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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Sam Dastyari, could have a shorter time in Parliament than he hoped for after he demonstrated a Persian style of pocketing cash for comment. No, not the John Laws or Alan Jones type of cash for comment... it’s much worse than that!

It’s outlandish that even a devious little person like the ALP’s Dastyari could agree to publicly side with the Chinese over their intrusion into the South China Sea. WTF?

Not only has the world, and an international Court, found the China intrusion to be illegal but ALP policy is against Chinese expansion into the sea lanes area. The dastardly Dastyari has found a new source of income to augment his $300,000 salary that includes travel costs of almost $100,000.

When he is found to be overspending, Mister Bean has such an illicit arrangement with Chinese crooks that he feels it’s okay to simply send them the bill, and the Chinese feel it’s okay to write a cheque to cover amounts including $40,000 of his court costs.

                             Dastyari shows his support for halal certification out west

No doubt Bill Shorten will defend this little germ as he helped instal Bill as Federal Labor leader by altering the mailing addresses for the ALP ballot to decide the leadership between Shorten and Albanese. 

A tribunal found the mailing addresses for dozens of ballot papers were altered at the request of  Dastyari’s office. Understandably no heads rolled.

The ballots were never received because the mailing addresses were changed to the post office box of disgraced Auburn councillor Hicham Zraika, who was previously sacked after he was found to be involved in numerous other instances of branch stacking. The tribunal found Auburn’s Cr Zraika should have alerted the Party when he received the ballot papers destined for other Party members. Dastyari declined to comment at the time.

Albanese has kept quiet regarding Dastyari’s activities and his powder remains dry for what is looking like a challenge to a failing Shorten. Shorten knew the knives were out and that’s when he decided to travel around Australia curiously appearing to have won the election while the votes were still being counted. Knives were temporarily sheathed as a result, but the anger is still white hot as the rank and file clearly want the far Left's Albanese and Plibersek... not the Right's Shorten.

The voting system that divided votes between the Party and the rank and file for electing leaders was arranged by an outgoing Kevin Rudd who was still piqued at his own dismissal. But all that Rudd stuff can be overturned at any time by the executive without reference to the rank and file.

“Pay to Play” is not confined to the Clintons, nor is it unusual within the ALP. Bob Hawke was found wandering Red Hill at all hours of the night when he was advising the Americans of Whitlam’s failings as a Prime Minister.

Although he had routinely dumped the dirt on Whitlam to the Americans, especially on the failings of the Labor Government as a whole, the Americans found Hawke's language too blue to relate even in secret cables. There was no paper trail as Hawke's contacts with the US embassy were always in person.

As much as Whitlam was despised at the time it is still inconceivable that his bitter enemy in Hawke could indulge himself in espionage. And if money didn’t change hands for this information on Whitlam it would be the first time ever for Hawke and for the American officials.

So, is this skulduggery confined only to Labor?  Well, I don’t know for sure, but the SMH reported a few weeks ago that a Chinese businessman “associate” of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop had donated at least a half million dollars to the WA Liberal Party during the past two years. Now I know it’s only a dodgy Fairfax story, but it’s interesting to note Ms Bishop’s attitude to current Chinese investment in Australia and/or her undoubted influence within Cabinet... but who can say?

 After all, this is Australian politics, and it’s always been filthy! 


So so true

It is a pity they do not earn their keep.

So what are the Muslims doing Stoney? and the Socialist left?

What good does all this crap do for a country? Bloody hell what's the point of doing anything at all, if this garbage is what running the place . what a stupid waste of fucking time it was believing this was a land of hope for a future,,,, the human race is nothing burt a gathering of fucking idiots.

It is a given that wherever muslims con themselves into power corruption, bribery and pure evil thuggery follow like night follows day let alone in many incidences death and destruction.

The Lima Declaration was supposed to enable the third world access to, and equity in, global markets. Obviously, the UN Lima plan hasn't achieved quickly enough, or widely enough what was originally intended. The UN's 'plan B' is the CAGW / Climate Change / Greenhouse Gas Emissions FRAUD - which is a global industry now estimated to be worth $7 trillion USD, annually. The 'inside' climate carpetbaggers like Al Gore, Tim Flannery, Union controlled Industry Super Funds, and the Instituational Investors, ie Goldman Sachs, Insurance Companies, Banks etc across the global financial markets, there are 'front' companies posing as concerned corporate citizens (John Hewson fronts one of these!) enviromental / climate / save the earth - propaganda machines. Too big to fail?

The removal of tariffs didn't bring in the cash for the UN. This time they have refined so that they get the cash and then only disperse 10% to the "needy" countries.

His ego really wants to be the first President of the new Republic of Australia, with a new national anthem playing in the background, and a newly designed RoA flag fluttering in the breeze amidst the swearing-in ceremony the RoA 1st President Turnbull and his First Lady, Lucinda, standing beside him on the manicured lawns of Lake Burley Griffin. Truly a memorable moment in our country's history. No, he's not done yet.

All part of the Lima Declaration 1975. De-industrialization of developed nations to allow the third world to develop manufacturing/processing of goods for export to the developed world, at cheaper prices. The same 'equity' principles apply in the UN's greatest scam yet which is the CAGW/Climate Change fraud, ergo the redistribution of the developed world's wealth to the impoverished third world. The UN meddlers continue on with their global march to totalitarianism.

Both an IRANIAN and CHINESE operative ...

One thing is certain. Once you climb aboard that Gravy Train you don't want to get off it. In fact, you want to go just as far as you can, for as long as you can. And all the way in comfort, of course.

Yes i regularly read it and it is one of the best motoring websites in Australia.

Daffyd, yes there are so stupid they think free trade is about benifitng Australia when in fact the only people it benefits are multinational corporations and countries who use slave labour rates like China.

Maybe Pauline should ask Sam for some Chinese take away or snack pack,I am sure Miss Hanson would have smile on her face at this point in time.

I am with you Marco and Brimee. the Lima Agreement,agreed to by Whitlam and brought in by Fraser consigned our manufacturing to the scrap heap. I guess exporting scrap metal was one business that benefited as they exported al our manufacturing equipment along with the jobs that such equipment supported. The ONLY politician I heard speaking against removing tariffs was PAULINE HANSON all the rest should be charged with treason.

Larry got a poll on this at the moment BK just read it

If they banned donations from foreign companies/countries what is to stop those entities making a donation to a union who then launder it through their books and pass it on to Labor as a union donation.

Ban both foreign and union donations.

Given a chance Sino Sam Dastyari will probably outdo him.

BK , That is not the argument is it ? The fact is that this started years ago when the UN pushed for wealthy nations to assist the poorer ones. Why is it that Australia has more different make car imports than any other nation ? In your world it is ok to flood the market with cheap stuff to the detriment of your own industries and by the way we pay much higher rates for most of this stuff than comparable countries. Why is that ?

NO .