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Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

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... and only Putin cares

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Mubarak gone! Saddam Hussein gone! Gaddafi gone! All as a result of America’s desire for regime change in nations they know nothing about. Each affected nation is now in turmoil and a choice and easy target for ISIS. 

So another democratically elected tyrant, Syrian Leader Bashar Assad, decided to resist Obama, Cameron, Hillary and Kerry’s demands that he resign? He refused? What! He refused? Crumbs, what temerity! How dare the Leader of the most ancient nation on earth attempt to resist what is certain to become another ISIS stronghold if Damascus falls to a US-supported rag tag bunch of rebel murderers.

Obama parks his slippers under the Sunnis’ bed but, just like everything else he flirts with, it turns to shit. 

In this case he has got exactly what he didn’t want; the thrashing of Sunni ISIS and the rise of Shia Iran who have joined with the US-installed Iraqi Government of Al Abadi, which is Shia and wants revenge for the recent Sunni ISIS genocide. 

Bloody hell, it takes a special type of black boofhead to construct a mess like this, and that’s without including Hillary’s Libya!

Al Assad is an Alawite Muslim, a liberal strain of Islam that is not accepted by Shia or Sunni. It was the Turkish Ottomans in the1500s that ordered the beheading of all Alawites and they were nearly successful. 

If Damascus falls ISIS will ensure that all Alawites are butchered as apostates, in the same way as Shias. It will open a new bloodbath front to add to the half million deaths over a 5-year saga of religious genocide.

[The Alawite sect was originally known as Nusayri, named after Muhammad ibn Nusayr (A.D.859) who, after the death of the 11th Imam Hasan al-Askari, claimed he was the imam’s intimate messenger. The core of Nusayrism is the concept of atrinity, with God himself being manifested through Ali, cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad. Nusayris believe that God is Ali in the flesh, who created Muhammad from his spirit, who in turn created Salman al-Farisi, a Persian companion and evangelist. These three form the trinity— Mana (Meaning), Ism (Name/Veil)and Bab (Gate).] 

Yawn... yeah yeah, and the green grass grew all around. 

But that is what separates them from the Sunni ISIS butchers who can’t wait to burn these Syrian Alawites alive. So why wouldn’t Al Assad object to America’s insistence on a regime change? I mean there's only his people and his country to lose. 

Only Russian ally, Putin has come to Syria’s aid, much to the chagrin of the US Administration.

Putin undertook to rid the area of ISIS (something Obama has resolutely avoided doing). Obama continues to chastise Putin for killing the Syrian rebels in collateral damage but the Syrian rebels are indistinguishable from ISIS, Al Nusra, the Khorasan and Al Queda and all will commence slaughtering each other once Damascus falls.

Then there will be no reasonably liberal Alawites left and another 500,000 unknown refugees storming north east through Turkey and into Europe.

The recent fall in the influence of ISIS in the Levant is due entirely to the Russians and the rise of the Iranians, which is due entirely to the US Administration’s recent inane nuclear “agreement”. 

But Obama has incredibly claimed public credit for the recent successes against ISIS... WTF!!! Obama played golf while relying on his best mates the Saudis to lead a “coalition” of the willing against ISIS. The Saudi’s bombing ISIS? You must be kidding! These Wahhabist crooks couldn’t hit the water if they fell out of a bloody boat. 

ISIS captured the historic Palmyra, which is barely 100 mile from Damascus, and proceeded to wreck the joint. Again it was Putin who saved the magnificent Palmyra and celebrated by holding a concert at the site (above).

The Saudis are concerned only for the safety of their obscenely opulent gold palaces and a raft of A380s that are coloured differently for each day of the Muslim week.

Forget silly old Saul! We best send Barack on the road to Damascus for an epiphany of enlightenment.

Nup, forget it. He wouldn’t notice a 500 pounder up his bum! 

