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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


When I first started cartooning for Fairfax I often wondered why cartoons were always vetted. If I wrote a story or completed my column there was no argument about the substance, after all it carried my byline. Funny thing was that my cartoons also carried my byline (I signed the damned things). Yet a cartoon was seen as something dangerously persuasive that needed editorial attention. 

The Australian’s Bill Leak has worked with the same luxury I was afforded by Murdoch... complete freedom. And that is why I departed Fairfax for News Ltd, because Fairfax used censorship by omission, which is the most insidious form of censorship, because no reader ever had the opportunity to make a judgment.

My cartoon captions were always printed under the cartoon and Fairfax would alter the captions in what ever way they felt better explained the message. To me this was unacceptable so I started to print my own captions within a balloon and I have done so ever since... they couldn’t change them. 

But the Left that inhabits all newspapers were not impressed that each Saturday I had a full page to do with whatever I wanted in The Australian. The Left hated me. 

The only Press Club address I ever gave they threw their lunch at me with Mungo Macallum leading the charge with roast beef and gravy on behalf of Gough Whitlam, who also hated me.

Stiff Cheddar fellas, I was drawing and writing for readers, not editors or other journalists, they could hate me all they wanted.

Another Fairfax paper I worked for was the free-wheeling National Times whose editor was a red-headed Lefty named Max Sutch. He was an exception to the Fairfax rule. He would tear me to pieces over a cartoon, it would get close to swinging punches as he explained why Aborigines or Chinese must not be drawn that way, or depicted saying those things.

But Max always published the cartoon... I figured it was me who he was trying to convince of his ideology, not his readers. Don’t know where Max is now but if he is reading this, then “thanks mate, you were a fair dinkum editor and you deserved the respect you never got from Fairfax, but you certainly got from me".

But Bill Leak is facing a new threat to freedom of speech and it doesn’t involve editors or other journalists. It involves a Human Rights Commission that can drag you into court when it disagrees with what you say and, because it can only act on a complaint, it touts for business from the friends of the Left who will object to anything they feel is objectionable.

Bill’s only defence is the eventual abolition of 18C, one of the most un-Australian laws ever enacted when you consider Australia always bred a consistent line of the world’s best cartoonists for well over 100 years, starting with Smith’s Weekly and The Bulletin. 

The use of 18C breaks that chain of free comment the public loved, and they still love in The Australian with Bill’s provocative work.

Bill must not be lost to the whingeing Left that wants to drown all comment that differs from theirs.

For as long as I have remaining, I will continue to “stick it up ‘em”, but my days in newspapers are gone forever, PC will not allow what was allowed 40 years ago. Only a private blog can get away with unbridled comment and I enjoy that freedom, despite the never ending attempts to snuff it out.

Although a few of my readers unfortunately conduct private wars on my blog I still remain determined to have as many and as varied opinions as possible. After I arrived home from hospital there were 24,000 comments on my latest article and that says something about free speech to cowards like Turnbull.

You hang in there Bill mate and don’t lose any sleep. We will soon have a government that has the balls to recognise that 18C is destroying our hard-won precious culture. 

[I hope to annoy those Lefties for a while yet as I have gained 25 kilo and I’m feelin’ great despite those doctors’ dismal prognoses. And I can thank my many close friends for that.]

Your friends will get you through this one too Bill. 


Tumeric too they say.

Yeah, it's as you said previously.............get your hands dirty and do a little research. Miichael Smith is a damn fine researcher.......pity he has to fight government and legal entities to get to the truth. He shows us there is a lot out there we don't know and SHOULD know.....and 'they' are NOT going to tell us!

Ya Mum was right..only believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear. With sophisticated computer image manipulation and constant propaganda from our MSM that's gotta be pure gold

So, the worst kept 'secret' in the Pentagon............BTW CC, as I hear it Snopes is a husband/wife concern run from their house..AND...their findings are not always correct or based in fact.....................always better to do your own research.

No doubt the Pentagon 'officials' are nearly angry enough to slap her about the shoulders with a wet tram ticket. This seditious maladroit is getting the longest free ride in history.

So, you refute my maths CC? All I'm pointing out is that yours was grossly wrong. If you're going to make statements like that, at least check your maths otherwise it comes across as just parroting what you've heard. I don't know one way or the other, but your statement weakened your argument.

Read Lobro’s comments at the bottom of this article –

lol rin...endless issues......

According to Jewish encyclopedias the whole of Europe contained 4.25 million Jews before the war. Were the bodies and ashes of 6 million ever found?

Excellent news about your health, LP. Doctors are so uninformed about health.

CD..bottom line didnt happen..there were camps..there were mass deaths (courtesy of allied bombings) and mass burials..nothing to do with 'jews' (real or fake).....the allies however slaughtered millions of innocent Germans after the war..overseen by 'jews'..eisenhauer and the USA and Australia we wore badges saying 'I like ike'

But I'll suspect that CC will stick to his calculation of 1000/hr because it fits his narrative better

Just say ... just say ... That 6m were cremated (which is not what is claimed as there were mass burials claimed as well). Taking CCs 2yr model, 6m / 2yrs = 3m/yr. 3m / 365days = 8219/day. 8219 / 24hrs = 342.5/hr. One camp had 21 ovens alone. Well within range.

"I told him that at this time 3 double-muffle ovens are in operation, with a capacity of 250 per day. Further, currently under construction are 5 triple muffle ovens with a daily capacity of 800. Today and in the next few days, 2 eight-muffle ovens, each with a daily capacity of 800, will come on consignment, redirected from Mogilew."

~ Memo from Kurt Prüfer of 8 September 1942

stephenson, there is no 'andrew blount''s the site's worst troll, donna. just another of her thousands of user names.

This certainly says it all about you Larry! nearly called you Mate,but not on as I have never met you or even spoken..but you know what I mean. May you live long Larry,You are my vote for PM anyday. Best wishes Rob.

Well Larry,I have never posted prior this but as a fellow cancer sufferer[just gone ten years,3 of 'em] I just want to say to you that nI can only admire your G&D to fight on!Think it may have been Calvin Coolidge who said....perseverance and determination alone,are omnipotent...

And Bill, too! Both of you are our precious champions.

Wonderful news, Larry, about your progress towards getting back to fighting weight! you are a very valued member of the free press and the free-minded community. Long may you be with us in the trenches!

I have no idea whether the obsessed is one person, a group, a couple or whatever. It happened and may still be going on. One things for sure I am not hanging around outdoors after dark to find out. My late husband was most concerned I might add...and I am sure there is a pervert (s) very active in the Perth hills....which a appears to be a hotbed of sociopaths and even psychopaths, bullies, haters and general nut cases...who love to target whoever and for whatever reason..if indeed they need a reason. Crazy.