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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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The Religion of Peace by Piece

Fraser Anning

Fraser Anning is currently a Federal Senator for Queensland


Scott Morrison says we have a problem with “radical, violent, extremist Islam” That is a baby step in the right direction and I applaud it. Morrison’s approach is certainly better than that of his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull and way better than Labor or the Greens. The Prime Minister does not go far enough however. We don’t just have a problem with “radical” Islam. We have a problem with Islam itself.

Islam’s most revered Hadith – a saying of the prophet Muhammed – declares that Muslims cannot enter heaven unless the whole world has been conquered and the last of the Jews have been slaughtered. The only people who can go straight to the highest heaven (the one with all the virgins on standby) are those killed while fighting Jihad.

Islamic scholars refer to all parts of the world not under Islamic rule as“Dar al Harb” or “House of War.” Non-Muslims are commonly referred to as “Harbis.”

Anyone who cannot understand that this is a declaration of religious war does not deserve to be in a position of leadership.

Numerous Muslim leaders have declared that Islam is at war with non-Muslims.

Ayatollah Khomeini was quoted as saying:

“Islam makes it incumbent on all adult males, provided they are not disabled or incapacitated, to prepare themselves for the conquest of [other] countries so that the writ of Islam is obeyed in every country in the world. But those who study Islamic Holy War will understand why Islam wants to conquer the whole world. Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those [who say this] are witless. Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all!”

Where was the backlash from Islamic scholars to this declaration of war? There wasn’t one because this declaration was perfectly in line with Islamic scripture.

Then, there was Colonel Gaddafi who said that, “There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe without swords, without guns without military conquests. The fifty million Muslims in Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”

Watch from 2:40

This is yet another declaration of war against white Christian Europe. Where was the backlash from other Islamic leaders against such a provocative statement? There wasn’t one. Why not? If a Western leader had made such a statement against the Muslim Middle East, he would have been greeted with howls of anger from all other Western leaders let alone from Muslims.

And what about the Turkish leader Recep Erdogan?

He read out an Islamic poem in public in 1997 when he was Mayor of Istanbul, which included the lines, "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers..."

There was a backlash against this, but only from the secular Turkish authorities who jailed him for four months. There was no backlash from his main constituency, ordinary Turks who are deeply devout and conservative Muslims. Why did they not object to Erdogan portraying their religion as a religion of war and conquest? Because it has always been so, and anyone prepared to do some basic research can confirm this.

These are not just some kebab shop owners, these are high profile Islamic leaders whose proclamations went unchallenged from their community. As a rule, Muslims are incompatible with Western societies due to their belief system which from a literal reading as well as historical experience, encourages conquest.

If Muslims really are at war with us, as appears to be the case, then we are in deep trouble, or to be more accurate, mainstream political leaders have placed us in deep trouble.

UK demographics have shown the Islamic proportion of the population doubling roughly every decade. According to projections from the Pew Research Centre, that rate has slowed a little. Nevertheless, the Muslim population of the UK is set to triple in 30 years. It is already over 4 percent. That projection assumes that Muslims, with their increasing political power, will not open the immigration floodgates even wider.

Thankfully Australia is not as far gone as Britain, though in both countries the Muslim populations will grow to dangerous levels in the next twenty years if the establishment parties stay in power.

The immigrant problem is larger than Islam, though Muslims are especially incompatible with Western society. Australia already has a foreign-born population of 28%. If immigration continues at these levels then traditional Australians, whose forefathers fought for this country, will soon become a minority. This is simply not fair, and in a democracy, it is political suicide.

The facilitators of this action are participating in an act of treachery, whether they know it or not. Ignorance is no excuse under the laws they make for the rest of the citizens.

This is a betrayal of the people they are supposed to be protecting

Borders and protection of national identity are human rights and the Australian Government has an obligation to its citizens to protect THEM not give the benefit of the doubt to people who pose a threat WHY ARE OUR POLITICIANS DOING THIS? Most of the people in the Parliament appear to be aware of the situation. MOST OF THEM KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. If they don’t, they are grossly negligent because constituents are informing them.

Imagine how rotten the policy-making process must be for us to actually allow Muslims to enter the country in large numbers knowing what we know, from experience both here and overseas.

Much of the problem lies with our MAINSTREAM MEDIA

Back in 2007, John Howard stopped immigration from Somalia citing “problems” such as street crime and persistent unemployment. It now seems he was right, though a little late. Why didn’t the media mention this? Now we have problems with Sudanese who form gangs and riot and rob and violently invade people’s homes.

