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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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... yeah, why not?

Don Smith

Don is no-nonsense bloke with a background in the arts and business. He pens unique Aussie banter and has an interest in all things controversial


Have a look at the joint! No, seriously, have a good look around the place, is there anything nice going on? We currently have the greatest potential for world-wide conflict since WWII and right now we are sitting on a time bomb.

Yes, since WWII we have had isolated conflicts in SE Asia, Africa and the Balkans and the usual stuff in the Middle East with Israel. Most of the SE Asia conflict is generally internal and over volatile democracy issues, and some religious issues.

But holy hell, have a look how wide-spread things are today! Several central and north African countries, plus Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Pakistan and I’ve probably missed a couple.

However, coupled with that lot, half of all European countries along with the USA, are busted and up to their eyeballs in debt... seriously bankrupted countries that were previously solvent for centuries .

What the hell happened?

When I was a teenager going to high school there was always trouble in the Middle East so that is nothing new, however it was during the 1960s that this wonderful idea of the European Union was first mooted.

You see, the Europeans with their antiquated farming methods could not compete with American and Australian large-scale farming, especially Australia, who produced wheat, beef and fine wool and exported it throughout Europe far more cheaply than the Europeans could.

So they formed this “union” to virtually exclude Australian and American produce. In other words it was just one great big protectionist racket, usually the brainchild of unions or Left wing socialists.

Now, during the late 1960s and early 1970s, we started to get many immigrants coming to this country from the Middle East. These were predominantly Catholic Lebanese, Coptic Egyptians and Catholic Assyrians who were trying to get away from the Muslim unrest.

By 1973 the European Union had grown to nine members including Great Britain.
However, besides removing trade barriers, the Union began loosening border restrictions and travel became less restricted between countries.

Between the 1970s and the 1990s much change took place within Europe and the European Union.

With the collapse of communism across central and eastern Europe, Europeans became close neighbours. In 1993 the ‘Single Market’ is completed with the ‘four freedoms' of: Movement of goods, services, people and money.

The 1990s became the decade of two treaties, the ‘Maastricht’ Treaty on European Union in 1993 and the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1999. People are now concerned about how to protect the environment and also how Europeans can act together when it comes to security and defence matters.

In 1995 the EU gains three more new members, Austria, Finland and Sweden. A small village in Luxembourg gives its name to the ‘Schengen’ agreements that gradually allowed people to travel without having passports checked at borders.

Millions of young people studied in other countries with EU support. Communication is made easier as more and more people start using mobile phones and the internet.

So, just when everyone thought the Berlin wall’s collapse and the soviet bloc’s disintegration heralded the end of socialism, on it marched, right over the rubble and into the European Union.

Look at Russia! Is it any different from the USSR …lost a bit of territory but it’s still the same corrupt shit hole it ever was and instead of being run by the Communist Party it’s now run by the Russian Mafia!

While all this was happening the socialist aspect of the EU was growing with it and Muslims in large numbers migrated into the socialist countries offering the most generous welfare handouts and they grow in numbers in England, France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, etc., etc. and the great socialist welfare state of the EU grows and grows and as it did, so too did respective governments’ debt.

Now, by 2013 the European Union had this great big socialist enclave consisting of 28 Countries and of those around 22 are now loaded with Muslims!

Meanwhile, back in the Middle East, the Islamic terrorist movement was being led by that wonderful Saudi Sunni Muslim, Osama bin Laden and daily growing in strength.

At the same time, in the rest of Europe, the Muslims were ripping off the social security systems of these socialist countries as fast as they could enabling them to build their mosques and to send money back home to help finance you know what… Islamic Jihad.

Many European countries are now no-go areas for non-Muslims and no-go areas for white people. Previously beautiful central and eastern European cities have been trashed. Large English cities are ruined and across the creek Paris trashed!  The Netherlands and Scandinavia have been turned into desecrated shit holes by Islamic immigration.

So, for those of you wanting to know why “socialism” is rampant in this country and why the communist/socialist aspect of the ALP did not die with the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin wall, look no further than the Socialist Republic of Europe.

Why do the ALP and Greens welcome the Muslims? Because they realise that the great European multicultural fuck-up and Muslim socialism go hand in hand! And the Muslim will invariably vote for the socialist party that provides the most welfare and the biggest cheques.

Don’t take my word for it, just go look at the great European socialist republic, it explains it perfectly!

Now, if you think it was America’s collapse of Fanny May and Freddy Mac, along with Lehmann Brothers, that caused the GFC and that that in turn threw Greece, Spain and Portugal into virtual bankruptcy, think again! I can tell you now their socialist agenda had them well on the way to insolvency well before the GFC hit... and Britain almost followed them there.

