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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The idiocy of Islamic Indonesian justice allows this man to live. Abu Bakar Bashir is the jailed spiritual leader of the south-east Asian terror network responsible for the Bali bombings that killed 88 Australians. He is currently serving a jail term on unrelated terror matters and is expected to be released in the near future to continue his wicked work.

He recently gave his support to the ISIS in front of members of the terrorist group, Jama’ah Anshorut Tauhid (JAT) who came to visit him and they quickly spread his hallowed word to Indonesian extremist groups via social media.

Yet two stupid Australians are due to face the firing squad over drug offences.

I guess I have a foot in both Left and Right camps because I find State sanctioned murder as equally abhorrent as abortion. Capital punishment is so final, so irretrievable, it assumes an infallible justice system when US executions have too often been proved, using DNA evidence, to have been carried out on innocents. Yet there are no pangs of guilt.

When Victorian Premier Henry Bolte joyously pulled the lever that sent Ronald Ryan to his death, to Sir Henry’s dismay the practice of capital punishment in Australia died with him.

I recall at the time the Press was angrily against Bolte. “The Age”, “The Herald” and “The Sun” all ran campaigns against executing Ryan. Bolte had privately pressured “The Age” to soften its editorials but those were the days when “The Age” was a vibrant, responsible journal with influence and managing director Ranald McDonald and editor Graham Perkin steadfastly resisted the pressure.

But Sir Frank Packer folded and he pulped an entire issue of the Bulletin because of an anti-hanging cartoon by the brilliant Les Tanner.

Capital punishment is rooted in religion and belongs with stone-age Islamic Shariah Law and Biblical Mosaic Law which specifies 36 various “offences” that carry the death penalty with provisions for execution by stoning, burning, decapitation and strangulation.

The hangman is masked, one member of every firing squad shoots a blank, lethal injections are automated, levers, time clocks and switches disguise human involvement... and yet we are not ashamed? Like hell we are not!

Pope John Paul II before his death approved changes to the Catholic Catechism in 1997 stating that: “Assuming that the guilty party's identity and responsibility have been fully determined, the traditional teaching of the Church does not exclude recourse to the death penalty, if this is the only possible way of effectively defending human lives against the unjust aggressor.”

As Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott said, “It is not our place to intervene publicly when the Indonesians or even when the Americans decide to execute their own.” Whether it’s “their own” or “ours”, it’s philosophically either right or wrong and Abbott betrays any conviction he might have had with two bob each way.

Of thousands we have executed just how many were innocent we will never know and how many dismembered embryos in bloody buckets were future astronauts, artists, inventors or heart surgeons we will also never know.

Surely we have evolved past the death penalty and the macabre edicts of both Moses and Mohammed?  


Sorry Larry, but, because of these medieval religious retards, I believe in the death penalty (they kill one of ours, we kill 100,000 of theirs)

Here's my 2-bobs on how to slow these Islamic nutjobs looking for "paradise"- Catch them (dead or alive) dig a hole, chuck 'em in it, pour 20 litres of pigs blood, then a pig (any size), a dead dog (any size), they hate dogs, I know its cruel on the dog. Cover and wait. See-there is no "paradise". Put it on Youtube and watch the response. Once they know there will be no trip to visit the virgins its not such an attractive deal.

Australia First Party’s Perry Jewell’s Letter to an Indonesian Paper on Drug Executions:

Dear Sir,

We congratulate and highly respect President Widodo’s stand on drug traffickers.


Our friends in Indonesia may be under the false impression that Australians are
against the death penalty for these mass murderers (drug traffickers) – destroyers
of our economies, our young people and our nation.

Indonesia must be sick to death of Western cockroaches coming into their country
engaging in this despicable trade.

Many decent Australian citizens are disgusted with the behaviour of many of the
Australian tourists that go to Indonesia.

It may surprise Indonesians to know that Australia poses as being a democratic
country, whilst undemocratically compelling their citizens to vote for either of two
parties who have a bipartisan approach regarding drug policies and strategies –
which quite often are opposed by the bulk of the population.

