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Tuesday, 19th February 2019

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The origins of Halal Certification Schemes

Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia


After doing some research I discovered that while there are reports that halal certification actually began in the 1960s it didn’t take off until the 1980s.

IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America) has been established since 1982, IDCP (Islamic Da’Wah Council of the Philippines) since 1987, ICCV (Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Victoria) 1992 and Halal Australia since 2004.

In The Australian newspaper a while back Mr Ikabel Patel of the  Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) said, "Australia has had legislation on halal since 1983 -- so we are already dealing with aspects of Sharia for the benefit of the country.”

I believe the key to the rise of these schemes is related to the 1979 siege of Mecca.

It is reported that about 100,000 people became hostages in the Grand Mosque of Mecca shortly after they gathered for the dawn prayer.

A group of several hundred Jihadis from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and also some Americans and Canadians had entered the mosque with weapons, overpowered the guards, shut down the gates and proclaimed the arrival of the saviour, the Mahdi, that would cleanse the Muslim world from its impurities brought in by the Westerners.

In an article called, “Remembering the Siege” Mr. Trofimov says the Saudi army took a while to realise what was going on.

The problem was that the Kaaba at the Grand Mosque is a place so sacred to Muslims everywhere in the world, that it's forbidden by the written Hadiths to bear arms there.

So, the Saudi military were really reluctant to even point their weapons toward the unrest unless there was an authorisation, a Fatwa, from the leading Muslim clerics. And it took a while for the Saudi royal family to secure that.

Elizabeth Kendall an Australian historian, political observer and blogger says that the reason it took so long to secure the Fatwa was because the Imams were doing a deal with the Saudi Royal Family.

The Imams agreed to issue the Fatwa as long as the royal family’s oil money was put to good use globalising Islam.

They were to fund schools, mosques, universities and more in Western nations.

Mosques are mostly responsible for the halal certification agencies that have exploded across the globe since the 1980s.

A simple search on the internet confirms that the mid-1970s was when the Islamic resurgence came into full swing and it was funded by an abundance of money from Saudi Arabian oil exports.

Beginning in the 1980s, the Saudi Arabian government began to finance the construction of mosques in countries around the world.

An estimated $US45 billion has been spent by the Saudi Arabian government financing mosques and Islamic schools in foreign countries.

“Ain al-Yaqeen”, a Saudi newspaper, reported in 2002 that Saudi funds may have contributed to building as many as 1,500 mosques and 2,000 other Islamic centres.

Stuart Robinson writes in his booklet called the “Challenge of Islam” that there was a resurgence of Islam under the Ayatollah Khomeini.

He is reported to have said, “Holy War means the conquest of all non-Muslim territories and this war is the duty of all Muslims”.

He said, “We shall export our revolution to the whole world. Until the cry, ‘There is no God but Allah’ resounds over the whole world, and until it does there will be struggle.”

This sentiment is echoed in The Grand Mufti of Bosnia Herzegovina, Dr Mustafa Ceric statement when urged the Muslim Ummah in 2010 to conquer the world through the Halal movement. He said, “As Halal means pure and hygiene the non-Muslim world has no hesitation (choice) but to accept it.”

The fact is many non-Muslims strongly object to halal certification.

It is unnecessary and is funding an Islamic religious ritual totally irrelevant to the majority of Australians.

Kirralie will soon have an app available that will identify halal certified items on shelves. 


Love your work Kirralie

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Thanks for pointing that out marigold . Do you feel better now ? I hope so old fella


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so this is the religion of peace , and we are spending money on these Neanderthals, or should have said the abbott government is ,TEHRAN, Iran - Iran hanged a woman on Saturday who was convicted of murdering a man she alleged was trying to rape her, drawing swift international condemnation for a prosecution several countries described as flawed.

please can someone tell me where to buy butter not certified what brand, I have checked out the Halal site and am still at a loss

Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout: The Making of a Sensible Environmentalist

No, Mr Eurocrat, the only place where Britain is irrelevant is INSIDE the EU


It's insanely incongruous that the more western governments (including Australia) patronise their muslim infiltrators, the more the (current) majority (non-muslim citizens) fight back and indeed get our backs up. Wouldn't you think governments who are paid by the majority, would reflect their wishes and re-position themselves accordingly? As a direct result of politicians' unwanted appeasement policies, they are making matters even worse.

