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Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


At every nuclear and ICBM test Kim Jong-Un has conducted he has entertained Iran’s military brass in lavish style. Pyongyang no longer needs China to the extent it once did as the luxury items Kim Jong-Un needs for himself and to keep his military chiefs at bay can easily be imported from Iran or its cooperative friends Russia and Turkey who gladly defy UN sanctions to import North Korea’s exports. 

          Iran's President Hassan Rowhani meets with North Korea's head of state,                                                        Kim Yong-Nam, with his entourage

Barack Obama can fairly be blamed for North Korea’s current uprising because he gave a sanction-free path to nuclear development for Iran without a moment’s consideration for any linkage to a looming North Korea. 

What Iran has nuclear, so too does North Korea. 

To assist with Iran’s nuclear development Obama also released plane loads of billions in US dollars. Why? Any sane person might ask.

Well, Obama has never admitted it, but he shares the same ambition as the Iranian Shia Muslims and that is to have Israel blown off the map and dumped into the Mediterranean. 

He also agreed with Iran and Turkey to have Kurdistan’s plea for a separate State ignored… and that’s why he refused to arm the Kurds who were, and still are, fighting effectively with ancient weapons against ISIS on the Syrian border.    

“Cooperative” for now but when it comes to overlapping former empires (Persian,                   Ottoman and USSR) that all three want restored, it will be “bitter enemies”.

 Is Australia at risk? Hardly, as it would take an ICBM to re-enter the atmosphere without blowing up before landing anywhere between Birdsville racetrack and the Antarctic's Mawson Station. 

A weak Turnbull and Bishop duo is demanding more sanctions. Yawn, how predictable! Sanctions never work and if they do they only hurt innocent citizens and never the regime itself. 

South Africa prospered mightily under the Apartheid sanctions and since they have been lifted the country has sunk back into insolvency and unchecked corruption. Ask any South African… the SA blacks are far worse off now than they were under Apartheid.

As said here often, the later they leave tackling the North Korean problem the stronger North Korea becomes and the greater the eventual collateral damage. Trump understands that.

South Korea will never agree to a pre-emptive US strike but it may not need to agree if the kid’s rockets land near Guam or Japan. 

Can Kim Jong-Un be taken out? Of course he can. And so could every nuclear and ICBM facility in the country but it would all need to happen within minutes as the leadership below the kid has not had the direction and the training to know what to do next without their dear leader, apart from cry in delight while applauding and pretending to take notes on what he is saying under threat of being eaten by his starving Alsatian dogs who are trained to look forward to yummy meals of Kim’s relatives.

                            There is no loyalty in middle management, only fear.

Middle management generals gets a medal each time they escape the Alsatians but                                            despite their age, few die naturally. 

And no-one in North Korea, including the kid, has any experience of war, let alone nuclear war. The US has demanded another UN Security Council meeting to discuss the next step. 

But the first real sign that the US is preparing to take this obese maggot out without Security Council consent will be when he withdraws all Americans from north of the DMZ.  

As another nuclear test looms imminent, Trump has instructed that all Americans withdraw by the end of this month. 

And the bill for even a limited nuclear conflict should be sent directly to Barack Obama. 


How many Americans are north of the DMZ, that is, in North Korea?

If Jumbo special then BillyB is the village idiot.

What is most worrying is that Turnbull was leader of the opposition during part of the Rudd government during which time he refused to do anything about Rudds manic squandering and dismantling of the Howard legacy to the nation..including throwing out the Pacific Solution thus reigniting the flood of boat people to Australia which Howard had stopped. Turnbull did nothing - he went easy on Rudd because he wanted an ETS which would have made billions for Goldman Sachs, of whom he is a former chairman, which would have made GS billions. Appalled and mystified conservatives around the country smelt one bit rat and demanded Turnbull be removed from the leadership which he was when Tony Abbott join those challenging and the rest was a marvellous and inspiring regeneration .

Does any one still have that list of prominent aussies who were supporters of Chavez,!

I was being sarcastic bwana. It makes no sense to use it in an Oz context.

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Did Qantas passenger on the Sydney to London route drop off after they changed to going via Dubai so they have reverted to going via Singapore?

Qantas is changing one of its most popular routes and upgrading the aircraft on another key service as part of a five-year extended partnership with Emirates.

The airline (QAN) will re-route its daily Sydney to London services via Singapore rather than Dubai and says it will upgrade its existing daily flight from Melbourne to Singapore from an A330 to an A380 airbus.

New post.

Adolf Hitler was hated by the Jews and the Communists, that makes him a wonderful leader, same goes for Vladimir Putin. IMHO!

