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Tuesday, 19th February 2019

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... and you can't even hear the footsteps

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Like bacteria in a petri dish, an all-pervasive Sharia law has silently, overnight, eaten into your life-style and bank account. A bacterial bath of Islamic “culture” is feeding on its host’s nutrients and, when sated, it is programmed to move on to the next host.

Islam has found a way to force every Australian family to donate to the Islamic cause and you’ve been living under a rock if you think terrorism isn’t one of its causes.

Impossible you say? I thought so too, until I searched for a list of foods that are Halal compliant.

Now, I’m not easily spooked but the list is jaw-droppingly long and includes every type of Aussie tucker from Coco Pops and Vegemite to Bega Cheese, Steggles Chickens and even Peters bloody Ice Cream!

Yep, every time you visit the local supermarket you are unknowingly contributing to the Islamic cause. Okay, that’s fine if that’s your wont but if it’s not, then you’ll need the eyes of a hawk to detect that little Arabic insignia hidden somewhere between the calorie count and the salt content.

How the hell has this happened, you ask? Ha! I bet you thought only the CFMEU used standover tactics. Not so, Islamic certification organisations have blitzed every food manufacturer in Australia with threats of serious harm to export markets and local boycotts.

The Indonesian Council of Ulama, MUI, (which also orders Fatwa rulings) is the Mafia style Islamic body organising the multi-million dollar racket that forces Australian companies to pay outrageous amounts to have their food certified as Halal.

Food served on QANTAS flights is now Halal and all pork dishes have been banned... not bad for less than two per cent of the population, eh?

One major Aussie meat processor, who refused to be identified, claimed he had been told to pay $27,000 a month for Halal certification, which of course was expected to be passed on to the consumer.

The certifying game is now so lucrative that certifiers are fighting for territory like a mob of New York gangsters.

Stephen Kelly, the general manager of industry affairs for the Japanese-owned Nippon Meat Packers, said MUI had banned his Queensland abattoirs from selling meat in Indonesia because he had done a deal with MUI’s opposition, Australian Halal Food Services (AHFS) which had undercut MUI.

Local mosque clerics arrange to flood Aussie food processors with intimidating letters from Muslims threatening that unless they pay fees to become Halal certified, some pretty bad stuff will happen.

Arnott’s is attempting to hold out with some of its products but will eventually succumb.

Halal certifiers’ websites project a moderate image hiding the underlying vicious competition for a piece of the Aussie pie. (Oh, and Four ‘n Twenty pies are also Halal certified.)

The funds scammed from Aussie shoppers are said to assist in building local Islamic schools but there is ample evidence these funds are finding their way overseas for Allah only knows what purpose.

The Indonesian system that has taken over Aussie food manufacturers is a template of the European scam authorities are unable to stop.

Our Federal Department of Agriculture says it has “no power over religious certifiers”. But a spokesman said, and get this:

"The Australian Government values our close relationship with MUI and will continue to work together with them to overcome issues that affect the mutually beneficial trade in red meat to Indonesia." Hmmm.

If you think the Halal scam is a rort, wait ‘til you read the next article on Sharia banking. It’s already in operation here and it’s already costing you money.

Again the Government says it can’t (or won’t) act to stop it.

[NB, Halal certified meat is where the animal must face Mecca before its throat is cut. Islamic law does not allow stunning. The animal must remain alive so the heart can continue to pump all blood from the body. This doesn’t happen in our abattoirs of course but it’s important that the Muslim believes it does. The Halal fees augment that belief.]   


the app Halalchoices is the best find out then email the suppliers asking why they are partnering with a violent organisation that is by murder and intimidation trying to take over the world!

The only way in Australia to stop this incidious spread is to vote for the Australian Liberty Alliance where ever you can, currently there are 9 candidates, 7 in the Senate (2 WA, 1 Vic., 2 Qld, 2 NSW) and 2 House of Reps in NSW, Farrer and Lindsay. is the only way the Australian way!

Very interesting article, well written. Good to find out what's really going on behind the scenes of Halal Certification :)

If nothing else, sign this petition.

You can download an app called Buycott, after you register you can select the boycott halal feature, you then scan the bar codes and it will tell you if a product is halal. Oh and a lot of companies dont put the logo on the packaging now so the customers are not upset or boycott. Also you can go to youtube and watch the 30 min vid, it made me sick and it was jaw dropping......

'Eat pork or go hungry': France's National Front leader tells school canteens to stop offering religious alternatives to Muslim children

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I heard Sara Hanson Young on the radio this morning yet again criticizing Scott Morrison for STOPPING THE BOATS.
Evidently he is planning a trip to Cambodia for talks regarding stopping Illegal Refugees.
She is afraid he will be planning on setting up GULAGS to house our excess illegals in their country.
Gosh! I sure hope so.

Guys, I just returned from the weekly shop with my wife. With this topic in mind I checked out most Kellog's and Cadbury products,twice. I don't know if the packaging is different in Qld but I could not find a single halal logo on any of their stuff. I know the halal site says they do, maybe it's on the inner wrapping? Anyone got a clue?

This bloody sickens me, I have worked at a meat processing plant and Ive seen the way these butchers kill cattle, cruel bastards and most of the time their knives are blunt as well.

Blogging and emails have been on board about this for months and months - wish I had kept mine - as the BAR code tells you where the produce is made etc - and emails gave dozens of Halal products including our Aussie icons - so I read every packet in the supermarket now - yep, Restore, know Cadburys is involved - Dick Smith tried to warn us and provide Aussie food - but the supermarkets didn't take on his products as a whole -

Sort of like Malaysian Airlines...

Where's me blue doover Larry?03 Apr 2014
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-$ all I could afford on off pay week.

Well its our fault I guess, for not protecting our boaders against the invaders from the East. as Mah, used to always tell his bunny n the past, ya can ever put the othpase back n the tube, when its been squirted all over the the bathoom sink. Im afraid we let the damage manifest thoughout Labor tyranical messy hotched potched erra, now when cant hop out of it.

Coco Pops, Well they can have them. Full of sugar.

Don't mention Agenda 21 either vs........

Once Europe starts to kick back we will folow suite.

When I think about a "Mosque" and what it's for, the "Waco" compound comes to mind.

This is what I find hypocritical of these wankers. I had a British gent in my cells over an Easter period, locked up with thieves, rapists and murderers because his visa was expired. He was deported on the Tuesday. This happens with regular occurrence. You never hear of any protests from the great unwashed about these people. Their offence? They have broken our immigration laws. No visa = illegal non-citizen. You enter a country without a visa? Offence, illegal non-citizen. Claim refugee status? You are held in detention until your status is proven. Enter with passport via recognised entry points such as airports, submit your documents and get the required visa. If you enter by flying in, produce your passport, claim refugee status, detention camp until status proven.

Good luck on the TPPA, vs. Not too many think it is of any great concern at all. I think things might be different once the S.H.T fan. You didn't mention the fact that any disputes will be decided by an international court (bypassing sovereignty ).

DJT you are correct in saying the next step is cleaning up the unfathomable mess left by the previous govt. But I would hesitate at new legislature as the judiciary cannot correctly interpret & enforce the current laws. They are assisted by the ABC who openly tout that illegal entrants are not breaking any laws!