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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Good advice in Opposition may not be as good in Office. PM advisers, married couple, Peta Credlin and Brian Loughnane, have sought to protect and isolate Tony Abbott from his own Ministry and, in the process, it’s making a lot of people angry and making the Prime Minister look like an idiot.

The Prime Minister’s Office is overdue for a cleanout. No-one elected the married couple to run the show so why is Abbott allowing them to when their advice is so obviously flawed? Well, long-time loyalties are very easy to maintain in Opposition but in Government there is no room for misplaced affection.

Silly domestic stuff like the selling of the $7 GP co-payment, $200 vouchers for marriage counselling proposed by Minister Andrews who happens to run a Catholic marriage counselling company, a budget emergency while increasing spending, a doomed PPL that’s been using up political capital since its light bulb moment, deregulation of universities, it goes on and on and detracts from foreign successes

No room here to dissect them all, but just take this one; the $7 GP co-payment nonsense. Of course we need a price signal, everyone knows the late Uncle Gough’s Medicare mess is out of control. Free doctors? Why not throw in other essentials like free plumbing and free electricity? 

So the price signal, designed to stop oldies going to the doc every afternoon to get their genitals played with, was initially to be $2 for the medicos, but they then added $5 for some research stuff that private enterprise and the CSIRO already do pretty well at.

Well, blind Freddy can see why they added the $5... the benefit of a $2 donation to doctors would be more than usurped by the administration of such a minimal impost. 

So the research “kitty” would never have materialised, as all administration costs would have been offset against the $5 component of what should have been a $15 co-payment anyway.

The “research” nonsense was designed to obscure the unpalatable message that Medicare was no longer sustainable. No-one fell for it and the real message of a Medicare emergency never got sold.

Same with the ADF cuts! Nicely timed for remembrance day, the departure of troops to Iraq and a waiting, hyperventilating Lambie. It wasn’t about the ADF at all, it was about flow-on pay increases to the bloated Public Service. 

So instead of proposing an emotive ADF cut why not sell a bloated Public Service cut that would of necessity have flown on to the ADF? 

Let’s not go anywhere near the PPL, that’s just too painful. The PM’s Office is busy sticking targets on the backs of Lib Ministers and handing out archery sets to the Opposition. 

In case the PMO hasn’t noticed, the Opposition is besotted with one thing only, and that’s to take Abbott down.

Not only is it opposing every one of the government’s spending cuts in the Senate, it’s even opposing $5.7 billion in cuts that it itself was proposing in Government and that's extraordinarily and irresponsibly encouraged by Fairfax and the ABC. 

Oh crumbs, I forgot the pretend cut to Labor’s ABC. One per cent per annum over five years and the public broadcasting baby is predictably squealing like a stuck pig blaming Abbott for unnecessary regional programming changes. Was it ever going to do anything else? Was it ever going punish the Left and its favourite programs like Q&A?

A complete reconstruction of both the ABC and SBS must happen soon anyway, so why tinker at the edges where the most political bark can be lost?

A stack of regulatory cuts can be made without going anywhere near the obstructive Senate.

University deregulation should have been proposed by willing chancellors, not the Government. It just meant a simple phone call or two and Abbott could have appeared to have been solving a problem rather than creating a confrontation. 

The PM’s latest approval poll is a condemnation of dumb tactics emerging from his own Office.


Chuck Mothballs in the roof or Napthalene flakes if they haven't been banned yet.
Possums hate the smell.

I'm an "Oldie" who has never my genitals played with by my GP, don't think I would care much for that Larry, the Ladies do a much better job anyway, I see the GP usually twice a year, for a flu shot and a finger up the fundamental orifice and that's it, and most likely there are thousands of other Oldies who do much the same.....There are times Larry when you can be a real twat!

I say again and again and again! The Aussie Tax system just has not and does not work FOR the country! NO ONE Has the guts or the ability to change it RIGHT NOW so we do have a Flat Tax from 10 to 18% of ALL MONEY TRANSACTIONS that is collected every month for the Treasury and the EVERY ONE PAYS FOR THE COUNTRY'S NEEDS. Even the socialists, communists and bludgers. Lets hear all the parasites feeding on the income Tax system scream blue murder at such a revolutionary action !!

Ministerial advisors in general have always made me slightly nervous. They are paid, very handsomely, by the taxpayer, but they are not public servants. They influence political processes but they are not elected. And surely if a political candidate needs "advising", he or she is not up to the job. Perhaps this is why we don't have statesmen anymore.

stevefrith, i have had conversations with him, it is in fact you with multiple personalities, yet again you accuse others of your own crimes.

So it sounds like you (and most others) consider it too hard and tricky to get Tax out of the Multinationals. Small businesses and PAYE are made to pay tax but big businesses have set it up so they don't. Does not seem fair to me and I will eventually strike someone who has got their head around how this can be fixed. I don't want to bore you with figures but there is a shitload of money at stake and our Government would not have to gouge us for stupid petrol excises and doctors fees or screw pensioners if they got their grubby hands on this pot of gold. Of course stopping waste and Welfare both of ex politicians and cheats would help too.

The figureheadwas a maid in bed .....

dante, I sort of agree but it's not that simple. Multinationals, like them or hate them (and I tend towards the latter) are allowed to pay the bulk of their income tax in one nominated country to avoid paying double taxation, and that country is of course a "tax haven". But that's really not the argument. While the overall tax take is sufficient, the reality is that our Labor governments have spent us into a black hole of debt, and that is unacceptable.

Tom, why are you and a lot of other people up in arms about the budget hole left by Labor and it can be fixed by this Government making Multinationals Paying tax but no one goes there? Respectfully, why aren't you and others spewing their guts out over that?

Tom Walsh, there are bank runs and a bursting property bubble in China over the last 6 months, we are buggered

DJT, almost all people in academia, media, public service and politics are traitorous pedophiles as you well know. no Australian child will be safe until all of them are in jail with the muzslimes or dead, you can join them against the wall as well if you like

When you typed in "long term consequences" did you do it with a straight face? What are the "long term consequences" of an out-of-control Labor government going on an unrestrained spending spree? We are now staring into the abyss of those long term consequences.

Tom Walsh, The Equaliser is a Marxist troll who wants our eCONomy to die so that China can take over

Look, you, Bill Shorten, Christine Milne, Jackie Lambie and 55% of the electorate don’t get it. There is no money to just do what you think is a good idea. Labor has plunged this country into unsustainable levels of debt and if we don’t reign in our spending then it won’t just be unsustainable, it will be un-retrievable, just like it is in most European countries, Japan and the USA. It that really what you want?

I don’t know what Log and Cred think they know about political strategy, but if I’d been paying them, I’d have sacked both of them long ago. If ever a government deserved to be re-elected it was the overwhelmingly successful Howard government in 2007, and yet John Howard had to suffer the ignominy of losing his own seat. What a disgrace, what an appalling election strategy from the Liberals. In fact the only reason why they won in 2013 was because Rudd/Gillard/Rudd had stuffed up so badly that the election was un-losable.

dante, that would be my choice, ALA, ON, FF, or RUA, they will all be running a senate ticket, reps depends on who will be running in you electorate, last time for me i voted #1, KAP, #2, FF, #3, LNP

But it's all about TA who is playing us for fools at he moment.

I voted Lib in Vic but is it the ALA party which is getting some policies together for the Federal?

Equaliser is too hard on right wing and never denounces the left

Got you Try but why are you so hard on Equaliser......lot of truth in what he writes.