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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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The Saltbush Club

Skilled and Thinking Australians concerned at the huge costs and unproven benefits of the climate, energy and infrastructure policies on both sides of Federal Parliament.

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


A new lobby group comprising scientists, farmers, consumers, small business and big business is urging both sides of Australian politics to put aside party interests and global agendas to focus on what's best for Australian business, workers, consumers and the environment.

The Saltbush Club calls for Australia to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement and to cease financing or supporting the international bodies promoting it.

It challenges the whole idea of a consensus on man-made global warming.

Jerry Ellis, retired chairman of BHP, and Founding Chairman of the Saltbush Club says:

"It is clear that Australia’s push to meet the Paris carbon dioxide emission targets is leading to higher electricity prices and unreliable supply. We have lost the balance between working for environmental outcomes and working for economic outcomes. These things need to be balanced, and this balance is missing with the Paris Agreement. The world would be a better placed with strong economies generating money to spend on poverty, health, infrastructure and the environment."

Hugh Morgan, CEO of Western Mining 1990-2003 and a director of the Saltbush Club agrees:

"People think the Paris Accord is just about commitments to lower CO2. It is really about transferring wealth via the UN to the so-called Less Developed Countries. It’s about advancing centralised control of people’s lives on a global scale. This climate alarm movement has got so far because of backing by Western millennials who have been indoctrinated during their education. Enjoying living standards unprecedented in world history, they have embraced alarmism as a new secular religion.”

Ellis and Morgan are supported by a large, skilled and experienced group of other Australians calling themselves “The Saltbush Club”. The group was organised by Viv Forbes (with a few helpers), from a country farm-house in Queensland with no landline, no NBN and less than $3,000 in financial support.

Forbes says:

“The Saltbush Club has over 200 foundation members, plus a bigger group of “silent” members. It will be a voice for those who are rarely heard in the climate and energy debate - those consumers of electricity who are concerned that the war on hydro-carbon energy has increased the costs and reduced the reliability of electricity for industry and private consumers.

“It welcomes anyone with a similar view, regardless of their political affiliations or leanings.

“We must reject the UN Agenda which is crippling western industry with high-cost unreliable electricity in a futile attempt to control global climate.”

“Our top priority is to have Australia withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement and to cease financing or supporting the international bodies promoting it.”

Jo Nova (a well-read blogger and Saltbush Media Director) added:

“Who speaks for consumers? Our elected reps are supposed to, but few are willing to speak up. There is a $1.5 trillion dollar global industry that wants Australia to accept Paris, but no debate about the vested interests that stand to profit while Australian consumers and businesses pay carbon taxes they have voted against every time they had the chance.”

Viv Forbes

[email protected]

The Saltbush Club:

Jerry Ellis Chairman 

Hugh Morgan 

Joanne Nova Media Director 

Ian Plimer 

Viv Forbes Executive Director 


Can you cite any scientific paper that disproves the link between CO2 and climate?

What have these comments got to do with the Saltbush Club?

Where do the Australian (and Vichy French) casualties in the Syrian campaign lie in the WWII scheme of things?

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Eyewitnesses to the Treblinka “Gas Chambers”
John Wear

this is a critical point about the Cold Warwhich I have previously mentioned was a jew psyop to financially rape and pilfer the Russia and the Soviet empire by the Wall Street Jimmy Choos ' During communism all the money that the red state needed was recorded by the national bank as a credit to the state itself (strange right?). The interesting thing is that these debts were later taken over by capitalist investors during the peaceful removal of communism, with enormous gains, almost like an investment.Thus, Hitler could have left our Jewish economic system intact, by simply replacing the private investors with a state bureaucracy as it happened with Communism. Rather he started sinning one by one against all its principles, like the value of money, the necessity of debts, interests, etc. altering many important parts of the structure.

Surely, the communists also criticized many principles of capitalism, but they never put those things into practice and the most important things like interests or usury were not even tackled by Karl Marx in his writings. Thus, not even in their theory did they dare to really hurt the system.Communism was, on the contrary, never fought as desperately as NS Germany. It had many decades to produce the kind of freedom it promised but in all that time it never came even close to challenge capitalism.

In the end Communism created in record time the kind of state that the Jewish banker dreams: totally mechanized, centralized, free from contact with Nature and in tune with endless growth. This was possible through the magic trick of merely replacing the international investor with a state bureaucracy, a trick which the elites had already employed during the absolutism of the 17th century, the same time when investment companies took their modern form.'