In the case of drugs, we talk about a drug war but a war isn’t being fought.
Concerned Australians are finding it almost impossible to determine how many
casualties we suffer to drug induced suicides and overdoses in this country, not to
mention the number of brain-damaged people, destroyed families and communities.
Australians are subject to ever-increasing violent crime, a direct result of the
drug scourge now plaguing Australia.

Many Australians are in full support of Indonesia’s drug policies and where there is
no doubt of guilt, we support the death penalty for drug traffickers.

Kind Regards,

K. Sharp & P. Jewell
Attack Dangerous Drugs Injustice Corruption Taskforce (A.D.D.I.C.T) Association

OT - The Australian Government created Man Monis and supported and nurtured him just to spite the Iranian Government and to keep their noses in Obama's arse-crack! I wonder what they will do with the Malaysian ex-Special Forces soldier convicted of murder and sentenced to death? Apparently we don't hand over convicted murderers to governments who have the death penalty! We fully support people convicted of drug smuggling and sentenced to death so it's no wonder the Asian Tigers think we are just a bunch of prickly little Echidnas! Poor Julie Bishop has to deal with all this with Abbott tap-dancing around on the world stage looking for people to "shirt-front!" We live in interesting times and apparently might live to 150 according to the Treasurer!

This page look interesting

spot on Larry you got it right

Just a quick g’day to everyone here. I’ve been trying to register on this site for quite a while but there’s some problem with it. If you follow the link to the page through the facebook link, it works fine. I only just found this today with the help from some one here who was having the same problem. Although, I can’t remember who you were, thanks all the same. Larry, I genuinely believe that you are the voice of what many people are thinking and I applaud you for taking a stand with our “peace loving” Muslim friends and that halal con that seems to be spreading like cancer.


Beware. Some of these "Trolls" could be "them" or coppers looking for intel.


If you do the crime, you do the time. They know doubt knew what the laws was and took the risk. No sympathy from me.


Someone from the middle east is hacking the site ..

I just Googled a word and an Arabic Google site came up.

We have been branded as "Islamaphobic." Well here's a new one "Democraphobic." It applies for those that do not want to live in a democratic country. I think we should start using this.

David M, the father of one of them had tried to get his son (I think it was the son) to not go, but ignored him. So what chance of the police interfering. I would hazard a guess that the police could have told them that they knew the reason for the trip, and warned them against it. But it could have also been too late, as the mules would have been committed and would be dead meat anyone for reneging on a drug deal. Then the police would have had to expend a lot of effort on trying to find the drive by shooter, or knock on the door shooter who would possibly take out others than just the guilty., who had had their tickets paid for them.

David M, I don't think they were carrying from Oz to Indonesia, therefore they were at that time doing nothing illegal in Oz. Remember the HRC. The Left laws don't like the police stopping someone on suspicion only. Therefore the police had nothing to hold them on. Can you imaging how "Our ABC" and the SHY party would have reacted. Nasty police interfering with a holiday of a few mates. So they picked up the drugs in Indo, hence arrested when leaving Indo.

I used to be a strong supporter of capital punishment for a long time but I have changed as the law in this country could not support the notion of innocence or guilt. People would be sent to their death because one shyster can argue better than the other and actual guilt would never be proven. Innocence would always be on a technicality.

As there are far more offences of a lesser nature, I am a firm believer that the country needs more the return of corporal punishment - ala, floggings like Singapore.
Anything not severe enough to send to prison but seems weak when sent for community service is where it belongs.
Road rage causing a crash; graffiti scribblers; anything to do with gangs or drugs (not like Newman's VLAD laws though); anything where an old person is attacked; etc etc etc

Trust Jones ? I would trust Waleed Ally before Jones and his trust index is - 10.

Someone has pictures of him.

He should have had his teeth fixed at the public expense while he was in gaol. Oh, no that won't work he wasn't in gaol here

Wasn't it the case that the AFP could have stopped them in Australia but then let them go to certain death in Indonesia?

That old bastard in the photo looks like he'll be dead soon anyway.