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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Don’t know about you but I have always loved the Chinese people. I love their culture, their honesty, their work ethic and their yummy food. I spent countless nights of my youth in China Town playing fan tan ‘til daybreak. We would sit talking over many beers for hours although none of us could speak the other’s language.

When I couldn't make myself understood I would draw a picture, much to their delight.

When I lived in China I could not leave a tip on a restaurant table without a waiter rushing after me attempting to return the money. I found their honesty and politeness, and their women, enchanting.

At least I could grasp the nuances of their language better than the Mandarin-speaking Kevin Rudd. When in China he had asked for a drink of water and was ushered to the toilet.

My two young children speak Mandarin better than Kev, but it’s way beyond me.

China's incredible Great Wall was built in defence of an enemy who eventually came from a different direction. The Japanese slaughtered, well no-one knows, but somewhere between 9 and 19 million, mostly gentle, rural villagers, yet strangely the holocaust remains by far the greater enduring headline.

In the mid 1940’s China could easily have invaded and conquered a crippled Japan. Instead it has chosen to argue over a few worthless islands.

China has never forgiven Kiang Kai-shek’s secession to Taiwan, in the same way we would be rather annoyed if Bob Brown did the same with Tasmania. 

Tibet is not Chinese but massive rail and road links built by the Chinese will assist Tibet’s development and include it in the Sino century of prosperity. China has proved to have been on the right side of wars. Its support of North Vietnam and its moderating influence in North Korea is hardly the work of a war-mongerer. 

Human rights is China’s weak spot but how can hundreds of millions be dragged from poverty into the middle class in less than half a century without a few private ideologies being trampled on the way... China’s irreversible way to the world’s major economic power.

Australia's Ord and Argyle will now be able supply a hungry Asian middle-class despite union concerns for wage disparities. A much mooted northern "economic zone" will fix that little problem. 

Bill Shorten today repeated the lie that Whitlam was “the first” to visit China. This-oft repeated fallacy is a figment of the Left’s rewritten history books. 

Hate to burst their bubble but it was Henry Kissinger who paved the way for Richard Nixon to breach the bamboo curtain when Mao Tse Tung (Zedong) first shook hands with the West in 1972. I remember it well. Whitlam merely followed later, as did many others.

The most surprising part of the G20 has been the performance of Tony Abbott; he has been relaxed, confident and decisive... and he did not allow Obama to hijack the economic debate with his global warming nonsense and confined it to a university lecture hall. 

President Xi Jinping must have choked on his chop suey when he realised Obama had swallowed his commitment to emissions reductions by promising to increase them until 2030. I can understand Shorten swallowing that, but Obama?

I doubt Julia Gillard and her team could ever have sealed a free trade agreement that was a decade in the making, and certainly not Kevin Rudd. Bill Shorten? Well, you decide.

Media detractors will be many as they try to discredit and pick apart this free trade agreement. But this week has thrown Australia on to the world stage and under an arc light we will bathe in for centuries. 

Australians, Left Right and Centre, should all join hands and revel as one in this watershed moment, but they won't. 

Toward the end of Howard’s tenure, Tony Abbott approached his Liberal colleagues with a view to them accepting him as leader. 

Their stunned reply? “Sorry Tony, but we have never really seen you in that way.”

From that moment Tony Abbott has struggled for acceptance. I too was wrong. I could not see Abbott as Prime Minister, but along with many others I have been forced to eat my words. 

His lack of oratory skill, his awkward repetitiveness while searching for the right words and his strange penguin walk must now be accepted as part of his style of rule, he has not tried to hide it. He has grown with it, and we with him, leaving Fairfax and the ABC to wallow in their abashed refusal to accept him.

Well I’ll admit it, I was very wrong! Let’s see who else does... but don't hold your breath.


They have! They are going to attack him more! As seen by the attacks by their foreign media mates! Bono et al! Now watch all the luvvies go into melt down over a bit of cost saving at the ABC! Fairdinkum, if you needed any proof of bias and if it was a cesspool of leftist so called intelligentsia, you got it with this! What a bunch of sponging fucktards!