So if you want to know what inspires Gillard, Shorten and co., look no further than the great European Socialist Republic, that wonderful institution of social integration that has given Islam the greatest leg-up in its quest for world domination, thereby

fulfilling the dream of the great exhausted goat shagger, or should that be exalted paedophile.

Is it any wonder these Islamists were willing to pay people smugglers tens of thousands of dollars to get to Oz... and where did they find all this money? You well may ask, “where d’ya get it?” because it is found by various means we don’t even want to think about, but they get it, because this country and NZ are the last bastions for Islam to conquer, unless they think Antarctica might be worth a shot.

They have just about shagged everything else on two and four legs so why not give the penguins a go, and those fur seals look awfully cuddly this time of year.

The Islamic Republic of Antarctica …yeah, why not?


It is truly saddening to read the truth, here and elsewhere, every day. I cannot understand why people can't see it? It is so blindingly obvious to anyone who reads, it would be risible if it wasn't so tragic. I have a lefty friend who thinks it's all a beat up. How can he be so blind? Why can't they see the evil that is upon us? Can anyone answer this?

This is enlightening:

Australia Post
Recently Australia Post which is totally government owned and has been for 200 years, announced the loss of 900 jobs, being part of a cut back program. This is due to the decline in letters beings sent and that’s true as email has further reduced letter writing and in many ways understandably. A hand written letter is a wonderful thing and contains the hand writing of a friend or loved one and that’s a blessing plus the effort required to put pen to paper and then to post it.
The CEO of Australia Post is Ahmed Fahour who was born in Lebanon and came to Australia in 1970. In 2009 he was made Managing Director and CEO of Australia Post. His salary package was estimated to be worth $4.8 million last year. Of this he donated about $2 million to the Islamic Museum of Australia located in Melbourne. I have a big problem with this fellow’s salary package and so let’s get some perspective here. The top ten executives in Australia Post combined earn around $20 million each year. That’s simply immoral and clearly the CEO can afford to give away nearly half his takings to an Islamic museum so he doesn’t need it and surprise, surprise, its tax deductable.
The founder and director of the museum is former Macquarie Bank executive Moustafa Fahour - Ahmed Fahour’s brother. Moustafa’s wife, Maysaa, is the chairwoman and director. The Fahours’ sister, Samira El Khafir, is head chef and manages the restaurant on site. How can the CEO of the Post Office earn so much especially when the postal service is bleeding money from letter delivery. No employee is worth 5 million a year and especially not from a government owned business.
The top federal public servants in Australia have salaries of between $665,600 and $844,800 so how does the bloke in charge of the Post Office received $4.8 million? The Prime Minister of Australia earns a modest $507,000 considering the real burdens of office while the CEO of the Gold Coast Council earning slightly less and that’s patently out of kilter with the PM’s package. The Mayor of GCCC brings in $225,000 so how on earth can the Post Office justify the massive pay of their CEO?.
Let’s look further; the head of the US postal service with 19 times more staff and 11 times more revenue than Australia Post receives $550,000. In France the head of their post office was paid $1.1 million with a staff compliment of 268,000 employees. What a country full of mugs we are to sit by and let all this happen. I would have run the big game of Post Office for a lot less and still done a reasonable job and in fact if the best of we seniors applied ourselves we could run the damn post office better and for nothing except a kiss and a free lunch now and again. You had better believe it too.
There is an unpleasant and some would say sinister unbalanced agenda in Australia which in the end preys on the average citizen, we the people. We are no longer the lucky country and we are no longer wealthy and this particular game of Post Office reveals major fractures and faults on a number fronts in our society and culture. Who is running the country, who is pulling the levers and who is going to win? We the Mugs need to know.

During the past week my daughter's Catholic school has really tightened its security. Yesterday they practised an emergency drill, having the school in a lock down situation. Does this make me feel uneasy? Yes. It saddens me that this beautiful, peaceful country, which has provided a home and future to millions of migrants, my parents included, now faces the real threat of a home grown terrorist attack. I am not one to sit back and do nothing but feel helpless. These are sad times for our country.

Yes this is brilliant but to suggest that the EU was the product of unions is quite asinine. Unions had nothing to do with it. The EU was the product of the globalists who have now virtually captured the world. FREE TRADE anyone??

Found on Miranda Divine blog; It’s a bit more difficult now to ignore the totalitarian threat of militant Islam, with the internet showing you severed heads all the time.

