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Monday, 25th March 2019

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The Right to Remain Silent

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


As I’m sure you are all aware by now, Tommy Robinson is planning to tour Australia. He has a promoter, venues, dates, everything……….except a visa. As you probably also know, or could have guessed, our friends from SJW inc. are organising themselves to apply pressure to prevent Tommy’s visa request being approved.

I’m sure they will be trying hard so that they won’t have to use violence and intimidation to shut down his message.

No doubt they will be pointing to Tommy’s somewhat chequered past and to be fair, he is no choir boy. If he were wanting to emigrate here, his record would probably be a sticking point since being jailed by Her Majesty no longer guarantees a free trip down under.

However, as Tommy’s recent statement to the court in London demonstrates, he has hardly had a fair shake of the sauce bottle from the British legal system.

The radical left will also point to the outpouring of violent rage that Tommy’s presence here is likely to provoke. Since they are the ones who will be pouring out the violent rage however, this is hardly a persuasive argument.

Most of all, the perpetually offended will be crying over Tommy’s criticism of a community which is always stigmatised, simply due to their religious beliefs.

This may strike a chord with some of the more sentimental amongst our Pickering Post readers, but these kind of arguments have not prevented other celebrities with skeletons in their closets from being allowed into this country for a tour.

Take Charlie Sheen for example. Charlie is touring Australia right now and as far as I know, his visa was approved without so much as a peep from our defenders of the poor and downtrodden.

Now, I like Charlie as an actor, but as a potential son-in-law, probably not so much.

He has a long history of drug and alcohol issues, along with arrests for assault and battery of ex-wives, and the assault of a girlfriend. When it comes to rehab, he’s in and out like a fiddler’s elbow. He is also HIV positive and a sex addict. He reportedly spent US$50,000 with Heidi Fleiss alone on “escorts.”

And who the hell gets sued for assault and battery of a female dental assistant for God’s sake? Seems he didn’t like it when a woman stuck something in his mouth.

A timeline of some of his more notable meltdowns is here:

Yet when it came to applying for a visa for his Australian tour, there were no petitions against it that I heard of. The #metoo brigade weren’t there protesting at the airport when he touched down in Melbourne. Everyone was happy for Charlie to come in.

OK, so if that seems like a low bar to hop over, at least he wasn’t insulting religious minorities, especially Muslims. Surely that would be a red flag for the snowflakes and a reason to withhold entry?

Apparently not. In 2016, Brother Imran from the Indian city of Hyderabad decided to tour Australia. Who is Brother Imran, you ask?

Well according to one Brisbane based community group:

“Br. Imran has lead racist campaigns against Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Ahmadi Muslims. There are numerous “YouTube” videos of his speeches containing vile vituperative attacks on all religions that do not conform to his Islamic dogmas.


From Brother Imran's Facebook Page

He has called for his supporters to “chop off the hands of those who oppose them”. He describes Muslim girls who choose a Hindu partner as “Filthy Girls”. He argues that “wearing a veil is compulsory as it is Allah’s order.”

Last month, he was banged up in India for insulting the religious beliefs of (Shia) Muslims.

And if that isn’t inflammatory enough, he spells Adelaide with two L’s.

So what kind of protests greeted Brother Imran’s appearances in Australia? Did Antifa, the radical left and minority religious groups organise violent protests?

Did anyone pull the venue at the last minute due to far-right vigilante groups threatening to burn the place down? Were the organisers slapped with a $68,000 bill from the Victorian police to protect Brother Imran and his supporters?

What do you reckon? Brother Imran had his visa rubber stamped in a New York minute and as far as I can tell, he never had a single protester at any of his rallies. Even the Australian Grammatical Society were silent.

So why the anguish over Tommy? I mean sure, he was imprisoned for guaranteeing a mortgage which was repaid on time, and again for reading names off a BBC article in public.

Strangest of all is the outrage at his illegal entry into the USA. This, from the same people who had a meltdown when Trump threatened to build a wall to keep out illegal migrants.

Since 1965, one quarter of the population of Mexico has decamped itself to the USA, to the cheers of the open border brigade.

But let one Englishman slip over the border for a short trip and suddenly they are all in favour of “treating him like a criminal.” They want to have their cake and eat it too (though I don’t know why else you would want a cake).

But no matter how contrived their outrage; if they manufacture enough of it, the politicians will cave in as usual. That is, unless we make an even bigger noise.

We have a nominally right-wing Government, so let’s start putting the pressure on. Write to your local Federal Member as well as the Immigration Minister David Coleman and demand that Tommy gets a visa.

A very effective way to contact David Coleman would be to leave a message on his facebook page which can be found here:

David Coleman - Member for Banks

You can also find him on Twitter @DavidColemanMP

If you want to write to him (which is really effective) or ring his office, his details are as follows:


Electorate Office

Postal address

PO Box 564

Revesby, NSW, 2212

 (02) 9771 3400


Parliament Office

PO Box 6022

House of Representatives

Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2600

 (02) 6277 7770

Let him know in no uncertain terms that we want to hear what Tommy Robinson has to say. Feel free to cut and paste from this article or find your own examples of people who have been granted visas.

There is also a petition here:


Tickets were on sale here:


So take some time out to make a difference. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing – Edmund Burke.


wow , what a crowd, and the third concert rally in just one day. What a worker this bloke is.

Tomorrow could be huge.

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Commented that posts on Bolt had been removed overnight, now back up again.

On a positive note at least these two aren't gang raping underage teen girls. Sheep euthanised after being violently raped by ‘dark skinned man’ in Germany. At the feeding site, the sheep farmer saw a man kneeling behind one of his sheep, in a clear position, during sexual intercourse with the animal. According to reports, the sheep suffered from a ruptured rectum through the sexual act. The animal had to be euthanised because of its injuries. This is certainly not the first rape of a sheep in Germany. More than a week ago an African migrant was arrested in the German city of Freiburg for raping several animals and sexually assaulting three women.

Dr Judy Mikovitz testimony
Here is a brief testimony from a cancer research doctor who was persecuted and jailed without trial for publishing her findings about vaccines in a major medical journal. Big Pharma, which the Bible calls pharmakeia (“sorcery”) tried to force her to recant, but the evidence proved everything she said.

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Iran: A man blocked the entire road and threatening woman for not wearing #hijab???? properly.





Former Obama Campaign Worker Arrested for Neo-Nazi Graffiti Writing “Kill All Jews” on Brooklyn Synagogue…


Sorry Harry but I'm a Daily Telegraph reader (buy it for the cryptic crossie). Who's Tommy Robinson?

on photo above ' White bloke arrested by white police for supporting the rights of white people to have their own country....'....are white people mad? spineless?..or just easily bought?...

Koori physics..probably already commented on, but the Libs ( out of Canberra) are now running a koori science agenda..naturally this has the outspoken support of well known Jimmy Choo, Prof Finklestein..ding ding ding...yep..another Zio psyop..where white Aussie kids are taught that abos who were dispossessed of their land by evil whiteys..also had their entire civilisation destroyed..every city, every road..and every farm...and even Abo science was see according to the Libs, Abos led the world in astronomy, where they used the stars to help navigate..they also discovered ENERGY.and that applying energy to things like rocks could convert them into useful stuff like iron ore and aluminium..and the abos were also culinary experts with unique flavours from BBQ goanna and

The world is rapidly approaching a tipping point.

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