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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Anne Aly in hot water this time

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


On Wednesday, May 9 this year, Pickering Post said it appeared chronologically impossible for Labor Member, Mrs Azza (Anne) Mahmoud Fawzi Aly to have met the conditions of sole Australian citizenship as defined by the High Court. Bill Shorten assured us she and all other Labor Members had. 

Within 48 hours on May 11, "The Australian" front-paged an article saying they also had doubts about her eligibility to sit in the House as the most recent High Court decision made it clear both sides of Parliament and their highly-paid legal advisers' interpretation of "best endeavours" was neither the measure nor the fix.

If would-be MPs were dual citizens on the day they signed their electoral nomination forms, it was game over and out! 

Sob stories and excuses pertaining to descent were also ruled out.

Labor's Emma Husar has now taken leave from her seat of Lindsay amid claims of fraudulent behaviour. Below is her fatuous statement to Members' Interests Register:

House of Representatives

05 DEC 2017

Citizenship Register

To the Registrar of Members' Interests,

Statement in relation to citizenship - 45th Parliament

I declare that at the time I nominated for election in this 45th Parliament I was an Australian citizen.

(Hmmm, maybe she is also being advised by Mark Dreyfus.)


Labor’s embattled Ms Husar (above left) Polish by descent, also appears to be in the same boat as Mrs Anne Aly. Polish citizenship law is even more circuitous than Egypt's.

Ms McBride (above right) posted an insufficient "Declaration of Alienage" form renouncing her Irish citizenship just days before close of nominations for the 2013 elections.

                      Penny Wong has still not laid bare her Malaysian connection. 

So we shot off an FOI request to the Australian Electoral Commission in relation to Anne Aly and Penny Wong. Now the AEC is supposed to supply FOI requests within 30 working days and acknowledge any request immediately. They did the latter. 

Almost two months later and after numerous emails back and forth we belatedly received a confirmation Aly had signed and dated her electoral nomination form on May 17, 2016, just 11 days after she requested to be renounced as an Egyptian citizen. 

Curiously, Aly made two separate statements in the newly introduced House of Representatives citizenship register on December 4, 2017 as follows:

1. On  May 4, 2016, I "completed a declaration of renunciation of Egyptian citizenship to the Egyptian Government. 

2. "I received confirmation of my renunciation from the Egyptian Embassy"  (undated, cunningly deceptive and patently untrue)

Critically Aly didn't, and still hasn't, attached these invisible, potentially career-saving, confirmation letters to and from from the Egyptian Government. Nor the renunciation form she also refers to. 

What is attached to the register is a redundant letter she received on July 31, 2017, almost two months later... six weeks AFTER she signed her nomination form and 29 days AFTER the election itself.



Canberra 31st July 2017

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mrs Azza Mahmoud Fawzi Aly, date of birth 29 March 1967 has applied for obtaining Australian Nationality and relinquish her Egyptian Nationality.

This request was presented by Mrs Aly on the 4th of May 2016.

It is from the local Egyptian Embassy in Canberra (above) simply stating she had "applied to relinquish her Egyptian nationality" on May 4, 2016. 

Well, I’m afraid that is NOT what the High Court wants to see. It is also NOT what the Egyptian Government wants to see either. 

The Egyptian Immigration Dept clearly states it requires 6-8 weeks to process these citizenship renunciation applications, during which time it can seek public objections to a renunciation request from any citizen.

IF there are no objections and IF everything else pans out, the Egyptian Government might ask for further information from Ms Aly and, IF satisfied, might supply her with notification that her citizenship has been revoked. This was not possible within the time frame.

No such official Egyptian Government renunciation notification exists yet, if we are to believe Aly's second statement in her official citizenship register, it does exist! 

Where is it? Did Anne's dog eat it? 

A frantic trip around the corner to the Egyptian Embassy on the very the morning "The Australian" broke the story to non-Pickering Post followers she found a diplomatic friend happy to confirm HER OWN notification of renunciation on May 6, 2016, via an "undated statement" inaccurately suggesting that the day a renunciation request is received, the Egyptian Government in Egypt agrees it's all done and dusted. 

                                                Anne Aly with controversial friend

The media, barring "The Australian", swallowed it hook line and sinker. The fact is it is useless in High Court terms. Shorten knows that, Turnbull knows that and I suspect the entire Parliament knows that. But it remains a Parliamentary and media non-event.

The only plausible explanation for this stonewalling from the AEC is that Turnbull has done yet another deal with Shorten to nip this dual citizenship thing in the bud. Neither wanted it to be an issue in this Saturday’s by-elections. 