It’s a bit hard to laugh it off with journalists interviewing refugees like Kurd Mostafa Kader from the besieged Syrian town of Kobane.

He told the Observer newspaper this week he found his sister-in-law and her eight-year-old daughter lying in pools of blood.

“They had been raped, and their hearts were cut out of their chests and left on top of the bodies,” he said.

This is pure evil, which can’t be explained away or minimised. If you can’t recognise it there is something wrong with you.

Yesterday a Royal Australian Navy destroyer stopped four Muslims in a row boat, rowing towards Sydney Harbour.

The captain, on the ships loud-hailer, interrogated them by requesting "Ahoy, small craft, where are you heading ?".One of the Muslims stood up in the boat and shouted defiantly "We are invading Australia!". The crew of the destroyer immediately all start laughing. When the very amused Captain finally stopped chuckling, he asked "Just the four of you ?".The Muslim stood up again and shouted; "We're the last four. The rest are already there!"

Humour for today...
Muslims have gone on the rampage in Liverpool, killing
anyone who's English. Police fear the death toll could be as
high as 3.

I'll get this post on here yet...What I'm trying to say Don is your summary above virtually parallels Biblical prophesy except for the bit about the long suffering penguins. Don't believe me, go and have a look. Or maybe some other readers may come forward to confirm. The worrying bit for others is what comes next. Maybe Don you could let us know?

Don Smith, brilliant!

Don Smith, brilliant!

We can stop them here is Australia. Not by a frontal assault of insult or intimidation. We must change public opinion by exposing the threat Islam poses to our culture and way of life. Peaceful protest at every advance Muslims try to make, oppose the building of mosques, Islamic centres and schools. Fight halal certification, complain, harass companies and supermarkets, boycott, buy halal certified products and return them. Write to politicians, make Muslim immigration a political hot potato, oppose sharia law, highlight every Muslim custom that does not meet australian culture. If we the people don't do something we will have the same problems they have in Europe. Islamisbad.

Don, yes excellent article but why not disclose the funding for the pay-as-you-break-the-law reffos? Did it come from Australian welfare funding? Drugs? Insurance scams? Rochdale and Rotherham like prostitution? Where? Let's have it said please.

An excellent article Don, you are spot on and that's why the left want agenda 21. Unfortunately even the middle right won't stake a stand to curb what labor started here many years ago, they seem pre-occupied with winning the 2% of votes rather then the other 98%.

more like very thick, wally.


The problem is the MSM. All making adverse comments against everything this government does. Marxist socialist graduates from our Commo shithole Universities.

Argentina and Wall Street’s Vulture Funds: “Economic Terrorism” and the Western Financial System

“Today you pretend making a coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), but in fact you’re their allies,”

Those are the frank words by Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, the Argentinian President, spoken in a calm and secure voice at the UN General Assembly last Friday, 3 October 2014.

Similarly, she referred to the western financial system as economic terrorism, as in vultures – the vulture funds that thanks to New York judge Griesa have put Argentina – a solvent country, willing and capable of paying their debt, in default. He ruled that the vulture funds, Griesa’s clients and paymasters, needed to be paid in full, i.e. 100%, equal to US$ 1.5 billion, when close to 93% of all creditors agreed on a restructured reimbursement rate of about 20%.

Without any international right to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign country, Griesa would allow the vultures reaping in a profit margin well in excess of 1,000%. — Paul Singer, king of the ‘vulture capitalists’, knows no merci. He is in bed with Wall Street and Griesa – and with whomever other financial hooligans who share his greedy endeavors. Greed is their prayer. It’s knocked around the world. Exploits poor nations, makes them poorer, and keeps them dependent on the powers of money, being well aware that the poor are too weak to defend themselves.

Except for Argentina. Her able President Cristina Fernandez, speaks not only for her country, when she talks about victims of economic and financial terrorism, but for all those African, Latin American and Asian countries which are oppressed by the killing boots of Wall Street and the IMF. It cannot be said often enough – the IMF is a mere extended arm of the US Treasury and the FED.

Vulture capitalism exerted by these usual villains and the European Central Bank, a mere puppet of Wall Street and led by a former Wall Street banker, are responsible for the economic collapse of the western economy. They have driven countries like Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain – and lately also Ukraine – into misery.

They have stolen their social safety nets, pensions, employment, housing, education, health care, water supply and other public infrastructure – by privatizing public capital for their private benefits. They could do so thanks to the connivance of corrupt leaders they first put in place with sham elections – or no elections at all.

