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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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... while media still think it doesn't stink

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


While Turnbull and Shorten are busy playing with each other’s dongers over who owns Abbott’s borders policy, a far more important political play is unfolding in Washington DC and it's likely to result in a Constitutional crisis that would leave the Western world in a state of flux for years.

Americans are very excited at the thought of a female President. They were equally excited over a black bloke in the Oval Office too. But socialist Left Administrations should never be permitted more than one term in Office, and then only to shock the Conservatives out of their natural torporific state.

If Hillary Clinton has the interest of the United States at heart she will stand down and let the votes fall where they may. If she wins Office on November 8 she will be the first President-elect to attempt to govern while under criminal investigation, and most of her Administration along with her will be embroiled in multiple criminal charges. 

If she does decide to go, the problem would be choosing her replacement when one quarter of America has already voted! Only a fresh election would solve that problem. With fresh primaries and another 18 months of campaigning? And who governs in the interim when Obama leaves Office in January 2017? It would be a Constitutional nightmare and a fight to see who fills the Supreme Court first.

Of course the she-wolf would never think of standing down, there is far too much money to be lost in her foundation’s grifted agreements that would need to be scrapped. 

Let’s face it, most Americans are as thick as pig shit and couldn’t care less who the President is. But there are those in the Green, black, Latino and women’s movements who, like in Australia, believe in bottomless pits of entitlements and unfortunately if their hero Hillary wins, she will find it impossible to govern.

The permutations of a Hillary Presidency are immense and damaging. Would Obama attempt to pardon her? Would she attempt to pardon herself? Maybe, but one needs to have been first found guilty of something to qualify for a pardon?

                                                                   George Soros

George Soros has also been hacked and thanks to Wikileaks he may be looking for a career change now that his deceitful financing of everything hard left throughout the world, including Australia, will be exposed for what he recieved in return. 

                                           Weiner... pics of his dick to underage girls

The FBI case will continue for years, probably an entire first term. The recently discovered 650,000 emails on Huma Abedin’s and Anthony Weiner’s shared laptop almost certainly include cc copies of the over 33,000 emails that Hillary acid wiped from her own devices.

If you don't want stuff on the city's billboards don't put it on the net. 

FBI Director James Comey would not have acted, even under extreme pressure, so precipitously a mere 10 days from a Federal election unless he had already sighted at least five or six of the incriminating emails that Hillary went to extreme lengths to hide. And it is better for him that he that he pulled this on now and not after the election.

These security sensitive emails were on a computer shared by Huma's ex hubby, an alleged paedophile, and God only knows who they were forwarded to and where they finally finished up.

Huma Abedin, is an Islamic Brotherhood sympathiser and activist with links to terrorists that would make Obama ejaculate in his jeans... it really can’t get much worse than that in foreign policy terms. Oh yes it can, Aleppo, Yemen, Libya, Mosul with al Raqqa, Turkey and Damascus to come... around four million dead or displaced, and Hillary and Obama own each one. .

And they won't be able to blame Putin this time.

Turnbull, Shorten and the entire Australian media are still pushing for Hillary without a care in the world for our security that is indelibly linked to the US. A few Australian apologies might be due if the Don wins the White House.  

So the Clintons need to get the hell out of Dodge right now and let some grown ups take over. 

Hillary should consider that the chances of America electing a proper woman President in future could be set back a century if she does not depart. And you can bet America is not likely to elect another lying, craven, black, Islam sympathetic President ever again.

It’s inconceivable that someone like Hillary Clinton garnered more than three votes in each State. It’s inconceivable that Donald Trump hasn’t already been inaugurated. 

Whatever happens now, at least the hapless Republicans have received a well deserved wake up call.


Funny how some people are arseholes because they lied to the Australian people and some aren't.

Oh dear .

Winston Wed 2 Nov 2016 10:15:08 am
Rudd spun his way into power by lying to the Australian people....presenting himself as a safe pair of hand - a younger version of John Howard.....the swinging voters and other useful fools fell for his blatant lies. I can't believe you wrote this Winston when you accepted the lies from Abbott before the election which he would have won regardless.

That look on her face is when they micro chipped her pin up boy Bin Laden.

She will ban guns and she said she'll ban website like Breibart and Inforwars. So she'll eventually ban free speech incase it offends a poor oppressed mooooslim.

and his sick-making 'my name's kevin and i'm here to help', euuuuu.. he appears to crave being in the public eye doesn't he? has it not been made sufficiently clear to him, that he's a goner ??

I completely understand your feelings on this occasion, and thoroughly empathise. The driver I mentioned - the nicest person imaginable - and would be sincerely bewildered if you did try to explain that they're a tucking danger !!

Yeah Lights almost parked my bike up the arse of those types of drivers a few times and they look at you in bewilderment when you pull up next to them to explain the error of their ways.

O/t, but looking at the Melbourne Cup crowd photos, I feel disgusted that these mostly fat women should consider their drunken behaviour funny. I am old fashioned, true, but this display of fat flesh truly sickens me. On the subject of female fashion, why don't women just let their giant boobs flop out? In photos of celebrities these huge udders are barely constrained.

I know someone who consistently drives at 30k an hour and stops in the middle of roundabouts and intersections to see what other drivers are going to do. I try assiduously to avoid ever being a captive in that vehicle. It's very embarrassing and definitely a danger to other road users.

A younger fresher version of John Howard....with new fresh great ideas for Australia.

Daft blooming woman. I am 75 and recently congratulated by police for careful driving and courtesy. Never had an accident in my 50 years of driving and the only accident was a freeway pile up when some Indians slammed their brakes on and all cars behid them ran into each other. fortunately I tried to keep a safe distance so not seriously hurt and car repairable. People over 50 though should keep themselves in good health and excercise brain and body, certainly helps reflexes. I reccomend LUMOSITY-great programme for keeping all faculties working. I joined for life 10 years ago and it is excellent.

New Post dudes


More regressive left wing thinking. Muslims will feel more a part of the Australian community if they are allowed to have sharia law. Really? Won't this make them apart from the Australian community? Isn't a judicial system that ceased to develop in the 7th Century entirely unsuited to the modern world? Anyone who chooses to become a citizen of this country does so by given this pledge - which forever ends the possibility of sharia law. Australia must be one nation under one law.

So what does #PaulineHanson #AustralianLibertyAlliance #KirralieSmith #BernardGaynor #OneNationParty #BobKatter have to say about this?

In 1994, the Keating Government replaced the oath with a Pledge of Commitment to Australia:

From this time forward, [under God,]
I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people,
whose democratic beliefs I share,
whose rights and liberties I respect, and
whose laws I will uphold and obey.
The prospective citizen has the option of making the pledge with or without the words "under God".

Just ignore him .

Shame Krudd just doesn't just wither up and blow away in the wind, What a looser, He hates mal function for not endorsing him to the UN post so I guess we can look forward to lots more vomit coming from Krudds mouth.

I remember him being referred to at the time in some of the media as being John Howard "lite" / "mini-me".

Rudd spun his way into power by lying to the Australian people....presenting himself as a safe pair of hand - a younger version of John Howard.....the swinging voters and other useful fools fell for his blatant lies.

Kevin who ?