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Monday, 18th June 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Aboriginal Father Christmas addressed the Press Club today in a room of fawning Lefties and he wants greater representation in Parliament. Well, Aborigines have been over-represented over a long period thanks largely to Captains’ picks on parachutes into the Senate.

“Professor” Patrick Dodson (academia’s Left has been handing out professorships like yippee beans at a truckdrivers’ picnic) reckons too many Aborigines are in gaol. He’s right! But why are they there? Let me guess, more of them have broken the law maybe?

Some States now have what they call Koori Courts that apply a different rule book with different penalties for "Aboriginal" crime, that’s pretty good eh? Let’s have an Islamic Court and a Jewish Court and while we’re at it, let’s have a Collingwood Court too.

I’m just about over whining Aborigines who never seem happy despite the wasted billions thrown at them and all the tearful “sorries” plus Mabo rights over land they did not originally own that they on-sold to mining companies.

They wanted self determination so we gave them millions of taxpayers’ funds to spend under the umbrella of ATSIC. The money was wasted on grog and buying players for their favourite football team. So we were again left with the job of mollycoddling them from a subsistence existence into the real world.

The reason we still have an Aboriginal problem is that Aborigines have refused to take responsibility for themselves and their families. They camp in the long grass on the main street, blind drunk, bashing their women and sexually abusing their kids until, when the “whities” try to help they accuse them of racism! Oh and for God’s sake we must never reciprocate or, after bashing us of course, they will have us in court the next day.

Aborigines and their white brothers are among the most racist people ever to live in this country but when you know you’re guilty the first law of the jungle is to go on the attack and accuse everyone else of being racist. If nothing else they have become politically aware, as white “Aborigines” school them thoroughly in the ropes.

South Asian and Pacific native races of head-shrinking cannibals I have known are far more advanced than the Australian Aboriginal race... and most of them have never seen a "whitie".

I’ve lived with these Aboriginal blokes who are in and out of gaol. They call you a white c*** and spit on you every chance they get. They take over outback pubs where they occupy the main bar and we whitie c***s are confined to a filthy room out the back. If you want another beer you have to yell out to the barman from the verandah and he'll bring it out to you.

Justification for their racism is that they were here first and that we “invaded” their land.... what bullshit!

They were certainly not here first and the only land that we adopted we improved in the national interest enabling us to pay for their excesses. I was born on this land before the "professor" and most of his mates and I will not cower in shame at being here. I will not!

We are not yet a Muslim nation and we actually want to integrate. We want Aborigines to come with us, but they refuse, believing that "whities" are the source of all their problems. Closing the gap is extremely difficult when there is no more a primitive race on Earth than the Australian Aboriginal race.

American Indians and Inuits assimilated, Maoris assimilated, but not Aborigines! Why? The answer is generational hatred of those who made this nation a success story. Children high on petrol fumes ingest the parental hatred, one day to repeat the same vicious venom to their children. And on it goes.

The reason for so many deaths in custody is that incarceration is foreign to them. Tribal penalties never involved locking the offender up, so there are other penalties available to the courts that would not involve dangerous incarceration. 

But it’s time to call a stop to this invader v victim nonsense and insist they stand on their own feet where we can meet and compete with them as equals.

Only then can equality and integration begin. 


If water jet propulsion was the deal breaker in the selection of the Frog sub over the Jap and German bids, why the fuck wasnt this aspect of the design set out as a manditory requirement in the tender contract. Would have saved a whole mess of time and ensured we got the most competitive bid. Now all we have done is feathered the nest of lazy militant Unions on both sides of the globe.

But if we didn't invade it would all be blackfellas, living that wonderfully harmonious, idyllic lifestyle. But, we did invade, and there are no full-blood blackfellas left in Australia, unless there are pockets living way way way in the scrub, who have never seen whitey, and if there are they'd have two heads and be drooling out of their mouths and be as inbred as fuck. They'd be even more subhuman than the other 90% (10% of coons are good people).

