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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


This time he’s arranging a pointless inquiry into why Fairfax has failed on every front, yet not a murmur about why the Senate recommendations of the Islamic halal certification scam he chaired have still not been implemented.

The Sussex Street maggot has crawled from the Shorten carcass, to impose himself (he insists on being called “Dasher”) on yet another Senate inquiry at a payment of $30 grand plus of our taxes. 

This time he’s arranging a pointless inquiry into why Fairfax has failed on every front, yet not a murmur about why the Senate recommendations of the Islamic halal certification scam he chaired have not been implemented.

I can safely bet this inquiry's terms of reference will be all about why Murdoch makes a quid rather than why Fairfax is on the skids, flogging off its used car and dating sites. 

No-one typifies more the malaise of Left politics and media than the publicity addicted Sam Dastyari who has also dipped his filthy mouth into the Party’s Palestinian policy as dictated by Carr, Hawke and Evans... of course, I forgot, his Iranian heritage is attempting to also imprint itself on Australia’s foreign relations policy.

Let me save the decayed Senate (and us) another million bucks and explain in one word what has brought Fairfax to its knees ... BIAS. Bias that readers are no longer prepared to trust as information.

I was invited to the board rooms and Press rooms of the New York Times, LA Times and Washington Post and I worked for Fairfax with sumptuous lunches in the SMH boardroom. There was little difference in the editorial rooms, the same oversized spectacles on the same hirsute, pale faces, the same hate-filled attitudes to everything conservative, and the same “we need to destroy the joint” unabashed oratory.

When I started my still incomplete book 11 years ago, I said that by 2020 there would be no major Western newspapers left... it’s looking like a fair prediction.

              Fairfax journos strike over enforced sackings... Hmmm, makes sense eh?

When the internet started to purloin massive classified and display advertising from the majors, Fairfax, which has spent $455.5 million on redundancy costs since 2007, needed to adopt a new model, a paradigm for the future. They simply chose to ignore the slippage in denial that readers would leave their “magnificent” masthead.

The pattern is the same across the Pacific to a long list of lesser mastheads.

Journalists were then permitted to follow their personal political ideologies, exclusively Left wing, and determined to join their impoverished peers in a rush to socialist beliefs cooked up in their university lectures. As one voice they declare that, "Conservatives should never be allowed to darken the doorsteps of The Lodge or the White House."

                                 Ex-SMH Michelle Grattan saw the light and left

                       David Marr found his niche on the ABC and Gay Green News

Style- and rule-books were discarded for lunchroom debates over vegan takeaways and low fat lattes. Boardrooms became isolated from editorial practices and flashing fiscal red lights and sirens were ignored under editors’ assurances that everything would be okay, because the journos were philosophically correct.

The truth is that opinion pieces, including bylines, can say whatever they want, including that the earth is flat and that the holocaust and the moon landings never happened, readers know and understand the author’s bent.

But don’t put a news item on my desk as editor that says, “Sources say, etc”,or I’ll tell you to rewrite it or find another job.

Newspapers are, or should be, exactly that... papers that disseminate “NEWS”.

They are no longer real newspapers and they have underestimated their readers’ intelligence. Worse still, they have failed to listen to the terminal death sentences imposed by those readers or pay any deference to shareholders.

Hundreds of Fairfax journos who have been sacked or have left, have gravitated to the hard Left blogs that have mushroomed on the internet. But Super A pay rates, six weeks' holidays and a swathe of socialist gifts are not the purview of blogs.

This blog has various contributors’ opinions but they are always signed off by someone. Many I disagree with, but who gives a fuck what I, or anyone else, agrees with.

As far as cartoons and opinion pieces are concerned I have always followed the company line working for media, leading readers to believe I was solidly Left. I felt I had an obligation to contribute to the company’s bottom line or go back packing biscuits.

So, to the degenerate Dastyari I say, “Take your atrocious little unappealing Brylcreemed head back to Tehran where perhaps, if you’re a good little dwarf, you might get to keep it."


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Rowan plays the Fool, deliciously.
Dastyari, is the Fool, unknowingly. ( To Him)

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And they wonder why so many staunch dyed-in-wool Labor party members and voters have deserted Labor, the party and those who are elected as their representatives are now the dregs of the party politic, they are a bunch of self-serving,self-indulgent factional apparatchiks who's loyalties are not to the Australian people but to the factional warlords who have control of Labor and their own vested self-interests.

“Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don't need it and hell where they already have it.” – President Ronald Reagan

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Best read of the day, Larry, thank you.

max..they are doing their jobs perfectly..just as the Zio Controllers have instructed..Project White Genocide is right on target

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