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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


How can you tell the latest reshuffle scoop was invented, generated and distributed by snotty nosed cadets in the Press Gallery? Well, because it’s only they who believe, or pray, that Malcolm Turnbull will take Australia to the Paris “climate change” Conference at year’s end.

Everyone close to the political heat knows Malcolm Turnbull is not a serious starter when it comes to Liberal leadership.

The outpourings of the Left Press are becoming a comedy of hysterical hyperbole. They completely ignore the demonstrable ineptness of Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek while pouncing on every out-of-place word the Coalition utters.

They are voracious vampires craving Conservative blood.

There is an air of desperate competitiveness coming from the Press Gallery and it is imposed by editors and executives back in town.

The ABC and a failing Fairfax have taken to inventing stories of crises within the Coalition rather than risk being gazumped by a News Ltd “scoop”.

So now snotty nosed News Ltd cadets are doing the same thing. It’s a little world of bunkum and bullshit that an accuracy starved, and erstwhile responsible medium like SKY is even lapping up.

The lying IPCC has provided carefully worded scripts for Pacific Island States to pressure Abbott into becoming a sea level alarmist and much to their dismay he didn’t fall for it.

Seas surrounding Pacific Island Nations have not risen one iota of one centimetre due to sea temperatures and, strangely enough, no-one has said they have.

The usual alarmist rot of the UN is typified by this recent statement: “In 2002-2004 a village was relocated inland in a remote island in Vanuatu in the southwest Pacific, following inundation which was a result of both tectonic subsidence and sea level rise.”

Hmmm, inundation due to tectonic (or volcanic) subsidence eh? So the surrounding sea levels rose around only one of about 80 islands eh? How does that work?

The truth is that the island in question (and I know that island) was the subject of subsidence, not rising sea levels.

Is there a hint of more UN dishonesty here? Is this the “settled science” the Left speaks of?

I know this and the Solomon Islands archipelagos well, from seven years of air search and rescue, and I can tell you that many inhabited islands are barely centimetres above high tide and have been so for centuries.

Yet another IPCC report warns of an existential threat to small Island States, and that, “a 1 metre to 6 metre sea level rise would render some 15% to 62% of island countries uninhabitable”. Really, so if my Aunty had balls she'd be my Uncle? Did these galahs actually pass prep?

The truth is that heads of Island States depend heavily on foreign aid and for them to suggest that everything is normal would be financially irresponsible.

The Left Press and the Greens want Turnbull turning up to the Paris Conference, not Abbott! And they are doing their very best to achieve that result.

When pressed on some of this garbage the IPCC found (read admitted) that, “most Pacific atoll islands had not seen net inundation yet”.



Is this not crazy and mind boggling.

Saudi Arabia has a fit for purpose tent city in Mina (approx 8 km from Mecca) The tents are made of fire-resistant materials and all have A/C. Every tent has speakers, thermostats and a fire alarm. A total of 3 million people can be accommodated. The tents are only used annually during the Hajj pilgrimage but wouldn't they be a perfect city for all the Muslims fleeing Syria? And much closer?

All of the posts are missing. Great hit on 17 September, 2015 after the Turnbull Traitor messup of our country.

It will be a shame if this does Morrison damage, he was the only one who could make mince meat out of Shorten. and enjoy it. My heart goes out to Tony Abbott. Maybe we would have gained more if Abbott had been an adviser to a PM and not in the public eye as his policies were good for the country. It's ludicrous to think we choose a PM by the way he handles himself and appears on TV .