Fuck off Durance you fucking idiot. Okay, the coons don't want to assimilate, I am okay with that. I don't want them anywhere near me, except the 10% of the good blackfellas. But, they don't want to assimilate, fine, but they can go live out in the bush on their 'own' land, and once they do that, once they want to be coon and not Australian, they forfeit all rights to anything to do with the filthy whitey, like our money, booze, drugs. They can live the way they did 250 years ago before us white coots came, like the filthy animals they were, raping and killing and eating goanna and kangaroo and sucking down water. Fucking disgusting worthless pieces of black shit.

I'd be much more taken by this article if the word whitey was spelled correctly. Whitie is not correct. Please amend the article to show this. Thank you.

Not a squeak from Dodson about the fate of the remote area nurses who are assaulted on a regular basis, while trying to help the communities. You'd think that all the remote area nursing positions should be held by aboriginals, but no!. The only positions the aboriginals want as "identified" positions involve a desk and a chair in an airconditioned office in a city center. Not one of them wants to work in the heat, dust and danger of the communities - that's white mans work.

Yes - and the Prof propogates the hatred still. One day benefits may stop.

Any Abo who sticks their head up should be tasked with fixing the problems in their own communities and supported in doing it. Whities can't fix them.

The Nurse sneaks in the hospital drug pantry on regular occasion.

What ever you were on when you wrote that first piece, Durance, can I have some?

Houdini is off on a tangent at the moment he will come round, be patient, he can be stubborn.

Dodson, get a haircut & get a real job.

KD Lang. Not far off I suggest. Craving relevance.


Houdini. Whilst most on here know that in general I support you, I would take it personally if you keep up the spat with IE. I have found IE over the years to be of sound reputation and have a certain rapport and respect for the gentleman. If I were you I would reconsider you tact and redirect at other cretins that are many. Cheers IE I am sure we can organise a cease fire. In the meantime carry on regardless old mate. Houdini you are wrong targeting IE. I will leave it at that.

As someone whose - most recent - Australian - ancestry was in the 1850's - those who pioneered "Australia", I endorse this post by LP. The aborigines aren't really "Australians" (the very Latin-derived word and geographical context etc etc was unknown to the Malay Peninsular derived nomads). Australia was made by those of BRITISH ancestry and their ruthless but progressive economic system, complete with burgeoning markets in the Motherland. The aboriginal people never rose, were unable to rise, to that possibility. Sad but true. The best thing that happened to them was that the "invasion" was British. Otherwise, inter alia, most of those among them who agitate - of Irish/Scot admixture (i.e. with existing justified and otherwise, chips on the shoulders) - wouldn't genetically exist, nor would they likely exist in such favourable conditions had the “conquest” have been Portuguese (viz Catholic East Timor!) or Spanish (Philippines!). Like with the Gypsies of Eastern Europe, there are sinister political forces that have got among them so they are used as a force against the Anglo-Celtic pioneering majority - for the dirtiest of purposes.

I was over whinging ingrate Abbo bastards years ago. They use the same MO as all the other lefty scum bag groups! Imagine one minute if we all adopted the same attitude they have? And we went back to our roots, protesting over what we judge to miscarriages of justive to our ancestors. I should go and claim land rights in Ireland. Advancement will never come while younger generations carry the hatreds and bias of older, long gone ancestors.

I will defy anyone on earth to point out to me one single solitary contribution they have made to make anything better. They claim to have invented the boomerang (what a great thing) and they can not even win the Boomerang throwing competition.As a retired country copper who spent 90% of my 42 years in "black fella" towns I consider I have a tiny bit of insight into how they carry on. Thanks L P. I thinks you must have been in some of the same towns.

Lamington .

Yes we invaded a prehistoric culture and tried to get them to stop their misogynistic polygamy, cannibalism and child-raping ways. Shame on us. Guess what? In some parts that "culture" still runs rampant. There is so much they can teach us! And stop talking about beef. White man introduced beef. The indigenous culture was still eating roo and wombat when they weren't sucking on a goanna. Frog shit was probably considered a delicacy.