 Yes, it’s the iconic Dar-al-Ifta building in Aleppo, before (at the top) and (here) after                                                   reportedly being bombed by Washington.


I voted below the line. Put ALA 1, Pauline 9 and left the Turnbull traitors blank.

Breaking news: Obama's plane has had to make an emergency landing in Syria, and he has fallen into the hands of ISIS! What happens next? a: They give him a nice meal and let him go so he can continue to protect them from the White House; b: He becomes their new Caliph; or c: They come up with some ingenious and entertaining way to put him to death.

Democratically elected? Yes, the time honoured Middle East or African or South American way. No threats, intimidation at the voting booths, no raghead goons or coons or spics there to make sure the votes go the right way. assad is a scumbag, and for mine, let them kill each other, and once the dust settles allow the last one standing to take office. It is the time honoured way in those parts of the world. And keep the muslim jug-eared coon out of all of it, he, the healer of the rising seas and he who has kept the races in love with each other in the States, shouldn't even be in charge of getting his girls a bowl of Weeties. What a disgusting retard odumbo is.

bear in mind the passage in the bible from Isaiah 17 referring to the destruction of Damascus in the end times. Was it all planned this way ?

Why do you say that, Warrick? Take a photo of both and compare tell us the differences!

When you look at the percentage of primary votes, ALA did extremely well for a new party. 12th out of about 53? Can't remember the exact amount.They beat some of the older parties.

And that, Bruce, is exactly the sort of comment I mean. Always having a go, rushing to the emotional, trying to put others in the wrong instead of taking their words for what they are.

No. I have never asked you to leave (as Lights says, I do not have that right any more than you have the right to tell others they must use their real names or that if they do not agree with you they are a lesser person).

And btw, I'm not a man, so I won't be acting like one.

Bruce, no-one is asking you to leave (haven't any right to, for that matter). You are so busy trying to find ambiguous deep hidden meanings in everything - where there aren't any - that you miss the plain and simple. Your stuff on the P. Hanson history is boring. By all means, post it on your own web page. You waste your time posting it here, cos no-one wants to read it !

Hanson is famous - perhaps infamous. You had a brush with her in that you are no longer involved with her. It was a long time ago. I mean no more than that.

CC..and so do the Christians with their support of jews and muslims!!! WTF! we're being had

you would do no one a favour by recruiting new posters while the horses are still around - and they and their ringmaster are still around, just blessedly quiet at present.

Lights, I also wish Bruce would stop filling up the page with his invective. It wears out my scroll button.

Bruce - if you cannot control yourself on the subject of your historical brush with fame, for all our sakes and your own, please put it in replies. Any good information you might have is lost in the mass of angry words. My beef with you is not so much your long posts as your personal insults to posters who tell you how boring it is.

Every action creates a reaction , perhaps the will to survive , or the human ability to analyse thrj thought.

BK, Peter Peachfuzz personified

I put ALA 1 and 2 in NSW Senate. agree with TBA - the result was not bad at all considering the media blackout

I voted ALA as well. If it were up to PPers the ALA would have half a dozen seats. The msm completely blacked them out. Hanson did well simply because of name recognition. I agree with Zanetti: Hanson should be employing Kirralie Smith as an advisor at the very least.

Although I too voted ALA I was not too surprised that they didn't manage a seat, no excuses , just facts. No advertising by msm, un named party box on Qld Senate papers also ALA at the end of the Senate tablecloth paper. Considering all this and short time I think they didn't do too badly and if they can carry on putting out the word in the next few months - who knows what the next election will hold.

.047 for Lambie and .53 for Hanson ten times more votes for Hanson, have you got your decimal point in the wrong place.

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Into the 8th day of excruciating self-inflicted electoral torment of the Turnbull and counting, with the Short one constantly biting at the ankles. No one could have written a better script for the demise of scheming backstabbers and egomaniacs of the Liberal Party now in total disarray. Pride goeth before a fall: Proverbs.