D-Day anniversary: France's forgotten Blitz
By John Laurenson BBC News
It has been a taboo subject in France for 70 years but in his D-Day commemoration speech on 6 June, President Francois Hollande will pay tribute to the terrible civilian casualties suffered by the French due to Allied bombing up to and during the liberation of France.
Historians believe Allied bombardments killed almost as many French people as German bombs killed Britons during the Blitz.
According to research carried out by Andrew Knapp, history professor at the UK's University of Reading, British, American and Canadian air raids resulted in 57,000 French civilian losses in World War Two.
"That's a figure slightly below, but comparable to, the 60,500 the British lost as a result of Luftwaffe bombing over the same period," says Knapp who is the co-author of Forgotten Blitzes and a book just published in France called Les francais sous les bombes alliees 1940-1945 (The French Under Allied Bombardment).
"It is also true that France took seven times the tonnage of [Allied] bombs that the UK took [from Nazi Germany]," says Knapp. "Roughly 75,000 tonnes of bombs were dropped on the UK [including Hitler's V missiles]. In France, it's in the order of 518,000 tonnes," he says.
'War crimes'
Winston Churchill, who addressed the French over the airwaves with confidence and even a certain relish in their own language, spoke to them as Allies despite the collaboration with the Nazis of a part of the French population.
Read on -

Adolph "Harpo" Marx

However, I have never been convinced Hitler committed suicide. That takes courage even though it is often referred to as a cowardly act. Either way, it is never the answer.

World War II Timeline
(History for kids!)

World War II lasted from 1939 to 1945. There were several major events leading up to the war and then during the war. Here is a timeline listing some of the major events:

Leading up to the War

1933 January 30 - Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. His Nazi Party, or the Third Reich, takes power and Hitler is essentially the dictator of Germany.

1936 October 25 - Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy form the Rome-Berlin Axis treaty.

1936 November 25 - Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan sign the Anti-Comintern Pact. This was a pact against communism and Russia.

1937 July 7 - Japan invades China.

1938 March 12 - Hitler annexes the country of Austria into Germany. This is also called the Anschluss.

World War II

1939 September 1 - Germany invades Poland. World War II begins.

1939 September 3 - France and Great Britain declare war on Germany.

1940 April 9 to June 9 - Germany invades and takes control of Denmark and Norway.

1940 May 10 to June 22 - Germany uses quick strikes called blitzkrieg, meaning lightning war, to take over much of western Europe including the Netherlands, Belgium, and northern France.

1940 May 30 - Winston Churchill becomes leader of the British government.

1940 June 10 - Italy enters the war as a member of the Axis powers.

1940 July 10 - Germany launches an air attack on Great Britain. These attacks last until the end of October and are known as the Battle of Britain.

1940 September 22 - Germany, Italy, and Japan sign the Tripartite Pact creating the Axis Alliance.

1941 June 22 - Germany and the Axis Powers attack Russia with a huge force of over four million troops.

1941 December 7 - The Japanese attack the US Navy in Pearl Harbor. The next day the US enters World War II on the side of the Allies.

1942 June 4 - The US Navy defeats the Japanese navy at the Battle of Midway.

1942 July 10 - The Allies invade and take the island of Sicily.

1943 September 3 - Italy surrenders to the Allies, however Germany helps Mussolini to escape and set up a government in Northern Italy.

1944 June 6 - D-day and the Normandy invasion. Allied forces invade France and push back the Germans.

1944 August 25 - Paris is liberated from German control.

1944 December 16 - The Germans launch a large attack in the Battle of the Bulge. They lose to the Allies sealing the fate of the German army.

1945 February 19 - US Marines invade the island of Iwo Jima. After a fierce battle they capture the island.

1945 April 12 - US President Franklin Roosevelt dies. He is succeeded by President Harry Truman.

1945 March 22 - The US Third Army under General Patton crosses the Rhine River.

1945 April 30 - Adolf Hitler commits suicide as he knows Germany has lost the war.

1945 May 7 - Germany surrenders to the Allies

Chopper is a big proponent of rolling over , sticking his arse in the air and attempting to play dead when faced with any crisis. Real or imagined. Then when it has passed he pretends that he was a valiant defender, happy to award himself medals and parade around. All blather without substance.

Photo of Hitler Embracing Child of Jewish Grandmother Sells for $11,520
Associated Press
A photograph showing Adolf Hitler embracing a young girl who had a Jewish grandmother has sold at auction for more than $11,000. The Washington Post reported the black-and-white image taken by Heinrich Hoffmann and inscribed by Hitler in dark blue ink shows him smiling as he embraces Rosa Bernile Nienau in 1933 at his mountainside retreat ... Alexander Historical Auctions of Chesapeake City, Maryland, sold the photo Tuesday for $11,520. The auction house said research showed Hitler became aware of the girl’s Jewish heritage but chose to ignore it. Nienau, who was nearly six when the photo was taken, died of polio in 1943 ... This wasn't the first time the auction house handled Hitler-related items. In February 2017, a telephone owned by Hitler has sold at auction for $243,000.
"Germany Must Perish"

The Goebbels diary: a forgery?

Winston Churchill was NOT the PM on the 3 September 1939 when England joined WWII. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was a British politician, army officer, and writer, who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. As Prime Minister, Churchill led Britain to victory in the Second World War.