The Arab world is a war zone and Israel is expected to adopt an Arab peace plan?
Recent talks about the Arab Peace Initiative beg disbelief. The Arab world is a war zone. Syria has been destroyed by a more than three years of an ongoing civil war. Iraq and Libya have imploded, replaced by belligerent fiefs. Lebanon has lost its sovereignty to Iran and Hezbollah. The Islamic State organization is spreading despite Western airstrikes, and it might overtake the weak Hashemite Kingdom. Iran now controls four Arab capitals: Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, and Sanaa. How foolish and paranoid of Israel, then, not to thankfully grab the peace promised by the world’s most violent, dysfunctional, and war-torn region.
The “Arab Peace Initiative” is an oxymoron. It calls for an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights to achieve peace with Syria. One minor problem is that Syria no longer exists. Is Israel supposed to sign a peace agreement with Bashar Assad, who barely controls a quarter of his virtual country, or with ISIL?
On the Palestinian issue, the text of the initiative calls for “a just solution to the Palestinian refugee problem to be agreed upon in accordance with UN General Assembly Resolution 194.” The meaning of this article is that Israel should agree on the so-called right of return of the Arabs who lived here until 1948. Once Israel becomes a bi-national state with an Arab majority, in other words once Israel ceases to be the nation state of the Jewish people, it will gain recognition from its neighbors.
In 2008, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas a full Israeli withdrawal but without a full-fledged implementation of the Palestinian right of return. Abbas said he could not give in on that crucial issue.
The Arab League cannot deliver peace with Israel on behalf of a Palestinian leadership that is adamant on right of return. Not surprisingly, the Arab Peace Initiative includes the right of return by way of reference to UN Resolution 194.
If Israel had any doubts about the sincerity of its neighbors and their ability to deliver, it can certainly count on European guarantees. No European diplomat would ever buy into flimsy promises or compromise on Israel’s security. The recent donors’ conference on Gaza is a case in point.
The conference pledged $5.4 billion. Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende declared that half the amount would be dedicated to the reconstruction of Gaza. He did not explain what would happen to the other half. The reconstruction of Gaza and “the other half” will cost the European taxpayer $568 million. Luckily, European governments pledged that the money will go “only” to the Palestinian Authority (PA). There is no risk that Hamas will see any of it, even though it co-runs the PA since June 2014, and even though it has controlled Gaza since June 2007.
None of the donor countries asked Hamas to disarm, to commit not to attack Israel again, or not to rebuild its tunnels to Israel. Hamas can reasonably conclude that its decision to attack Israel turned out to be a profitable investment.
Surely, any doubts about Europe’s firmness are outweighed by America’s reliability. The Obama Administration knows how to be tough on Iran. It just provided advanced notice to Tehran of the anti-IS American airstrike plans in Syria. Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei recently revealed that US Secretary of State John Kerry had approached his Iranian counterpart to coordinate the struggle against IS. Former US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta admitted in his recently published book (“Worthy Fights”) that the precipitous departure of American forces from Iraq removed the United States as a bulwark against Shiite sectarianism and Iranian influence.
The Obama Administration is being outmaneuvered by Iran. Turkish President Recep Erdogan has been wavering about joining the anti-IS coalition because he wants an American commitment to topple Assad. Such a commitment, however, would undermine the Obama Administration’s cooperation with Tehran against IS. Indeed, Iran’s deputy foreign minister recently warned that any American attempt to topple Assad would put Israel at risk. Hezbollah’s attack against Israel on October 7 was likely a hint about Iran’s seriousness.
Those “peace-processors” who claim that Israelis should take their fate into their hands are therefore correct, but for the wrong reasons. They would have us rely on the peaceful intentions of jihadists, believe in the sincerity of the Europeans, and trust the competence of the Americans.
With a fate like this in your own hands, you need good feet with which to run.
Emmanuel Navon chairs the Political Science and Communication Department at the Jerusalem Orthodox College and teaches International Relations at Tel-Aviv University and the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center. He is a Senior Fellow at the Kohelet Policy Forum.

