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Friday, 19th October 2018

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... but almost nobody noticed

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


The sky fell on Hawaii last month, all because carbon dioxide levels peeped above the much-hyped 400 ppm hurdle. Chicken Littles all over the world squawked into their friendly media megaphones about numerous imminent global warming disasters. One warned: “the fate of the world hangs in the balance.” (Similar alarms were rung when the 350 ppm level was passed).

But nobody else noticed anything scary.

Four pieces of well-established evidence say that 400 ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not a concern.

Firstly, there has been no increase in global temperatures since 1998 despite 16 years of rising carbon dioxide levels and heavy usage of carbon fuels. Clearly, CO2 is not the main driver of global temperatures.

Secondly, the ice core records show clearly, with no exceptions, that all recent ice ages have commenced when the atmosphere contained relatively high levels of carbon dioxide. The temperature fell first, and then carbon dioxide levels fell. This proves that high carbon dioxide levels do not guarantee a warm globe, but could suggest that they may be a harbinger of a coming ice age. Ice will cause far more damage to the biosphere than the even the worst warming forecast.

Thirdly, current levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide are not extreme or unusual. Carbon dioxide reached 2,000 ppm in the luxuriant era of the dinosaurs, and ten times current levels (4,000 ppm) when the great Devonian coral reefs were flourishing.

There is no tipping point into runaway global warming, or we would have tipped eons ago.

Finally, current carbon dioxide levels are just above starvation levels for plants. All vegetation would grow stronger, faster, and be more drought resistant and heat resistant if carbon dioxide levels trebled to 1,200 ppm. Such levels are no threat to humans – US submarines operate at up to 8,000 ppm for cruises of 90 days. Topping 400 ppm should be a cause for celebration – it shows that Earth is emerging from the cold hungry years of the ice ages.

Climate Cassandras have blown false trumpets once again.


I saw a paper in an Australian Geological Journal? once which collated CO2 measurements which had been made by various scientists by various methods over the past 200 or so years. It showed that CO2 as actually measured by instrument, was about 480 ppm in the 1810,s. As I remember it was reportedly quite cold then. There is a serious disconnect between CO2 and any warming we may have had over the past 100 years!

Tony Abbott is finally shouting at those lefty nasties. About time he got on the front foot. Is it too late?

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Someone else found this but it is worth repeating as a common sense view of the subject. Common sense, something that seems to be seriously lacking among the hysterical green alarmists and so called climate experts angling for an easy dollar- &

The IPCC's mantra, which is supported by global warming alarmists, is that 'carbon dioxide emitted by human activity is causing catastrophic global warming and is the key driver of climate change'. Mother Nature has debunked this mantra, as is evident by the reality that there has now been a global average temperature pause for the last 17 years and 10 months, despite record increases in carbon dioxide emissions. Just about everything else predicted from 'sacrosanct' climate models has also turned out to be incorrect.

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Well put

Saw a American Fox news report last week after the US shark attack claiming that there would be more shark attacks because global warming would mean more swimmers through the year because the water would be warmer! Seriously?

Mumbrella Comments re. Michael Smiths sacking from 2GB after Ray Hadley's tirade against Smith.

29 Jun 14
7:02 pm

The first few comments we’ve received on this one are of a tone that gives me no realistic hope for a respectful conversation on this topic. I won’t be publishing them, not least because this one is not our fight.
With Ramadan beginning, I’m going to make the choice to respect a holy time for many people.
So I’ve decided to close comments on this one.
Ramadan Mubarak.
Tim – Mumbrella

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A typical badly ventilated office is within standard at 2500 ppm and hypercapnia sets in at about 70,000 ppm so just let me know if the canary falls of his perch. OK I admit it, I'm a phlogiston denier. Ms Little is not authorised as spokesbeak for the poultry of the world.

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