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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


As reported here after Malaysian Airline flight MH370 disappeared, the wreckage will never be found. The almost $100 million set aside by Australia to continue the search is an attempt to find closure for bereaved families and not a fair dinkum attempt to find the aircraft.

The fate of MH17 is still shrouded in conspiracy theories and political accusations in the heat of a war zone.
But findings emerging from the doomed Air Asia flight QZ8501 are no surprise (see: ). The aircraft stalled for whatever reason and was ripped to pieces during a rapid descent.

For an airliner with near full fuel tanks to climb at the rate of 6,000 ft per minute at an altitude of 38,000 ft is an impossibility. Therefore it must have been trapped in that invisible killer called a windshear.  

And a windshear almost invariably results in a stall, particularly when it occurs close to ground level where air movement is wildly disrupted by ground effect.

In the case of QZ8501 pilot error would have been the reason for the crash. There was ample elevation and plenty of time for both pilots to have figured out what the hell was going on and to have remedied the situation.

A descending windshear rushing to the ground like an inverted mushroom is a different kettle of fish altogether.  

Now I don’t want to put you off flying but the physics of a severe ground windshear are silent, invisible, frightening and almost impossible for a computer or a pilot to positively react to in time.

As with water, any sudden voluminous movement of air will be replaced with a mass of equal volume and equally as quickly.

Imagine for a moment an invisible descending windshear and an airliner on final approach. The pilot has his aircraft configured for landing with the runway in sight and with the correct power settings, see pic (A).

As he descends, suddenly he is met with a 90 knot head wind (B). He hurriedly reconfigures his aircraft for landing. But he is probably unaware the aircraft is in the grip of a windshear.

Nearer to the threshold he is now met with a severe downdraught (C) requiring the pilot to increase power quickly and again reconfigure the aircraft for landing. He now knows he is in a windshear.

But soon he is met with a 90 knot tail wind (D) (a differential of 180 knots). Suddenly he is close to or below stall speed and about to land.

To gain and maintain critical airspeed he will be way in excess of a safe landing speed and certain to blow tyres and overshoot the runway, so immediately he prepares for a full power go-around, but there is no headwind to assist, instead there is a 90 knot tail wind, he is now too close to the ground and the aircraft is already in a stall.

The result, at full power, is predictable.


Can't the aircraft do a touch and go around at speed ,like how pilots were trained at Avalon in Victoria ?

There were reports that the captain, (still in his 40s, I think?), an ex-Indonesian Air Force fighter pilot, had 20,000 hours of flying experience. Anyone in the aviation game would tell you that that's about as likely to be true as Wayne Swan delivering a surplus. If his log book listed 20,000 hours, there would many thousands of 'Parker Pen' time among them.
While flying fighters, he'd have been lucky to log 10 hours a month.

The ground radar showed massive cells with aircraft all around and the lost flight was attempting to climb over them instead or returning home. It seemed to me and many others from the start that the pilot was too slow to make the decision to track around the cells as others obviously did. It was just the usual pilot error and all on board paid the price

Like lg I see no point in shutting down comedy hour.

Have a look what the West can do in the face of crisis.

If some one had gone to the US Government on 6th December 1941 and pointed out that there was an imminent Jap attack...they would have put their tinfoil hats on...

Modern Aircraft are fitted with wind shear radar systems so why did the Pilots not take note.

No Mascu, The Japs "PLANNED' to attack Pearl Harbour and then executed their "PLAN" simple really

Mascu, you are wasting your time you will not convince them, that's the whole point and quite frankly apart from have fun at their expense , I have no desire to.

So, the Japs "CONSPIRED" to attack Pearl Harbour?

Gotta go and make an "indelible" mark.....this election today....its just a cosmic one planned it.

Discount logic....try scientific method....the conspiracy "debunkers" quickly resort to content and ignore process, they are completely different. The "debunkers" hone in on the content and ignore the process stuff because its the process that they can't argue. CT's do so as well.

Mascu, no just showing how stupid the conspiracy theorist are, you can not use logic to disprove them as logic doesn't enter their world.

You blokes are pretty are home goaling for the conspiracy theorists.

No...LG...Invalid...that does not prove anything. It is just one ( 1 ) variable.

lg, so the French did have a hand in it....those damn French!

Globalism Wins as Israel Plans “Free Trade” With Putin, Beijing
As the world is increasingly divided up into geographic “regions” under regional regimes cobbled together under the guise of pseudo-“free trade,” Israeli authorities are now quietly working to create what they call “free trade zones” with both the Communist Chinese regime and the Kremlin-dominated Eurasian Economic Union (member countries shown in green). The negotiations, officially announced this week, come as globalist plotters around the world accelerate their now-open efforts to subvert national sovereignty at a regional level — all on the road toward what top officials from Beijing and Moscow to London and Washington, D.C., regularly and openly refer to as their “New World Order.”

No, they saw the Jap planes with Jap pilots attacking Pearl Habour and said "Holy shit we don't have eliminate the British, South African, or the Finnish anymore, but the French aren't off the hook that easy".

Wish you blokes could support a position, rather than just throw shit.

So how did the "non conspiracist" determine who attacked Pearl Harbour. Did they first eliminate the British, the South Africans, the Finnish, the French, before they settled on the Japs. Where is the evidence of such a process...or did they determine "its the Japs" and then go and gather evidence to support that theory?