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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Royal House of Saud, terrified that its ally the US is closing in on oil self-sufficiency, has defied OPEC and slashed oil prices in order to cripple the massive US shale oil industry and effectively stem all further oil exploration.

US oil production from shale needs a minimum price of $80 per barrel to remain profitable. In the face of a massive oil glut the Saudis have not only upped their own output they have cut the brent crude price from $115 a barrel to $70 and it intends to go to $60 and maintain that level for at least six months in a risky game-play to bury its customers and smaller competitors.

The obscenely wealthy Saudis, the financiers of terrorism and architects of the $3 trillion world-wide halal scam, are descendants of the original Wahhabi Muslims, the most ruthless of all Muslim clans. 

The West ignores the fact that they still engage in the most horrific of Shariah Law practices today, as they have done for centuries.

It seems incredible that the US still pays homage to this dangerous and evil State, even declaring it an ally, as Obama curtseys to its King Abdullah, pictured (other pics are too graphic) who has a dirty finger in everything that’s anti-West from Al Queda to ISIS.

Human rights is an emotional issue for Obama when it concerns Putin or Netanyahu but Saudi King Abdullah is granted special dispensation when it comes to public beheadings, torture, amputations and crucifixions in its infamous Chop Chop Square.

Traditionally, Saudi executions take place after mosque prayers on a Friday, the Islamic sabbath. In recent years, so many executions and barbaric acts have been carried out in the capital Riyadh’s Deera Square that it has become known as Chop Chop Square.

The capital and corporal punishment system allows for amputation of hands and legs and its leading executioner Muhammad Saad al-Beshi recently revealed how he has a choice of weapons for different sentences.

“I use a special sharp knife, not a sword,” he said. “When I cut off a hand, I cut it from the joint. If it is a leg, the authorities specify where it is to be taken off, so I follow that.”

One foreign observer in Chop Chop Square described the moment of a decapitation. He wrote: “At 9am, the executioner gently lowers the blade to jab at the condemned’s neck, which jerks the prisoner’s body to attention.

“Then the real blow: The blade is drawn high up, then swung back down. It cleaves skin, muscle and bone with a hollow, echoing thud.

“A lurid crimson waterfall chases the head to the granite like the sound of a wet rag being wrung out over a stainless steel sink. The body sways forward, snaps up, and slumps off to the right.

“A loudspeaker lists the decapitated man’s crimes before the executioner sheathes his sword and a thickly bearded soldier claps his hands in the air while a janitor begins hosing down the granite.”

Another man is waiting to have his spinal cord severed after being found responsible for an accident after which another man was unable to walk. 

A woman who is partly retarded is awaiting decapitation after three weeks' torture by police resulted in a confession to murder.

A man who was decapitated the day before has had his head sewn back on so he can be displayed lashed to a pole in the market.

The usual sentences for adultery are carried out, but somehow a man is never held responsible and one third of all decapitations are foreign nationals. 

Every execution carries the signature of King Abdullah.

This is the State of Medina and Mecca where the prophet Mohammed raped and slaughtered his way to prominence. This is the true Islam of today encased in shocking Shariah Law.

This is the base system of archaic brutality that all good Muslims must aspire to when they trek to Mecca. This is where all good Muslims must face to pray.

... and it’s where halal slaughtered animals must also face.


How about we charge Saudi oil suppliers a Christian tax and have the stuff blessed as it is extracted from the ground. If the oil isn't Christian certified then we don't buy it. How would this go down in oil-rich Muslim countries? Surely they'd be OK with it, right?

Will he fall over and cut his head off. Sad that a ruler of a country has to hold a golden sword to intimate the world. Time for the west to move on and sever all ties. They have been robbing us for decades. The world has come to a cross road. Time will tell if we acted and turn down the right road.

Sounds like a nice place for a holiday.

Bakken oil field has massive reserves in the USA/Canada


i have been on the net forums blogs for a long while.
you need to be very careful about to much info''

just sayin

China already owns 80 percent of arable farming land they will do fly ins with Chinese workers which they already do in chicken factory in Newcastle .China will pay no tax and not employ anyone we are stuffed .NAFTA has killed jobs in USA.

But, the Lambie proposal to index soldiers pay to the CPI poses a couple of questions, and seems at odds with the statements made by parliamentarians from all side of politics whom unilaterally acknowledging that CPI is simply not the right index to keep pace with the cost of living.

The Lambie proposal, which I assume would exclude the Public Beneficiary Living Cost Index (PBLCI) and the Male Total Average Weekly Earnings (MTAWE) from the indexation formula for Soldiers pay, means the incomes of our soldiers will no longer keep pace with community income standards.

Veterans fought a long and hard battle over many years to have the CPI not used as the basis for calculating pay adjustments.

What is it that Lambie is striving for? Is it revenge on her fellow soldiers for her failed military career? Or,

Is Senator Lambie perhaps not well informed and making emotive populist pronouncements without really knowing what destruction she is likely to wrought?

Perhaps her thinking might clear if she were to repay the monies it is alleged she rorted from The Department of Veterans' Affairs? It might clear her conscious and clarify her thinking?
We can all dream.

So much for the "peak oil" con. For decades, oil prices have been kept high, and have been forever rising on the basis that its a scarce resource which is going to run out. Well, this Saudi Arabian action demonstrates just what a con it has all been. Interestingly, the world now has more known oil reserves than it has ever known in history. One of the numerous untapped oil reserves is the world's largest oil reserve discovered in the 1970s at Gull Island near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, which was immediately capped and classified by Washington following its discovery. In fact, Alaska has enough oil reserves to supply much of the the world. But the policy has been to keep oil prices high ... until now. It's an absolute con!

Talking of Muslims taking over our country I was pleasantly surprised when in Coles last week to hear them playing Jingle Bells. As a shareholder in Woolworths I hope that they too wake up to themselves and real market sentiment and recommence playing traditional Christian songs this Christmas.

Sack the council before they give our country away.

The sooner the world sucks every last drop of oil out of Saudi Arabia the better

"A [Labor so-called 'refugee'] lied about ­having cancer, faked his ­father’s death and spent prolonged ­periods at home in Iraq while Australian taxpayers funded his Disability ­Support Pension payments.

Ali Mahmood, now 54, started receiving welfare ­payments a month after he ­arrived in Australia on a ­humanitarian visa in 2003. He remained on them for almost a decade before they were finally cut off by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal."

DJT, what drugs are you on the FTA with China is designed to tranfer wealth from OZ to China.

Is there a illegal drug usage problem under this regime?.

Did you read the rest of my post? Wherein lies the point I was trying to get across. ? Do agree with what you are saying though. 1400 children abused over a decade under the noses of left wing religion by the 1400 year old religion, how poetic

We all know the Saudis are the most backward in Islam in all areas human rights, repression of women everything (except oil) and we kow- tow to them because of it... But you are saying get rid of Obama and you get rid of the Saudis your is called OPEC.

Coming to a Caliphate near you soon care of Bega, Vegemite, Woolworths, Coles, Steggles, etc etc....

Seeing everyone in Islam are so at peace with each other and would never do anything horrible to harm another muslim ,why would any islamic country need this form of death seeing all muslims live by their prophets words and non other ?

Goodnight, see you tomorrow.