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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Contempt of Royal Commission

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“(1) Any person who intentionally insults or disturbs a Royal Commission, or interrupts the proceedings of a Royal Commission, or uses any insulting language towards a Royal Commission, or by writing or speech uses words false and defamatory of a Royal Commission, or is in any manner guilty of any intentional contempt of a Royal Commission, shall be guilty of an offence.” (under a penalty of 3 months' jail.)

It seems the entire Labor Party is guilty of an offence along with most media scribes and radio jocks.

Okay, the reason this law was enacted soon after Federation was to ensure the integrity of Royal Commissions in future.

The fact that Labor’s class idiot Dreyfus was the first to jump on the bandwagon after reading a Fairfax report shows his ignorance of the law and how he (and now with others) has jeopardised the process of all Royal Commissions.

The reason? Well, once a Royal Commission has commenced, no government can legally stop it. So Commissioner Heydon may now choose to step down only because of a perception of bias that exists due entirely to Labor Party accusations.

But if the Commissioner does decide to step down to protect a perception of integrity, then virtually every Royal Commissioner could be forced to step down due to a witness’s criticism of bias (i.e. Bill Shorten).

Dyson Heydon now has a dilemma... should he ignore the politicisation of the Commission and continue, or should he opt to step aside to protect the process and perceived integrity of the Commission itself?

Most guilty witnesses called before a Royal Commission will disagree with a Commissioner’s findings but the law disallows criticism of that Commission while in process, or criticism of its Commissioner, for a very good reason.

No Commission should have to continue its deliberations under a cloud of perceived bias.

Therefore Commissioner Heydon’s choices are to either step down (and leave an ensuing Commissioner to suffer the same contemptuous behaviour) or to recommend to the DPP that a clutch of ALP idiots be charged with contempt, including Dreyfus, Shorten and Albanese.

Dyson Heydon is one of the finest legal minds in the country and anyone who has viewed the TURC live streaming would know that.

The ROYAL COMMISSIONS ACT of 1902 was enacted to protect Royal Commissions and Commissioners like Dyson Heydon from rabble like Dreyfus, Shorten and others.

If Royal Commissions are to survive in future, a few heads need to roll now.


If Labor and the Unions are so innocent why are they making such noise about closing down into an audit of their affairs that can only make their Union's better for the experience by weeding out undesirables who have shit on those they are employed to protect from people like themselves who are worse than those they portray themselves out to be protecting their workers from.

Unfortunately our gutless govt won't want to make a martyr out of any of these scul and will allow them to besmirch the RC at every turn.These are the same tactics that the Mafia used in Italy to try and shut down trials,they then resorted to murder to ensue a result,just how far are the Unions and ALP willing to go to save Shorten and others.???

We now hear that the ACTU is demanding to see the e-mails,this is something that can not be permitted,if it was to go ahead then any evidence that a RC is looking at could be forced to be handed over to those who are trying to dodge prosecution for other crimes.

Wait for it .....

Leave it, Micky C. Many have tried to reason but for some sick reason this little group enjoy their power tripping. They cry foul that people harass them then resort to lies and abuse. Carry on posting as normal and pretend they're not there :)

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DoDo ...don't talk to me. You are part of the problem. Sure, he probably went to far. I think he's doing it for the right reasons of exposing and removing the relentless daily filthy trouble making scum .

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I agree that the ALP and the Unions have besmirched the Commissioner, but it was surely a naïve act on the part of the Liberal Party to risk even the slightest suggestion of conflict of interest or bias. By inviting him to speak, and for the commissioner to accept such an invitation.

Yes. IMO he has no choice really, but to recommend to the DPP that a clutch of ALP idiots be charged with contempt, including Dreyfus, Shorten and Albanese. And the ABC should be included in that action. Their treasonous ativities are ceaseless and endless.

NZ must have had something going for it that Australia lacked, even then, BP.If I can sell my property here in Vic, I'll certainly be taking a long hard look at NZ. Even if LNP do just scrape home in the next Fed election, this country's stuffed because of institutionalised corruption in our politics,Unions, MSM, and Judiciary. What a bloody waste of a couldabeen, but never quite was the greatest country on the planet .

I just want o say to you Bazz, haddy, whatever you need to call yourself, I love your work and your persistence in challenging those arseholes that continually abuse this sir efor the purpose of taking it down and trashing it.
You have done a fantastic job in finding out who they are and their tactics. They are scum angry low lives and I has wished their genuine comuppence happening a few weeks ago with the law or the authorities. It was disappointing that it didn't happen but one day I'm sure it will. Keep up the good work. You know you have people on this site that get what you do and the effort you have gone to in wanting them weeded. Cheers

If this RC were not to continue it would destroy beyond repair the very fabric of the principle of Crown Law that it can be overcome by a commoner .

Oh yes, and the Bolt clowns don't work on the weekends. Blair's mob are only a bit better, but the time delay remains.

Careful what you wish for Barry. The only way to accomplish what you want is through the use of moderators, and they are a right royal pain in the arse.
For instance the Bolt moderators must come from the ranks of getup I think, and the time delay from when you write till it appears, if it does, is bloody useless and stifles any continuity between posters.

Is it in the Commission's terms of reference to track down the final destination of millions as proceeds of union crime or do they merely look for corrupt activity? Can they compare extorted monies with ALP donations as part of their remit? We all know that socialists care nothing for workers and that unions exist solely to bankroll opposition to those with Australia's best interests at heart. This is a national security issue and ASIO and/or our military should be involved. The mafia is close to achieving the levers of power. Those entrusted with our security must honour that trust.

Labor's only purpose is to keep evil Liberals from power. This justifies a "whatever it takes" approach. So all this extortion, embezzlement, blackmail, fraud, threats, trespass, money laundering, organised crime associations, racketeering, smearing, cover-up and perjury is merely a means to the utopian ends. A utopia where unethical people control us and the good guys are cast as villains. An honourable media would dedicate every fibre of their being to exposing this most significant threat to our nation. But they're just as unethical. They want Abbott gone yesterday, replaced with a rapist.

Try Twinings - it'll do a much better job!