I saw Shorton being questioned about dual citizenship the other day...He seemed adamant he was not a Pommie and was not a Duel Citizen and from his demeanour, I believe him... However.........He has NEVER said that he wasn't one when elected...I would guess that he has quickly since renounced it. The Certificate date will be the point of interest. Any enquiry with the Poms would now only say that he is not Currently a Dual holder, not the date when he relinquished it.....I smell a big rat....He hasn't Technically Lied on this subject to date, if that is in fact the case, and for him that is all it takes to ease his small mind......But that is just my Humble guess.....



Dont forget HERD MENTALITY. Everybody should agree with everybody else.

That is all.

The General Population knows that they will be ridiculed and attacked for speaking what they are feeling. The onslaught from the snowflakes will halt any semblance of debate on just about any issue of note....The voter knows that the Ballot box is the ONLY place where we actually get close to having a say, and get to give them a free kick in the nuts....and are not about to give up the chance for payback..

Notice all the medals on the Generals Uniform....It could be a case of using Medals to cover the execution bullet holes from the previous owner.....

20th anniversary of Princess Di's death. To marry someone who you know has a mistress (for males) or a male lover for females, is doomed to failure from the get-go.

Diana (in a new doco), when she got engaged to Charles asked him, 'where does she (Camilla) stand concerning us?

Charles answered, 'I am not going to be the only Prince in history to not have a mistress.'

Why should Australians pick up the tab for elderly relatives still living overseas? Good move by the government.

Australia's ethnic communities are urging senators to reject plans to make migrants wait up to 15 years before qualifying for aged or disability pensions.

A Senate committee will on Thursday investigate the push to tighten pension residency requirements, as part of a bundle of welfare cuts expected to net almost $900 million in savings.

Social Services Minister Christian Porter argues it is reasonable to expect people coming to Australia have contributed to the economy and society before claiming a pension.

Under existing laws, people must have been an Australian resident for 10 years - five of which must be continuous - before applying for a pension.

The government wants to extend this to 10 years of continuous residence - including five years during a person's working life - before they can seek a pension.

Alternatively, migrants may claim a pension after 15 years of continuous residence.

The measure will only affect about 2400 people per year but is expected to save roughly $119 million over the forward estimates.

The welfare package also includes a revived attempt to cut off pension supplements to people after six weeks overseas.

Two peak migrant groups - the Federation of Ethnic Communities' Council of Australia and the National Ethnic Disability Alliance - are urging parliament to block the measures.

"It is particularly alarming those who will be most affected by these amendments are the most vulnerable of an already vulnerable cohort of the population - the elderly and people with disability," its written submission said.

The organisations fear elderly Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds will be forced to choose between abandoning unwell or dying family members abroad and losing significant income support.

Meanwhile, the Law Council of Australia will add its voice to a chorus of opposition to drug testing welfare recipients, arguing it is neither a necessary nor proportionate response to substance abuse.

The council is concerned the changes could deny individuals procedural fairness, risk compounding disadvantage and potentially fall foul of international human rights obligations.

@ B K if he needs a trigger which he has pulled in the past AND if he is the keeper of the constitution , WHAT,s your explanation is that if turnbull fails to call a D D then its business as usual , meaning that the G G position is bullshit feeding another politicial appointed parasite.

The Military's Pandora's Box

by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning

This article was prepared to provide a summary of the contents of a book written in 1995 which describes an entirely new class of weapons. The weapons and their effects are described in the following pages. The United States Navy and Air Force have joined with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, to build a prototype for a ground based "Star Wars" weapon system located in the remote bush country of Alaska.

The individuals who are demanding answers about HAARP are scattered around the planet. As well as bush dwellers in Alaska, they include: a physician in Finland; a scientist in Holland; an anti-nuclear protester in Australia; independent physicists in the United States; a grandmother in Canada, and countless others.

Unlike the protests of the 1960s the objections to HAARP have been registered using the tools of the 1990s. From the Internet, fax machines, syndicated talk radio and a number of alternative print mediums the word is getting out and people are waking up to this new intrusion by an over zealous United States government.

The research team put together to gather the materials which eventually found their way into the book never held a formal meeting, never formed a formal organization. Each person acted like a node on a planetary info-spirit-net with one goal held by all -- to keep this controversial new science in the public eye. The result of the team's effort was a book which describes the science and the political ramifications of this technology.

That book, Angels Don't Play this HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology, has 230 pages. This article will only give the highlights. Despite the amount of research (350 footnoted sources), at its heart it is a story about ordinary people who took on an extraordinary challenge in bringing their research forward.

O.T. Please pray this powerful Coalition for Marriage TV ad is seen by those Australians who are not yet aware of the hidden consequences of same-sex marriage.

Reminds me of Craig Thompson