Instead of suppressing the facts, the media should name the responsible politicians every time an Australian is killed or maimed by an immigrant or refugee.

Immigration ministers and their senior public servants who allowed these people into Australia should be NAMED and SHAMED every time these migrants or their children create havoc.

They should not be allowed to get away with murdering our nation.

Unfortunately, rather than doing their job – which is to protect us from these things – the mainstream media go into attack mode when anyone mentions these problems. They howl down anyone with sensible objections, branding them with all the usual ridiculous slurs such as Nazi, xenophobe, racist, islamophobe, etc etc etc.

Sadly, every single one of our politicians seem to go to water once these slurs are used on them. They come running back with a GROVELLING APOLOGY They are more concerned with their own self-interest than that of the people of Australia.

Instead, they cave in to a corporate sector seeking low wage migrants and to corrupt universities seeking donations and full fee-paying students from oil rich Islamic countries.

There are too many small, Conservative parties already. They mean well but they don’t have the COURAGE TO STAND UP to the onslaught. I know, because I have had interesting associations with two of them already in my short political career.

My working life started as a Grazier in North Qld staring down angry bulls. I then spent years managing some of the roughest pubs in Queensland staring down angry bikies.

There is no way I will ever cave in to a bunch of 70 Senators or a pack of 20 something snowflake journalists.

You may have noticed that since my maiden speech, from which every politician recoiled, many of these same politicians have seen the positive reactions on social media and are now climbing belatedly onto the bandwagon.

Whether they will continue to demonstrate this new-found courage if I am not returned to Parliament remains to be seen.

The final solution – the honourable and sustainable solution – IS FOR AUSTRALIANS TO VOTE FOR POLITICIANS who they know will have the COURAGE and the CONVICTION to stand up for the traditional Australian people. If enough of you will do that, then we can save this wonderful land and pass it on to the people it rightfully belongs to.

Not to the children of Hassan Khalif Shire Ali or Man Haron Monis, but to our children and our children’s children.

Fraser Anning is a Federal Senator for Queensland.


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Climate Change makes absolutely no sense unless you understand what the New World Order is all about. Then it make perfect sense.

That particular Afghani ended up topping himself.

He pisses off Disraeli et al on he has gotta be doing the right thing on the basis of that alone.

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I'm having trouble finding a political Party right wing enough for me.


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O/T....Violent robbery of a Qld convenience store by 4 maggots.Heads and hands covered ,but it was clear that they were Africoon.Multicultural enrichment program seems to be working out for poor Qlanders also.

BREAKING: President Trump says he doesn’t believe the U.S. government report on climate change: “I don’t believe it.” - AP

Its a commie redistribution scam. Where is this list of scientists? Plus, isn’t it 97% of scientists. Its watermelon.

Majority of rational people know it is a scam.

The report was a 10yr study......8yrs under obama.

Mostly of the studies are about government funds. & since we have alot of environmentalists and liberals in the Gov, it been about bureaucracy & funding for each other. ALL ABOUT $$$ for these programs & benefits for themselves

Climate Change is HOAX to control Humanity

Truth: Climate Engineering & Weather Warfare

California Drought
Freakish hurricanes size and behavior
Paradise Incinerated

Population Control Plan installed in US cities:
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BOLT: The left run Victorian Libs and they've lost every Newspoll for the past 5 years. Similar to the Federal Libs who're also run by the left. Lefty losers.

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Senator ANNING (Queensland): I rise today to oppose and condemn the Customs Amendment (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership Implementation) Bill 2018 and related bills, that enable what is commonly called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This agreement is bad for Aussie business and bad for Aussie workers and families. Because of this, I foreshadow that I will be moving a
second reading amendment to the bill.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement might be great for Vietnam, the Philippines and other low-wage Third World economies, but it is very bad for Australia. This agreement is but the latest in a long line of deals with foreign countries that give away Aussie jobs and industry to supposedly disadvantaged foreign nations, beginning with Whitlam, who put a wrecking ball through Australian industry with his unilateral tariff cuts.
Subsequent Liberal and Labor governments have all been infatuated with the internationalist vision of trade.
In 1975, the Whitlam government signed the United Nations Lima Declaration, through which the Australian government sold out Australian industries and workers by specifically agreeing to transfer manufacturing to Third World countries, supposedly to help them develop. Almost every move to liberalise trade since that day has led to a net transfer of jobs and industry away from Australia and the current TPP is just the latest outrageous example. Giant transnational corporations love the Lima agreement, of course, since taking jobs away from decently-paid Aussie workers and instead employing Third World semi-slaves made them a fortune. Perhaps that is the reason why both Labor and the Liberals agree on these kinds of trade deals. The Left think that our national prosperity is something to apologise for and that we have an unending obligation to subsidise foreigners. In practice, if not intent, the capitalist globalists agree with them.

