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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A female fruit picker in Pakistan last week lost her appeal against a death sentence for blasphemy. Asia Bibi had taken a drink of water from a well during the heat of the day but had inadvertently used a cup that was reserved for Muslim women. 

Asia Bibi, a farm worker from rural Punjab, is a minority Christian in 97 per cent Muslim Pakistan.

A Christian by law must not eat or drink from the same utensil, as food and water becomes instantly “unclean”. Once her mistake was discovered she was beaten unconscious. When she came to, she is alleged to have uttered the words, “Jesus Christ might have a different view of that law”. 

She was beaten again and the angry mob then went to her house and beat her husband and children before reporting her to authorities for having committed blasphemy against the prophet Mohammed.

Battered and bruised, Asia was then dragged before the local Imam who told her the only way she could redeem herself was to immediately convert to Islam. “Otherwise”, he said, “you will face death”. 

In November of 2010 Asia was sentenced to death by hanging in a Sharia law court, where judges and lawyers are too afraid to acquit or defend any alleged offender. She has been kept in jail under the worst conditions imaginable for the past four years. 

After the loss of her appeal she now awaits the hangman and has described her past four years as “mental torture”. 

Under its interpretation of Shariah Law, Pakistan carries an automatic death penalty for “blasphemy” but the accused are often lynched or languish in jail for years without trial because lawyers are too afraid to defend them.

Judges have been attacked for acquitting defendants of “blasphemy” charges and two politicians who openly discussed reforming the law have been murdered.

A lone supporter of Asia, Pakistani Minister of Minority (Christian) Affairs, Shahbaz Bhatti pictured right, was later murdered. He is seen here with Asia’s family.

Islam continues to permeate and suffocate Western cultures with its sub-human Shariah Law. The UK and other Euro countries have allowed the establishment of separate law courts to legally administer Shariah. There is a push for the same Shariah Law structure here.

But I have a premonition things are about to change, at least in Australia. 

There is a strong undercurrent of feeling that we have finally had enough of this insane cult.


Strong undercurrent is far too mild. If it easn't for the fact the communists are behind this, trouble would be brewing. But that would be playing right in to the mongrels hands.

Let's ban the burqa and stop importing these blood lusting idiots into our country.

My intrepation of sharia in 2014, you must be fucked in the head to give it any credibility

We send $78.3 million each year to that shit hole

There is a push for sharia law here. That is only to be expected from a religion established by a warlord. However as far as the UK is concerned, sharia law is nothing more than a mechanism for mutual settlement of grievances and in no way supplants British Law.

Surely someone in the government can see this is not going to end well. It is time to diffuse the emerging push back. We need to declare Sharia Law illegal, ban the halal certification extortion racket, ban the building of mosques, make facial identity mandatory at all times. No one obliged to live in Australia.

Too fuckin right Larry we have to take a stand against this shit now.

The aboriginal communities suffering (FASD)
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder are sure to remember
Mr. Whitlam.

Islam has allot to answer for, it’s a cruel and a very sadistic suppressive religion that cannot last in modern society, anyone and everyone that converts and thinks that this religion is a peaceful one is naïve and delusional. Unfortunately Islam attracts and dominates the venerable in western societies its very dominant in 3rd world countries where most of the population are poor, uneducated and brainwashed to believe that Islam and being a Muslim will bring all sorts of miracles to better their lives and to enrich their lives through the prophet Mohamed. These laws are primitive, medieval and downright barbaric as we are seeing throughout the internet and in war everywhere in the Islamic world. Asia Bibi is very unlucky that she is a Christian and lives in a dominated barbarically ruled

Australia is in desperate need of a real leader. Tony Abbott may be a decent bloke but he is not a leader for a time like this. Unless a true leader emerges from the pack in the next year or so who recognizes the Islam menace and is prepared to face the obvious facts and tell these people their medieval beliefs are not wanted here.

I fervently hope so Larry. It is time now for the people and the Government to act before this scourge or virus gets more of a foothold in Australia. More Australians every day are absolutely hating everything about Islam and wish they would go back to their hellholes in the Middle East.

About fucking time the Commo bastard is dead

Get a life....

Ooops, used the Enter key too soon. And we support these people who are the worst offenders against moral norms, all in the name of "the war against terrorism. We should bomb the crap out of them now, in the end our conciliatory attitude will lead to our downfall, Remember " Peace in our time"

And we support these people who are the worst offenders against moral norms, all in the name of "the war against terrorism.

Obama makes speech, half the audience walks out.( heard on 2gb overnight). Will Australia now have some second thoughts about playing lapdog to this guy???????????

You had better start making sense for that to happen... When all else fails revert to the good old KIWI counter attack... ABUSE... Shallow as a road side puddle...


Lets get rid of these useless pricks[the muslim pieces of shit-]--their nothing but trouble,and realistically---who wants to listen to the whinging bastards----------im over listening to their crap----