

I see shitville ( South Australia) has a Chineese power company "offering" to build a gas fired power station near Porta Gutter.

Lawyers are a perfect fit for parliament because they are trained liars, they can argue, usually successfully that black is white.

"Scientists believe the rapid growth of the wing length of a common Western Australian bird could be due to climate change.

The University of Notre Dame research found the wings of ringneck parrots — commonly called twenty-eights — had increased by four to five millimetres over the past 45 years."

About time some of these universities were shut down. These idiot "researchers" blame anything and everything on climate change, they are nothing but payed spruikers who would say anything to keep the grants flowing.

BK, capatalism is a construct similar to communism in my opinion. It's a debt based system designed to benefit those who have control of the issuance of money. The private central banks. These same people also believe in free market systems and no government owned utilities or businesses. They also support global and not national economies. We only have to look at how that has affected nations with multi-nationals avoiding tax in all sorts of ways and siphoning those profits out of the national economy. These methods are not available to the PAYG wage earner or small business.

New post up !

But does the desal plant in NSW cost taxpayers / water consumers $1.8 million per day x 365 days per year = $657 million p.a. x 60 years (Dictator Dan has just extended the Aquasure contract by 33 yrs; 24 yrs before the option to extend needed to be excercised!) that the inept, incompetent Bracks / Brumby / Andrews Labor governments in Victoria signed up to? I think not.
Victoria: The Union State. Union controlled Industry Super Funds' interests are served at the expense of ordinary working class / middle class Victorians. State sponsored theft from those who can least afford it!

Wodda we want – MONOCULTURALISM – Wen da we want it - NOW

Follow up to poster ‘igiveup’ post yesterday regarding no US aircraft carrier groups deployed on the seas.
I had wondered how rare this situation was.

Zerohedge has an article in the last two hours.
Hasn’t happened since the end of WWII.

Suggestions for this are budget cuts or training.

Article notes in the Middle East “there is a large deck U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship, the LHD-8 Makin Island, with thousands of Marines on board as well as helicopters and some jets to respond to a crisis”

Comment section has a range of theories:

-Sitting Ducks Pearl Harbor II? You can feel a false flag coming in these most desperate times (for the elites!!!)
-Obama is likely using the saved operational costs to dump as many more un-vetted muslims as he can into the U.S. before slithering out of the Trump House.
-Obama will provoke Russia, by downing the flight RSD88 from Washington (IAD) to Moscow.
- I see no vaild reason for 95% ALL our fleets ACC's to be in port in only TWO Places, stupid move.
- We will have 1/2 our carries strike fleet and 1/3 of our amorphous ready group in one location which is Norfolk, VA and provoking Putin into war. Seems a 1st strike nuke would cripple our Atlantic navy hard.

It's NOT WORKING BK, is it?

Just had a message from a pal of mine, his New Year celebrations sound pretty grim. No booze, TV switched off at 8, lights out at 10 and a long sex session overnight that he wasn't too keen on.
He hates it in prison

How many leftoids does it take to change a light bulb?

None, they'd rather sit in the dark and blame Hanson, Trump, Farage, Wilders .... you get the drift

A litttle chinese looking bloke came into the pub last night.After a bit I asked him if he knew kung fu or some other martial art, he replied, "Are you asking me that because I'm Chinese?"
I said, "No mate, it's because you're drinking my beer" is no one reading this speech this morning ? All of you, read it please and reply with what you think !

NSW Nutcases built one too! Flannery said we'd need it, what a clown.