Transnational corporations don’t care about the best interests of Australians, only their own profits, and profits are larger if you employ Third Worlders on slave wages than if you employ Aussies on decent award wages.

Like all post-Lima declaration trade deals, the TPP will allow foreign multinationals the right to dictate terms to our government regarding rules and regulations. The TPP will see Australia’s sovereignty further eroded. This agreement will allow cheap foreign goods from countries with historically bad safety regulations to flood the Australian market. The TPP will see food from countries with almost non-existent workplace health and safety standards enter Australia—just like the Asian white spot disease, which was introduced and devastated our prawn sector. The TPP will see hardworking Australians fighting against workers whose wages would be considered slavery in Australia. Their wages are so low that they struggle to afford food, shelter or clothing. To protect our sovereignty, food security, wages and work, the TPP agreement must be rejected. Australia was once a nation of doers, hard workers and builders. We tamed the harsh, dry land of the outback. We built massive infrastructure projects, like the Snowy scheme. Australia was the land of the worker and the farmer. Now, ever since the Whitlam era, we have seen a Liberal-Labor consensus in favour of globalism, foreign ownership, exporting jobs and importing cheap foreign labour.

This has resulted in Australia becoming the land of unemployed university graduates and foreign workers. Our major parties have allowed Australia to become a nation without work, with our remaining major industries, mining and hospitality, digging things up and selling them to foreigners, and serving dinner and drinks to our foreign overlords. Our once prosperous economy has been raided and pillaged by multinational corporations.

That is exactly what Australia has seen with these global trade agreements. We have seen the demand for labour drop as factories move overseas, while the major parties allow foreign workers to flood the country. This has caused the devastating problems of wage stagnation and the casualisation of our workforce. Without a proper wage and stable, full-time work, how can Australians provide for their families? Before Whitlam, 70 per cent of the Australian workforce was employed in decent, well-paid jobs in manufacturing. Now there are barely any. One-sided trade deals since the Lima declaration, like the TPP, have seen almost all of our manufacturing closed down. The Liberal-Labor consensus is happy to see the white goods industry gone, the textile industry gone, the glass industry gone, the steel industry gone and, of course, the Aussie motor industry gone. Whatever we have left will be destroyed by the TPP. The first focus of any Australian government should be the long-term security and prosperity of Australian families and Australia. Families are only strong when there is stable, well-paying, full-time work. A nation is only strong when families are thriving. My amendment goes to the heart of this issue. My amendment will provide that further consideration of the bill will be postponed until the TPP agreement is renegotiated to exclude countries with low wage levels and countries that provide direct or indirect subsidies for key products. My amendment will protect the jobs and conditions of Aussie workers. I ask my Senate colleagues to think again about this UN-inspired globalist compact, voting for my amendment or rejecting these bills if my amendment is unsuccessful.



It is not often we have the chance to agree totally with our MP’s; however Senator Anning has spoken about all of the disadvantages of the Lima Agreement and the TPP Free Trade Agreement. It will be such a pleasure to be able to support him with a brief note of congratulations. He is a Queensland Senator but deserves encouragement from other States too. Send your note to him at “Parliament House, Canberra. ACT 2600”
Copy his speech and send it to your local MP. Tell him you agree with Senator Anning’s remarks and that you wish him to also promote the content of the speech.
Send copies to other Senators - tell them you agree with Sen Anning and ask them to support his amendment to the TPP proposal. Stress to them how important it is to protect Australian production and employment.
Do not let this occasion slip without acting!

Warden? We Need another straight jacket here.

Hook, line and sinker, well done Harry.

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The new ground rules are great, many posters can now post in peace.

Spot on Frazer. Keep speaking out.

Mark Latham agrees to pay damages to ABC's Osman Faruqi in defamation case. Poor old Mark.