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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Bronwyn Bishop, the only defender of the faith on Q&A last night, gave a one-faceted bollocking of the despicable Ms Triggs. When Triggs responded, Tony Jones allowed time for the lying Triggs to wallow in lengthy and rapturous applause from a lopsided ALP audience.

After watching a UN produced and directed 4Corners program on the imminent demise of coal it was clear only opponents of coal, the IPCC and renewable energy advocates were asked their opinions.

There was no mention of the fact that China is still opening one coal-fired power plant per week and that India is planning to do the same. I guess the IPCC and the ABC don’t realise that banks are falling over themselves to finance the development of the Galilee Basin and no mention that these banks actually carry out feasibility studies and cost benefit analyses on multi billion dollar projects they intend to finance.

I have never before seen such misleading information on a 4Corners’ program... ever!

But this was the ABC in full flight. And Tony Jones was not about to let the side down when he interrupted Bronwyn Bishop with this lunatic statement, “The Abbott Government has taken the sugar off the table and put it on the boats”, to yet more thunderous applause from the Canberran audience, “... so the Government is creating a pull factor by giving an incentive to the people smugglers to fill more boats.”

Whaaaaart! This is either gross stupidity or gross denial from the overpaid Jones. Let’s take his “sugar off the table” statement. Rudd’s sugar on the table attracted illegal immigrants NOT the bloody people smugglers... people smugglers are only attracted to the illegal immigrants’ money.

Jones’ suggestion that paying good money to people smugglers to return to port would create a “pull” factor is insane. Even Jacqui Lambie would know that illegal immigrants who finish up back in port aren’t apt to try it again... or does Jones think the smugglers will refund the money to the illegal immigrants so they can have another go?

I have no idea who the imbecilic galah on Jones’ right was but Noel Pearson was busy enjoying the sound of his own voice while the panel’s solicitors were predictably suggesting the cancellation of terrorists’ citizenship should have court determination.

Well, why not? That would mean terrorists could be represented by either Slater & Gordon or Maurice Blackburn, both of whom donate millions of their ill-gotten gains to the ALP.

Years of legal representation including appeals would be at taxpayers’ expense via legal aid. All the while the terrorist remains free to conduct his extra curricular activities. Bloody hell, of course there should be ministerial adjudication, acting on advice from security agencies with judicial oversight... there is no alternative.

Both parties have bribed people smugglers it’s just that the Abbott Government bribed the right people.

It’s a damned shame that the Abbott-hunting Fairfax went all the way to Java to find some Indonesian crook who had been bribed only to discover Labor was equally as guilty. What a terrible waste of money because the story has suddenly disappeared off Fairfax’s page one. What a derelict Press we have.

Anyhow, I’m off to see if our ABC can make Gillard look as good as they made Rudd look last week.


Why isnt Gillard in the slammer after all the bribes and shonky deals she did.

It’s happening again, last Mondays Q&A Monday 22 Jun 2015, this traitor, terrorist Tony Jones let this other ratbag Muslim traitor (who was charged with terrorism) and who threatened that he will kill ASIO agents (which I would like to see, he let this ratbag onto Q&A to spew out his vile rubbish that always comes out of these lowlifes' mouth's every second of the day 24/7 12 months a year. What chance do we have of doing anything and stopping these traitors’ lefties of spewing their rubbish onto political shows on our ABC? The sooner the taxpayers ABC is stopped te sooner we can get back into some sort of normality.

HACKERS again. Can't get on to later posts.

Don't forget the Fabians, Illuminati and those socialist slime who still believe the Berlin wall is intact and that Brezhnev is still in charge!

Triggs should be shot in the face!

So Labor leaders PMs politicians and leftist ruling elite have absolutely no confidence in their own or Australian defance, security and intelligence services to secure our borders. Apparently international people smuggling criminals and their cargo are more powerful than the aforementioned. Excuse me blatant spin and lies which saps the confidence of the Australian people and treats them with the utter contempt the socialists obviously feel they...we....deserve

"In news just to hand "
Give us a link mate, who's the source.

Scared stiff of Tony Abbott, too good for you isn't he so you get into the gutter with the other vermin mates. It's great to see Tony Abbott, Peter Dutton, Julie Bishop & Joe Hockey wipe the floor with Shorten & his bunch of failures behind him.

It is very obvious that Get up & labor posting on this site are very afraid of Tony Abbott & the Coalition & how the next election is going to be a disaster for them. Just look at the labor party right now. Shorten, plummeting in the polls & going to get worse with his summons to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into union corruption coming up, Chris Bowen a failure at every portfolio he's had, Tanya Plibersek, married to a convicted drug dealer, Tony Burke , egg all over his face after his "paying people smugglers with the floating ATM" rant in parliament QT, Albo, say no more, Mark Dreyfus, say even less.

Well at least she didn't abandon her child like Triggs did, and then proceed to moralise about the circumstances of other children.

Here's some music to relax us.

No, that didn't relax me. It just highlights even more that there are buffoons like greggreg still out there that support Labor.

Just wait till they start scratching the surface of the numerous EBA's concluded in collusion between the large mining companies, their main contractors and the unions to keep the peace on major projects in Australia. The AWU & CMFEU are at the forefront of these shonky-deals that only benefit the union's and the company and not the workers.

Just wait till they start scratching the surface of the numerous EBA's concluded in collusion between the large mining companies, their main contractors and the unions to keep the peace on major projects in Australia. The AWU & CMFEU are at the forefront of these shonky-deals that only benefit the union's and the company and not the workers.

The flow of billions of dollars from Liebor governments to union controlled entities should be the subject of a Royal Commission. This filching of taxpayer monies has to stop and the culprits should pay recompense.

Comrade Horse ... still a nag

So 2 gregs,who would you prefer? Just a name here, don't waffle.

It remains to be seen Haddy, what our scintillating leaders will do with all this now official version of what we have been saying for years.
I will wager that most, if not all the main players will get off without even a censure against them, spineless pricks.
I would really enjoy being proved wrong in this case.

Nothing new then?

Is that wanker gg still thinking we care what it types.. He types Youse, a typical illiterate knuckle dragging rock ape from Laaaakemba or Bankstown Auburn Granville etc.. It will morph into what next