Certainly Shorten (above) could ill-afford an extension to the controversy over his remarks that all his Labor Members had water-tight sole Australian citizenships, and Turnbull knows he himself has a few more dodgy nominations in his ranks.

According to the Egyptian Government website,“Voluntary renunciation of Egyptian citizenship is allowed, provided the person obtains prior authorization through a Presidential Decree.”

No such letter of confirmation nor presidential decree existed at the date Aly signed her electoral nomination form on May 17, 2016. If it existed then she would have made it available and attached it to the register. Nor was there time to have had her Egyptian citizenship revoked. It is doubtful that it exists even now!

Did Mrs Aly utilise taqiyya (Muslim permission to lie) on the citizenship registry when she said she had "received confirmation of her renunciation from the Egyptian Government"? It seems so.

If such confirmation existed she would surely have supplied it to the media when this story broke and certainly wouldn't have had to run around at the last minute to get a meaningless undated statement from the local Canberra Embassy to hold up to viewers of Sky News later that day! 

          Australia's first female Muslim MP assures us that everything is above board

This Egyptian renunciation process costs $US800. Even a receipt, if available, would have been helpful but a visit to her "friend" at the Canberra Embassy who agreed to confirm that she had renounced her citizenship all by her little self would never hold water in the High Court and both parties know it.

Even Labor's top legal dunce and aspiring Attorney General Mark Dreyfus knows it.

It's a testament to the quality of our Parliamentarians that only the odd honest Members resigned and agreed to face the electors once again. All the rest were dragged kicking and screaming to a by-election or were content to simply lie, like Anne Aly has.

The only thing we have gleaned of any substance last night from the FOI request forwarded to the AEC is Anne Aly's name,

...but we already knew her name.  


The perfect man, NOT, defective DNA.
Muhammad was WHITE!
Muhammad was a dwarf and fat!

Muhammad said women are deficient of intelligence!

Pull on an Islamic head dress raise your hand and scream "Look at me, look at me, I agree with Muhammad, I am STUPID!"

Where is her Hijab? Not a true Muslima without a Hijab!

Hasn't she read Quran 2:282 Allah says women are half wits!

New Post guys;.

Chairman Devin Nunes: American People Will Be “Shocked” If Remaining Pages of Carter Page FISA Application are Unredacted…

Listening to Abbott on Hadley .... so disappointed in him, he parrots the party line of dismal failure. I really thought he had some balls, Abbott that is, after his this morning's performance I am convinced that, sadly, Abbott is just another useless windbag. What a disappointment!

Ray Hadley will be speaking with Tony Abbott around 9.30a.m. for those who want to listen.

SHARIA BLASPHEMY LAW IN AUSTRALIA | Lauren Southern Threatened By Police

Paul Weston - We Must Destroy Political Correctness

Local media , ie the ABC , getting excited about Mr Downer ""double dipping "" his hot dog on the weekend, No mention that Ms Sharkie has been ""double dipping "" on the taxpayer , by not being a bona fide Australian citizen while holding the position of an MP,and receiving and is still receiving a taxpayer funded salary, and making decisions for the country ,How about they sort out that mess first !

Driving back through Gympie the other day and noticed a huge bill-board with a picture of Clive Palmer, and the caption “Make Australia Great Again”. The bloke has more hide than a croc.

Turd issues a clarification statement about eating a meat pie with a knife and fork....'I was told it was humble pie'..declared the Turd

R1: For everyone wondering why nothing has happened yet (arrests), here is why ...

First: They have to clean house (FBI, DOJ) because you can’t investigate or prosecute with corruption at the highest levels.

Second: Trump signed an executive order that allows government officials to be subject to military tribunals. However, it doesn’t go into effect until January [2019].

Third: They are slowly revealing evidence to the public so that it is done legally and doesn’t overwhelm the public. That is why Q has stated “How do you legally?” Also, when they do disclose the full scope of the evidence, they want it to be irrefutable.

Fourth: John Huber has been conducting investigations with a team of over 470 attorneys and have amassed over 50k sealed indictments. Things are happening, trust me. Just because it is not on fake Mockingbird MSM doesn’t mean that moves aren’t being made.

R2: Sometimes we just have to remind others of this!

R1: That’s right brother! We must continue to fight, continue our due diligence, and support each other. We all need each other more than most people realize. Most do not understand the severity of what we are all up against. WWG1WGA!

R3: R1 you are right. The drip, drip, drip is also building up for the mid-terms. I am hoping one of Pres. Trump’s moves will be to DECLASSIFY many of the documents so the general public can read them BEFORE THE MID-TERMS!

R4: I believe the 470 Q refers to is not 470 lawyers but the 470th MI. Now that is enough man power to investigate and seal 50k indictments. Mho.