Case in point is Greece, where the Parliament decided to dismiss the socialist Prime Minister George Papandreou, who attempted to launch a referendum in December 2011, asking the people whether they wanted the troika’s (IMF, ECB, European Commission) imposed second ‘rescue’ package of € 130 billion (after a first one on € 110 billion) that would drastically increase Greece’s sovereign debt and force literally a killer austerity program upon its people. At the onset of the manufactured crisis, in May 2008, Greece’s debt to GDP ratio was a manageable 105%. In 2014 the ratio is 175%.

Under the structural adjustment program social health care was basically abolished. Many cancer and other chronically ill patients were deprived of their free medical attendance, unemployed and destitute could not afford to pay full price for their medication and treatment – and quietly died.

Under extreme pressure from Germany and France – the infamous tandem Sarkozy / Merkel called Papandreou to meeting in Nice at the beginning of November 2011, literally ordering him to withdraw the referendum – or else. Papandreou went home, canceled the referendum on 3 November and resigned. He was promptly replaced by Parliament – without a public vote – by the neoliberal Lucas Papademos, former deputy head of the ECB and – a former Goldman Sachs executive, who allowed the dance of debt and destruction to continue.

Argentina would not allow such financial terrorism on its shores – not since they dared to counter the economically suffocating peso-dollar parity in 2001, allowing the country to start breathing and growing again; a highly distributive GDP growth allowing to cut poverty from above 60% in 2001to below 10% today.

The same escape from the western kleptomania was – and still is – open to Greece and all those southern European countries in the fangs of greed capitalism. But their leaders and finance ministers are goose stepping to the financial marching orders of Washington’s money masters, Wall Street, FED and IMF.

Ms. Fernandez did not mince her words. She also talked openly about western military terrorism, “You killed many innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan under the name of war against terrorism,” or as the new refrain goes – “Making war for Peace”. She referred to the West in general and to Washington in particular, for whom war and conflicts, weapons sales, is a means of economic survival, as the US economy depends to more than 50% on the military / security industrial complex and related industries and services.

Shamefully, many western leaders and representatives left the assembly hall when Ms. Fernandez spoke, of fear they may be associated with her views if they listened to her calling a spade a spade. Perhaps they feared the ridiculous western sanctions, if they don’t behave. It is sad to see spineless world leaders; so-called leaders (sic), who bend over backwards to please the powers that utterly exploit them, stealing their natural resources, putting their people and the environment in peril.

A terrorist is whoever does not conform to the western doctrine, whoever insists on national sovereignty – whoever defends their national interests over the voracious interference of Washington and its European puppets – and their killing bulldozer, NATO.

The UN should make it an obligation and expression of mutual respect that every country leader and representative attending the UN General Assembly must listen to all the speeches. Each country has a message to give – a message that in one way or another concerns all of us, as we are all connected as humans in a solidary union, regardless of political alliances.

The latest economic terrorism inflicted on Russia by the US supported Wall Street et al financial cabal is the down manipulation of the ruble vs the US dollar and other ‘western’ currencies. The ruble has lost 22% of its value since the beginning of 2014 and 15% in the last quarter alone. Call it ‘sanctions’ – if you will – for not bending to the political demands of Washington on Ukraine. The western MSM would like you to believe it has to do with the chaos and continuous murderous atrocities in Ukraine’s Donbass area, for which – of course – Russia is made the culprit, not Kiev’s gang of thugs, a Nazi government, created and funded by Obama and his western puppets.

Russia is now forced to buy dollars and Euros – what they least want and need – to stabilize her currency, the ruble. Buying dollars – playing even more into the sledgehammer of the empire – is certainly the last thing Russia wants to do. Currency manipulation is only possible due to the predatory US dollar system, where all international transactions have to be channeled through Wall Street and cleared through the privately owned BIS – Bank for International Settlements, whose owners are a similar lot of financial shenanigans as are those owning the FED. The expected outcome is a devalued ruble, shunned by investors.Little do they know that this usual western shortsightedness is but accelerating the process of Russia and China issuing a new combined currency, delinked form the dollar-euro fiat money and its SWIFT exchange system. In fact, it has already begun. The Central Bank of China has recently offered a hand to the EU, inviting the Euro as one of several currencies that will no longer need the western clearing system for transactions with China.President Fernandez puts the finger right on the wound when she refers to the entire western monetary system as vulture economics. She knows that such an economy is bound to falter and be replaced – gradually as may be – by one that is based on fairness, integrity and that respects nations’ sovereignty.

Peter Koenig is an economist and former World Bank staff. He worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, the Voice of Russia, now Ria Novosti, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe.

There are no signs they actually understand the problem let alone know the answers.