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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Gough Whitlam came up to me at a function in Balmain in 1976, he looked me in the eye and in his typical haughty voice said, “You can do whatever you like to me, but leave Margaret alone.” I felt like a naughty schoolboy as I searched in vain for an appropriate response. 

He rose a few points in my estimation of him as I realised his unswerving devotion to his wife. Gough was a good yet politically flawed man.

Margaret I adored and she was no shrinking violet. She could often be overheard berating him and seen gently toeing him in the shins but I have never seen two people so undeniably together as Gough and Margaret.

I have often wondered if Gough would have served more than two volatile half-terms in Office had he not needed to endure a cabinet of complete idiots. 

This was his Achilles heel and he seemed to know it as he furiously rushed to complete his socialist agenda before the axe fell. 

Accolades flew thick and fast today, many inaccurate, some just plain wrong and some true, but there is little doubt Gough Whitlam stood astride the political landscape like an unassailable Colossus for a mere moment, a moment too short for an adoring media.

The fact that he soldiered on after his ignominious sacking to further predictable defeats speaks for his loyalty to his faithful followers. He could have escaped to Paris far sooner had he wanted.

He could have brought Australia close to civil war had he challenged Kerr’s Constitutional right to sack him. He could have dug his toes in, continued on, and called an election himself. But he didn’t, he didn’t even consider that option, instead, and without hesitation, he accepted the monarchical system he hated.

It’s far easier to be generous to Gough now he’s gone.

Sitting in the massive audience were Julia and Kevin, their little hearts skipping a beat at the outpouring of adulation for one of our worst ever Prime Ministers. 

They must have thought all this will be afforded us one day too. No, Whitlam for all his faults had stature, intellect and presence. 

Julia and Kevin will be lucky to make the obituary classifieds in The Age.


Gough preached and practiced high ideals, except for one - the art of the detail, which is where the devil lives. He may have been inspiring but he could not handle the physics of getting his big ideas into practical common sense. He was also blind to the sea of Labor dickheads that surrounded him. Result - a shambolic government and a total mess for the country. Gough's gone but the Labor dickheads proliferate. SNAFU

Yes I was a young bloke when Whitlam was PM. I can only remember one thing that he was excited about and gave it his full support. That was the Manufacture and production of an Australian Motor car called the Leyland P76. Well what a success that wasn't. It was the greatest heap of sht ever produced and went out of production in no time. Whitlam brought all the fruit loops out of the wood work---The Greens-The Queers-The Leso's - The Man Haters. Now the Labor Party is continuing his filthy legacy full on with the support of Legalized Buggery and marriage between queers. We need a FAR RIGHT PARTY like the Tea Party.

I don't give a shit what Whitlam did during his time in politics. What he did for the next 39 years, BLUDGING off the taxpayers of this country while doing nothing for the country greatly outweighs anything positive he did or any feelings anyone has that he had the ability to do what was right.
In short, he was a thief and a liar to the taxpayers of this country.
So is Fraser, Hawke, Keating, Howard, Rudd, and especially that dishonourable c**t that is now recognised as the first female PM of this country.
THAT is insulting!

So did Gough's little boy from Double Pay go?

yep! spot on - useless PM - me too - getting the Tree (but not my blue ribbon) - must be a problem with the site

Got mine the day before yesterday so you should get it soon.

It has taken Americans six years to realise that Obama is a fancy-talking dud. It took Australians just three years to spot the trouble with Whitlam.

I thought at one stage yesterday that they were going to say that Gough walked on water, but they all just managed to refrain from that one.

Ms Blanchett has never attended University, she attended NIDA and has only ever received an honorary degree (doctorate). Which of-course is free.She was only three(3) when the Labor party made attending university free, which was eventually overturned by the Hawke Labor government who introduced a hex-fee due to the un-sustainability of that decision by Gough's government.

I did but shit on Blanchett flying by,
And its the biggest one I'll do before I'll die.
(Apologies to Thomas Ford)

SO. Cate Blanchett received a FREE degree under Whitlam's regime, all funded by us poor workers, how much of the cost has she repaid out of her current multi million $ earnings? I was a worker when Whitlam came to power and by the end of his reign I was taking home less than when he started. Of course it was no better under comrade Fraser. Thank God for John Howard.

marigold, I still want to know where is Reuben?

Oh No, not another education revolution. Where have I heard this before?

You're a funny fella Jack. Let them build their statues as all pigeons just love them.

I think they call it stability sailor, something we haven't known for quite some time.

Prove what point you dill ?

Time to let it go friends.... there's always tomorrow!

Could somebody please mention to Carbon Cate (who just bought ANOTHER waterfront property - this time at Berowra Waters... she can't be too scared of rising sea levels) that here "FREE" University education was paid for with money extorted from ordinary taxpayers. See, plebs are good for something. I never thought much of her in the first place but I'll be damned if I pay one cent to see a movie featuring this tedious Labor Luvvy and Squillionaire Socialist.

Their Booing of Coalition Prime Ministers just shows what an ignorant uneducated bunch of fuckwits Labor supporters are, I hope Labor stays in the Political Wilderness for the next 2 decades or more.