The 470th Military Intelligence Brigade is a unit of the United States Army and subordinate to the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command. Its mission is to provide tailored, multi-disciplined intelligence and counter-intelligence in support of United States Army South (ARSOUTH) and United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM). The 470th is headquartered at Fort Sam Houston, Texas with subordinate battalions located in Texas and Florida. Elements of the 470th have participated in Operation Just Cause (when formerly based in Panama) and have deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.[1]

R1: R3 you are correct and I’m glad you brought up mid-terms. They are so important! We all need to continue to band together and make sure we get as many people as we can to vote because it is going to take another term to finish what has been started with the Great Awakening.

A very upset caller to Alan says to the Liberals, get rid of Turnbull or the voters will get rid of all of you. She's down to 2 meals a day. She was very upset.

I am re-posting my posit of yesterday because it seems that our ship of state is inexorably headed for disaster ..... only last minute act of desperation a "hail mary" act from a member of a losing team, that has already lost and has nothing more to lose, may shock the system. So here goes

Here’s a thought …..

Costello could and would have beaten Rudd had he had the personal fortitude and strength of character to challenge Howard. Apparently he did not, so we got Rudd Gillard Rudd and now Iago Turnbull to complete the quartet of mendacious incompetence. For me, the whole odious deal of “let them elect me and then I’ll resign in your favour” (Howard/Costello) is totally unacceptable, remembering that it is the Party Room and NOT the electorate that anoints our PM.

To be fair Abbott was also too timid to act and apparently too dim to realise that Turnbull Bishop Pyne et al were plotting against him.

With the above in mind and if I were to write the script for a political potboiler here is the summary;

1. Monday morning Dutton resigns from Parliament stating “I am unable to serve in a Government led by a PM I do not support”
2. Monday morning another LNP member of Parliament resigns (for me it should be Abbott) stating “I am unable to serve in a Government led by a PM I do not support”
3. Turnbull is forced to go to the polls as soon as possible (this is not the main point)
4. Abbott declares that he will recontest his current seat at the next election

Here comes, for me, the inspired move by Dutton ;

5. Representing a critically marginal seat, Dickson, where all the “anti” forces will combine to unseat him at the next election, he declares that he will NOT contest this seat at the coming Election
6. Advises that he is immediately moving to the Wentworth electorate and that he will be opposing Turnbull to represent the good burghers of Wentworth

He would be a shoo inn, as nothing frightens the people of Wentworth more than the prospect of another Labor disaster under Shorten.

Were Dutton to do this, the forces and purses in Wentworth would be unleashed to support him. How do I know? I have lived in Wentworth for most of my life and well know that self interest is what drives those with the most to lose, namely my fellow Wentworthians.

Would Dutton be a better person to represent Wentworth? Can’t be any worse than Turnbull (NBN anyone?) and what a delicious (no macronian pun intended) way to rid us all of Malcolm and Lucy.

Looking for a good job on the Murray River??

Sally Mulligan of Paddington NSW decided to take one of the
jobs that most Australians are not willing to do.

Sally applied for a job in a lemon grove and seemed to be
far too qualified for the job.

She has a liberal arts degree from the University of Adelaide and had
worked as a social worker and a school teacher.

The foreman frowned and said, "I have to ask you, have you had any
actual experience in picking lemons ??"

"Well, as a matter of fact, I have," she said. "I've been divorced three
times, owned two Jeeps, voted twice for Labor and once for Clive Palmer.”

She starts in the morning.

It has unbelievably now come to pass,
That soldiers nails glister like glass,
It’s amazing to think,
Those nails must be pink,
Thanks to that fat Payne in the arse.

Why does President Trump surround himself with decorated Admirals and Generals?

Germany: Rise of the Salafists
by Soeren Kern
July 29, 2018 at 5:00 am

"Salafists see themselves as defenders of an original, unadulterated Islam.... As a consequence, Salafists want to establish a 'theocracy' according to their interpretation of the rules of sharia, one in which the liberal democratic order no longer applies." — Annual Report of Germany's Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV).

"Under the guise of humanitarian aid, Islamists succeed in radicalizing migrants. In the past, Salafists in particular tried to reach out to migrants. They visited refugee shelters for this purpose and offered assistance. The target group was not only adult migrants, but also unaccompanied adolescents, who, due to their situation and age, are particularly susceptible to Salafist missionary activities." — Annual Report of Germany's Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV).

The BfV report makes a direct link between the increase in anti-Semitism in Germany and the rise of Islamist movements in the country: "The 'enemy image of Judaism' therefore forms a central pillar in the propaganda of all Islamist groups.... This poses a significant challenge to the peaceful and tolerant coexistence in Germany."