Tunisia: between the beard, veil and modernism
On December 17, 2010, in the Tunisian city of Sidi Bouzid, Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire. This act, which could have been a simple news item, triggered a wave of revolt that brought about the downfall of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and extended across the entire Arab world. It was what we have called with impunity "the Arab Spring."
It is significant to remember the important role that Tunisian women played in these events, the heiresses of the teachings of former Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba. The elections that took place in Tunisia led, against all odds, to the victory of the Islamist party Ennahda. A “Committee of the Wise” was established to prepare the new constitution ("Destour" in Arabic).
The constitution was a success because it imposed the rule of law - which was unique in the Arab world - with laws intended to avoid an autocratic dictatorship. Another important point: the state undertook the responsibility to protect the rights of women. Finally, the new constitution reduced the prerogatives of the President of the Republic, elected by direct democratic vote. His role was reduced to purely honorary functions.
After three years of a chaotic and bumpy democratic progress, which were significantly marked by the political assassinations of both Tunisian lawmaker and opposition leader Chokri Belaid as well as People's Movement leader Mohammed Brahmi, democratic organizations staged large demonstrations.
This year on October 26 legislative elections will take place, with 5.2 million Tunisians heading to the polls to elect 217 deputies. On November 23, 2014, presidential elections will be held. During the elections, two large and opposing political parties will fight each other for the people's vote: the Nidda Touness party, which we qualify as “Bourguiba-ist”, and the Ennahda Islamic Party. At the head of the Nidda Touness party is Beji Caid el Sebsi, a man who can be considered at same time to be both "new" and "old." He can be considered "new" because he surrounded himself with the latest tendencies, and "old" because as a lawyer he used to be the Minister of the Interior, Defense, Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister. His great experience is considered to be a plus but his advanced age is a disadvantage.
The economic situation in Tunisia today is such that in the eyes of very many economists, it is "the tiger of Mediterranean." Observers agree that the slogan of the democrats could in fact be: "Our martyrs did not die for a new dictatorship."
Who will win these elections? The veil, the beard and Sharia law or modernists? What is certain is that these elections are of particular significance for the entire Arab world.
Claude Sitbon

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from michael savage..

"The media is talking about 'the shooter' and 'the soldier' as if they are somehow equal," Savage complained.

If there's a search out for other gunmen, why don't they put out a detailed description of the suspects?

Unbelievable. There's no common sense.

This is called insanity.

This is how a country dies. This is how a civilization dies.

It's a result of the vermin on the left who have debased and deballed the West for the last 40 years.

We all know exactly what's really happening.

But if you speak the truth, you're a racist.

This is what happens when you invite people into an open society, and they use that openness to try to turn your country into a ninth century caliphate.

The authorities are crippled by all the lesbian leftists who won't let them arrest these people.

I'm livid with rage right now. I've been screaming all morning.

I can't take the weakness of the West anymore.

O/T Bolt today at 10am Dr Patrick Moore on, Should be good. Rowan Dean on News watch to give his opinion on this week's news, I think he is a terrific sensible speaker.

Indian Muslim Girl, 6, Spanked, Paraded Naked at Madrassa for ‘Poor Handwriting’

Posted by The Mindset on July 7, 2011

A six year-old Indian Muslim girl from the Islamic School in Shahpur Mill Compound was allegedly paraded naked by her class teacher because her handwriting was not good enough. She was later locked up in a washroom and made to clean the toilet bowls.

The parents confronted the trustee, but he denied the incident had taken place.

Outraged parents of the class I student, who came to know about the incident from her classmate, confronted school trustee Iqbal Patel. However, Patel vehemently denied such an incident had taken place at school. The girl’s parents filed an FIR with Shahpur police following which the teacher was arrested on Monday evening.

Incidentally, in January, parents had accused the all-girls school of forcing their children to clean toilets.

The girl’s father Sharavar Sheikh told Mirror, “Our child is very enthusiastic about going to school. A few days ago, when she started making excuses for not attending classes, we sensed something was wrong. Although we asked her the reason, she made vague excuses and dodged the issue. It was through a classmate of hers that we came to know about the incident. We are appalled.”

They allege another Indian Muslim girl was also paraded along with their daughter.

According to the girl’s mother Samina, class teacher Zebabanu found her daughter’s handwriting illegible and decided to punish her in the most “horrendous” manner.

“She stripped my child naked and paraded her in front of the class. As if that was not enough, she locked her up in the school washroom and made her clean the toilet bowls. Zeba warned my daughter not to tell us about the punishment unless she wanted to endure more,” says an outraged Samina.

Incidents like this are common in Islamic countries because of the cruel nature of Islam. Earlier one such case was reported in Britain (read British Islamic school teaches pupils to hate Hindus).

It’s not just virulent hatred toward the kuffar that is on the curriculum at these Islamic schools.

Abusive punishments by authority figures (often, as here, with dark sexual overtones) such as this disturbing assault on a young Indian Muslim girl, are also alarmingly common.

Some people say that moderate Muslim groups are too slow to condemn violent Islamic extremists but that's not true.

For example my local mosque has already prepared a statement condemning next week's terrorist attack.