A bit tough on the housos's folks, not all public housing tenants are bludgers, piss-heads, addicts and wreckers. My parents have been in one for over thirty years, my dad was a low-paid factory worker who paid his taxes and paid market rent (not subsidised) for a very modest accommodation where he raised 2 children. Now on a pension this is affordable accommodation in his old age.They have looked after and maintained those premises and never caused any grief for any of their neighbors. Where they live was once a working class area and still they could not afford a deposit for a home due to various reasons, that is now a impossibility due to the area becoming trendy with soaring property values.

Tibet was an independent country with the right to choose it's own path until it was invaded. Tibetan people do not & will not benefit from China's development. These are facts and lovely as individual Chinese are, the Gov is ruthless. I do business in Vietnam, north & south & there is simmering resentment against the Chinese & Vietnam's communist government, so I don't see their influence lasting forever.

Kevin Rudd worked very hard to bring about the expanded G20 format. The decision to hold the G20 in Brisbane was taken by the Gillard government. Your disdain for Abbott is fairly typical brain-dead leftism, and reflects more on yourself as being of poor character.

MSN news "Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised the Australian government for the atmosphere at the G20 summit in Brisbane.
"(Our) Australian partners created an extraordinarily welcoming atmosphere for work. I was surprised by the warmth with which normal Australian citizens received our delegation," Putin told a forum of supporters in Moscow, according to an official transcript on Tuesday.
Putin also added praise for Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
Putin's comments defied media reports that the Russian president was so frustrated at being sidelined and subjected to tough talk by Western leaders that he left the summit early."

As for Chinese goods, blame the importers for bringing in Chinese rubbish and the public for buying it. If we stopped buying crap these retards would not bring it in. It's appealing because it is cheap but does not last so it is not cheap. The Chinese can make things to any standard. We have taught them. Look at Racing Push Bikes, The Italians get the frames made in China, put their own Logos on them and charge astronomical prices for them because they are the best.

We are not Lefties flying. We are people who want good Government for our Nation. Like Larry said he is, non Political. If Tony Abbott was Governing for the People we would worship him. Which bit don't you understand?

funkybarfly, You don't use Google because they don't pay tax? I wish it was that easy. You can't blame the Multinational Companies for screwing us which they do very very well. It's our Government which allows this to take place. Their tax would make a colossal difference to this Nation's finances but the Government is in bed with them and would prefer to screw us than request they pay tax.

I use Bing

Google is a laughing stock.One of the multi-nationals that pay almost zero tax.Yet you still contribute to them by using the 'service'?

Just Google G20 Brisbane world headlines and see what was said about Abbott and Australia after The event. We are a laughing stock.

All good t5. I think you were spot on . See the reply from a36 - nuffink ...
I went with th bloss to do our shopping day yesterday and finished up refuelling two vehicles -one super- unleaded an my diesel ute . People were staring and pointing at the old bassa (me) mumbling and carrying on about the cost of everything . A sux pack later and I was good again (lol)

I'm watching the Mad Monk - Hmmmmmmmmmm .....

Why don't you lefties start your own blog? Why hid away here??

Try left, I watch Bolt. But am away os til new year. Will catch up on shows soon. I try watching Barry on Insiders, after his opening spiel /spew. Last about ten minutes. If that queen Marr is on I want to kick my TV.

TF - We'll see how the wasp's of this world get on when all the houses will be prefabbed in China, shipped out here and erected by cheap Chinese labour! But of course I am a loser and you are a fool according to the nasty little WASP. Keep your flyswatter handy!

@ H02 I burred up against this A 36 and I should not have , but thoughly pissed off with this miss information and just RTU from the shopping and the prices , better get used to it ,

no, thought i was choosing better with #3. but seriously i know moves are underway to flood the building industry with foreign workers and products. that is what the Chinese FTA is for. sadly it will be your turn next.

a 36. When you don't "own" the farm you will have to pay their price demanded by the new owners . Which of the FTTAs countries we are currently signed up to can you go under the guise of "foreign investment" and buy e.g the total outfit farm to plate 40% of Australia is viable land 60% is desert. How much of the 40% are you prepared to hand over to get cheaper SHIT at Buntings or a cheaper Great wall four wheel drive?

I ,m fuckred if I have ever seen you on this site andrew36 is 36 your age < we were informed that the .05 % will not bother us concerning the fuel tax , bought any provisions lately ? that mean food in the old days , seen the cost go up at the supermarkets , or are you a live at home body ? or are you connected to a political liars assoc,. A K A PARTY